Smoking Pot

pot-leaves-art-b67111f4c5bf10cbSo apparently the GOP leadership is starting to get soft on pot.  According to a Washington Post article that came my way, the movers and shakers of the Republican Party are starting ease up on the issue of legalizing weed. I have only one thing to say about that.

About damn time.

Thanks to another GOP’er, Richard Nixon, we started the now infamous war on drugs.  The war that had few victims and has placed more American’s behind bars than any other action we’ve ever commenced.  The police activity that has killed more people worldwide than any other military action since Viet Nam.  The insane idea that victimless crimes should result in jail time and that people growing plants are criminals.  This insane “war” has done more to initiate crime in this nation than any other action.  Ever.

Since that time, the GOP has been “hard” on crime.  Putting people in prison has become such a national past time that private business has gotten involved and it is acceptable to make money off of locking fellow American’s in cages for doing nothing more than smoking a 100% natural herb.  It has driven the black market to new heights, knocking of the prohibition style “Mob” and replaced it with vicious street gangs that make the worst of the 30’s look like a cheap video game while driving chemists and wanna be chemist to develop more and more addicting and potent drugs to meet the demand that was created through the criminalization of relatively harmless recreational drugs.

And don’t even start in on me about how drugs aren’t harmless and shouldn’t be used for recreation.  If you’ve the intelligence to read this blog, you’ve the intelligence to realize that we use drugs for recreation and mood enhancement on a daily basis.  Had your cup of coffee today?  It’s laced with Caffeine, a stimulant.  Had a cold brew?  You know its a depressant.  And both beer and coffee (and chocolate and more) are all as natural and at least as harmless as weed.  In the case of Alcohol, weed might even be more harmless.

At the same time we’ve criminalized legions of drugs, we’ve also become the most drugged out society on the planet.  We have drugs for almost anything.  Most of us have a medicine cabinet full of amber bottles.  Pain killers and mood suppressors.  Anti-depressants and sleep aids.  High blood pressure and high blood sugar.  We’ve a pill for just about everything.

But we don’t have a pill for the one thing plaguing our nation, turning young kids into career criminals and imprisoning fathers and mothers, brothers and sister who’s only crime harmed no one, arguably not even themselves, yet we give them long prison time in the name of our failed “War” on drugs.

South of our borders we have a nearly lawless country of Mexico, who imports massive amounts of a plant that would easily grow within or border (and does, in the wild, regularly) and to maintain their grip on the flow of that plant, gangs kill police, judges and families with impunity… all because we outlawed a harmless plant.

If we legalized, taxed, and guaranteed the safety of pot, we would in one swoop reduce crime, take the money out of the pockets of gang leaders around the nation, reduce violence in our neighbor to the south, and wipe out entire intrusive police activities.  just the act of demilitarizing police forces would be a boon to our civil rights.  At least half of “high crime areas” in the nation would disappear as the “crime” would no longer be illegal.

In the name of this war, police routinely violate the constitutional rights of American citizens.  Illegal searches, called “consent” searches, are performed as a matter of routine.  If you attempt to refuse the search, they use that as probable cause that you must be “hiding something” and search anyway.  All because once they stop you, you are a suspect of a drug crime.  Everyone is.  If you don’t believe me, perhaps you should do some reading here or here.  And if you need a reminder of what your constitutional rights are, look here.