What they really meant to say…

What he meant to sayPlaintiff does not know his ass from his elbow.  He provided Mr. Truth with a hand delivered copy of his worthless piece of paper.  He then sent Mr. Truth a certified mail version of his worthless piece of paper. The two pieces of paper didn’t match.  But he is a convicted liar, and blew up bombs all around the biggest city in Indiana every May. Oh wait, even PACER says he is lying.  Please dismiss this and throw this lawsuit out on it’s ass.

2 thoughts on “What they really meant to say…

  1. What really happened is that Brett Kimberlin personally handed me a copy of the original complaint. That was not valid service, but no big deal because he filed his first amended complaint the next day.

    What he mailed me claiming that it was the first amended complaint was not the same as what he filed with the court. He had added Twitchy to the caption. He also did not provide a properly marked up version showing the changes between the original and first amended complaint.

    He did include a marked up version of his proposed second amended complaint, but there are massive errors in the redlining.

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