Dr. Wardynski… What would you do?

I have to ask Dr. Wardynski a question.  I’d really like to know what he would do.

See, I’ve an employee who was hired in for some specific duties, but they don’t seem to want to do them.  And when they are asked direct questions, they deflect the questions with an outright lie.  So I really wonder what Dr. Wardynski would do.

This is the deal.  I hired in a new executive who was to help get my business back on track.  He slashed budgets everywhere (except his office) and lowered salaries everywhere he could.  He instituted a new “minimum” standard for hiring in the people who do the work were the rubber meets the road, but continues to hire his personal staff at “competitive” wages.  And when asked about when he will be reducing the staffing of his office, he deflected with a lie and still didn’t answer the question.

So I’m really curious what Dr. Wardynski would do with an employee like that.

Because here is the deal, Dr. Wardynski. Teachers all over this city could really use the quarter of a million dollars you’ve spent increasing the central office in the two months you’ve been there.  Do you have any idea how much ink, ink many teachers in this community pay for with their own money, that quarter of a million in new hires could pay for?  Or paper?  Or any of the other things that teachers pay for out of their own pockets?

Do you know how many aides that quarter of a million could hire to help, you know… kids?  The reason you’re in the position you’re in, after all. Oh the politicians can talk about how you’re supposed to reduce the deficit or improve standardized testing, but that’s all political hogwash.  You’re there to make sure the kids of Huntsville get the best education possible, and frankly from talking to teachers all over the city, I don’t see that you’re helping.  In fact, you seem to be getting in the way of teaching far more than helping.  You’ve got teachers everywhere continuing to purchase basic supplies out of their own pocket, all with the threat of meet the benchmark… or else.  And that benchmark doesn’t take into account what the teacher faced that year, that week or that day.

So really, Dr. Wardynski… what would you do if you had an employee just like you?