Free Cole.

So I read with intrest my favorite child rearing blog today, and came across this story.So this good student, eagle scout named Cole basically drove to school monday, and realized he left his unloaded shotgun in the trunk of his car.  He had two choices at this moment, lock the trunk and go into the school or go to the office and admit his mistake.

Being an honest child, he chose the later.  He went in and asked to leave school and take his shotgun home. I don’t care what the “policy” is, if a straight A student, eagle scout, no trouble kid comes and and says “oops, can I be late to class to fix this” comes in, there is no reason to do what happens next.

Instead of the principal sayind “sure, go home.” he  calls the police.  Now Cole, the model student till Monday, is arrested on felony charges, expelled from school, and won’t graduate.  All because he was honest.

So this is yet another example of “zero tolerance” policy.  The cowardly principal ducked under policy to arrest him.  The cowardly police didn’t look at his locked and unloaded gun and say “don’t do it again.”  Instead everyone said they had “no choice” and arrested this young man all for “doing the right thing.”

This is insane.  Cole should have been given a slap on the wrist, sent home to secure his shotgun, and been left alone.  But, in this day and age of a terrorist under every bush and a mass murderer in every car, the school and the police couldn’t be sensible and help a kid who DID THE RIGHT THING out.

This is the totalitarian USA we now live in.  There is no room for error, no room for circumstance and no room for mistakes.  If you so much as violate the law, however unintentionally, you must be punished.

Never mind that all Cole and his classmates learned is DON’T TRUST ADULTS.  Don’t trust Authority, don’t trust those in charge.  I have to wonder, which is the biggest crime, punishing a good kid who made a mistake, or destroying the trust of hundreds of kids in adults and authority.

Personally, I think it is the later.

Way to go, fucktards.