Shiver Me Thinner

OMG. I lost 200lbs. And you think he is kidding? He’s not. I’m always freezing now.


I’m finally cool. After years of ho-ho dieting, I’ve gotten back down to my college weight, and I’ve never felt cooler. Literally. As in, I’m freezing. This morning, my hands turned blue, and I had to put on a down jacket and sip a boiling cup of tea to stop from shivering. Why wasn’t I told about this? Are thin people part of a massive conspiracy to hide how freaking cold they are all the time so they can hoard the world’s supply of cashmere? Now I know why the contestants on The Biggest Loser gain all their weight back: they’re trying to warm up! In fact, the more I think about it, the more it all makes sense. Thin people often have cold personalities, while thick folks (as a former butterball, I find the f-word demeaning and insensitive) are known for being warm and jolly. Those who are skinny…

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#209 Take the news with a grain of salt and ounce of prevention

This is so true. I’d add that the news is the result of several layers of bias. Editorial bias, reporter bias, commercial bias and is driven by ratings not what’s in the best interest of the public.

Justin Kassab

Survival Tip #209

Take the news with a grain of salt and an ounce of prevention

So, I can’t say for sure about those of my readers that come from out side of the States, but keep in mind the news is a business. If the news isn’t getting viewers, they aren’t selling commercial space, and if they aren’t selling commercial space they aren’t making money. Keep this in mind every time they go all gloom and doom on you. Misery sells a lot better than happiness(if you don’t believe me count the number of negative news reports against the positive ones).

This isn’t an excuse to disregard the news entirely though. Inside that grain of salt there might be a smidgen of truth.  What this means is if you see a report that you think is a trigger event go do your research to see the extent of the…

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