So I’m no longer lost. The bike has about 100 glorious new miles on her, the back seat was warm, and the beer and ice tea were cold.

There is nothing quite as much fun as riding in a group like I did today. One thing about bikers, they stay true on the road. Great group of guys. And one gal on a crotch rocket. Who knew Louie Vuitton made motorcycle seats. That girl did.

So after relaxing in the saddle all day, I return home to mess in Maryland. Not surprised, just glad I didn’t see it happen in real time. I’d much rather be riding than worry about a silly situation so far north.

But the next few days should prove interesting. If for the humor if nothing else. Meanwhile, Picts from the trip. All copyrighted by me of course.





5 thoughts on “Found.

  1. You said bike, and then I saw it had a motor. 😦

    All kidding aside, looks like it was a fabulous day for a ride.

    • Don’t all bikes have a motor?

      It was a great day to cruise. Perfect weather. 50% chance of rain, and we never saw a drop. My face, however, is sunburned!

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