I must offer a retraction.  Earlier on this blog I referred to someone in a way that was mistaken, and this is my official retraction.

In this post, I claimed that I believed Bill Schmalfeldt went to get a peace order to kick a man while he was down.  That man was a certain IT specialist in Illinois that had lost his job.  I must correct a mistake in the following sentences.

So why did BS get this peace order against Grady?  I believe it was to kick a man while he was down.

So here is my official apology.  Mr. Grady has already lined up employment and watched his son graduate this weekend, the same weekend Schmalfeldt got his peace order.  I still believe that Schmalfeldt only got the peace order to kick a man while he was down, but it is now clear that Mr. Grady was hardly a man down.

My apology, Mr. Grady.

5 thoughts on “Retraction…

  1. always nice to see someone man enough and mature enough to admit when he’s wrong..

    others could learn a thing or two from you…


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