Did he really just say that?

So this blogs best buddy, Mr. Bill Schmalfeldt just posted this on his Twitter Feed:

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Which I guess is his complaint that he’s been given his Eviction Notice from Blubber Sues Bloggers.  Now Flynn, the host of that website, is a forgiving patient guy.  He put up with a lot of hateful words from Schmalfeldt, but let Schmalfeldt speak his mind as long as he followed the simple rules.  Now, let’s see if there could have been any reason, besides an attack on the constitution, that Flynn might not want to put up with Schmalfeldt any longer.

Could it be that Flynn put up a blog post calling Schmalfeldt out by name, for specific accusations of conspiracy that Schmalfeldt couldn’t back up, and instead of responding to Flynn’s points, Schmalfeldt time in the comment thread  was spent attacking other commenters?  Could that be it?  Could it be that Schmalfeldt continually ignores direct questions put to him in comment threads on the site, instead calling people names and insulting them?  Or could it be something far simpler.  I give you this:

Let’s see, that’s a twit from Schmalfeldt telling Flynn to do a better job of moderating his comments.  Takes a lot of nerve to be the fellow who’s insulting everybody, ignoring commenter questions and ignoring the host to say something like that, but he did.  He sure did.

So maybe, and I haven’t talked to Flynn about it, either on his site or on Twitter (the only two ways I’ve ever talked to Flynn), but maybe good old Schmalfeldt made Flynn go look at his comments and realize that the vast majority of the mess going on in his comment section was being caused by  Schmalfeldt and he did endeavor to make it better.  He removed the person causing the problem.

That’s not an attack on free speech in any way shape or form.  It is a host removing a guest that is no longer welcome because of the way he treats other guests.

Flynn was exceptionally polite to Schmalfeldt.  Schmalfeldt wore out that niceness.  Schmalfeldt had to go.


13 thoughts on “Did he really just say that?

  1. Nobody should feel bad, Bill manages to get tossed out of every website he comments on. He is one of the only living humans to have been kicked out of the Daily Kos. That is quite a feat.

    It is also almost fatally ironic that Bill himself has had comments on his own websites (dozens and dozens), yet would ban practically anybody who had the temerity to comment there.

    He’s a truly vile person, and any time you see him commenting somewhere, it is only a matter of when, not if, he will get kicked out.

    You’d think that having even liberal leaning websites booting your ass over and over again would cause a bit of self-reflection. But then again, Bill is a classic narcissist, therefore he is never wrong.

  2. Easiest just to compare to the commenting he allows on site(s) when you can find after the latest change.
    He is almost always barren of comments as he deletes everything not completely complimentary to his viewpoint.
    His fallback position is that all commenters must be registered ostensibly to keep the “h8rs” out, but pretty much just to harvest IP info for doxing later.

    • And that’s why if he ever writes anything on one of his blogs I want to comment on, I’ll just do it here. Not that doxing me would be hard, I’m pretty open with who I am. And frankly, I’d love for my employer to hear from him, since I’m self employed.

  3. D’y’ever wonder why no one (friend or enemy) comments on a Bill Schmalfeldt blog?

    Even people who may support him (Kimberlin, Rauhauser, Ferguson, Karoli Kuns) have finally figured out he’s toxically insane; and anyone who disagrees with him (by definition a HOGEIST LICKSPITTLE TROOOLL!!!) gets “banned, squashed and eaten,” not to mention doxed, because FREE SPEECH, amirite?

    • I think you miscalculate. Rauhauser does not care if his pawns or clients have mental or emotional problems. For harassment purposes, he considers these weaknesses a potential advantage. A clear majority people who work closely with Rauhauser are actually very troubled. And Kimberlin would have known how Rauhauser operated when he first hired him. Because, by the time Brett Kimberlin hired Neal Rauhauser, Rauhauser already had a track record of several really nasty harassment campaigns.

      Kimberlin likewise doesn’t care that much if his allies are mentally troubled. You should read Citizen K by Mark Singer and here again you notice that several of his favorite allies really do not seem to be doing well mentally or emotionally.

      • It’s quite possible I’m miscalculating. But from the first twitter meltdown I witnessed to the latest, I see someone who thinks the world has his back. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems this latest was all for show, and not real.

      • I have to agree with Michael here, this latest meltdown was more of a slow drip…
        just didn’t have the self righteous pedantic umbrage he usually brings to bear…


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