Don’t loose yourself over a cause.

Hey folks, if you’ve been on Facebook in the past 36 hours, you might start to think that we are in the time of the Stepford wives. It seems as if everyone is looking the same, at least according to their profile pictures.

Maybe I’m insensitive, but I don’t get it. What does a red badge with a pink equal sign as my profile picture really say about me? Does it make me a member of a cause, or just another sheep in the herd? Why suppress who you are to show support for something? I’d rather support it than show some support like action revolving around changing my identity on Facebook for a while.

I get that if you’re a part of something you find very important, you should show your support. I doubt you’ll find a bigger gay marriage supporter and advocate than the great writer Del Shores. And he didn’t replace his photo with the gay marriage badge… He placed it as an overlay on his own picture. Because who he is is as important as what he believes and supports.

It’s like those awful memes that pop up, and people repost over and over again. If you don’t repost this, you hate “something.” That’s just emotional blackmail and intellectually dishonest.

If you support a cause, support it. Don’t succumb who you are over to it. Post links, articles, write your own opinions. That’s just being part of the herd instead being your person. Plus, it makes Facebook exceptionally boring.