Liars gotta lie.

20140531-204325-74605752.jpgBill Schmalfeldt is at it again, my friends.  Only much worse, this time.

Back in February he doxed a fellow in Illinois.  In March, he cowardly called his employers to complain about alleged online harassment.  Well, last week this fellow lost his job.  I don’t know this fellow at all, but apparently he worked in IT.  I’ve worked around IT for years, and at quite a few places if I’d have so much as gone to Facebook, I’d have been fired.  So I don’t really have a comment on what this fellow did or didn’t do on company time, because I don’t know.  If he did read blogs and send tweets on company computers on company times, shame on him.  He knew better.

But that’s beside the point.  Back in March this fellow wrote a verbose but otherwise harmless “Why poke the bear” comment on a website.  Now Bill, along with a picture he posted of an old Mr. Bill sketch, toddled off to the Court Commisioner and filed a “peace order” (Most of us would know of it as a restraining order) against this fellow.  Why?  Because BS thought this fellow (who’s name is apparently Grady, according to the peace order) was going to travel several states and cut off his head?  Because he wanted to look for a job in Maryland?

No.  We get the real reason on a comment to a blog post at BlubberSuesBloggers.  Here is BS’s own words:

I do not believe Grady is going to come to Maryland to kill me. I got the Interim Peace order (which you can see for yourselves at ch**s*skr* and it is in effect until 1:15pm ET tomorrow.

Side note: I took out the spelling and linkage to his blog.  The asterisks are all the letter “e” so you can feel free to type them in yourself, I just won’t refer you to his collection of lies.

There is more to his comment, which you can read here, but that sums up his reason just perfectly.  Bloggers and Commenters had been tearing apart his reasoning behind his peace order all weekend.  Heck, I went for my (truly lovely) motorcycle ride yesterday and came back to the whole situation exploding all around the interwebs.  By yesterday evening, everyone had pretty much completely destroyed his jacked up rational for even obtaining a peace order.

So you can be clear, he didn’t get a peace order from a judge.  No, that would have involved him explaining himself to much.  By going to the court commissioner, he had to convince a non-judge, by himself with no counter arguments, that he was in fear of his life.  Since BS is in a walker, and had a little Boo-Boo on the way in to see the commissioner when he “accidentally” fell, I’m sure a crippled old elderly man who is currently bleeding didn’t have to try to hard to convince one person he might be in danger.

But that peace order is only good until 1:15 on Monday, that’s when BS would have to explain this to a judge.  A judge who will be far more dispassionate about it.  And if at 1:15 on Monday, the judge passes it on, about a week later he has to argue it again, in front of a judge, but this time, and for the first time in the entire process, Grady will be able to respond.  And BS can’t have that.  So BS is changing his tune suddenly, after everyone has shown him and told Grady just what to do, BS is now afraid of that meeting where the two minds must meet and go before a judge.  And now, BS has shot himself in the foot and admitted that he didn’t believe what he told the commissioner.  He doesn’t believe Grady is going to kill him.

So why did BS get this peace order against Grady?  I believe it was to kick a man while he was down.  The man lost his job this week.  He has a disabled son that is counting on his father to bring home the bucks to keep him happy and healthy.  He didn’t have issues with that back in March when he called his employer, but now that he realizes that he’s screwed up and is going to probably lose at the adversarial level of the process, if not just when he comes in front of a judge, that’s when, again in his own words:

For God’s sake, the man has a son with spina bifida and it’s going to be hard enough to find a job without a Peace Order on his record.

Unlike Hoge, who filed a peace order and got it extended because I TWEETED at him, I am not going to use the law as a weapon against someone who is gonna have enough trouble in his life as it is without my making it worse.

In other words, if I may be so bold, what BS is really saying is “Oh shit, this fellow has as many issues that will draw him sympathy as I do.  I shouldn’t have tried to use the law as a weapon, but I did.  And now, I’m gonna just drop it.  Just like I dropped my lawsuit against 10 bloggers.” Because really, when it comes down to standing in front of an impartial judge and being forced to answer questions he really has tried to dodge for months now, he realizes it just isn’t going to go the way he thought it might.  The cold harsh light of the Maryland sunshine seems to drain all the confidence BS has in his legal acumen.

I don’t know Grady.  I don’t believe that BS’s March contact with his employers is the reason he got fired.  It may have been A reason, but it wasn’t THE reason.  And I really don’t think that Grady, who seems to be a nice enough fellow that really loves his son, is going to travel several states to so much as lay eyes, much less fingers, on BS.  BS clearly thinks the same thing.  And now that the harsh light of truth is shining, BS is “willing” to let the whole matter drop.

What a bully.


A quick look at BS’s twitter account shows that since he filed the peace order against him, BS contacted Grady 8 times via twitter @mentions.  That’s the same activity that had WJJ Hoge’s peace order against BS extended by 6 months.  I looked at Grady’s twitter for quite a while back, and couldn’t find any @mentions of BS.  So, who’s harassing whom?

5 thoughts on “Liars gotta lie.

  1. Hear Hear, well said…

    but be warned, you may have just put a target on your own back, and those around you (as you’ve been catching up on all the drama from BS I know you know what I mean).

    • I’ll wear the target proud. After seeing what he’s done to other people, I won’t put up with it nearly as long as others before taking swift legal action. Assuming it comes to that, which I hope it won’t.

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