What I really meant to say was…

What he meant to sayTwit


4 thoughts on “What I really meant to say was…

  1. did you forget to include “in a vain attempt to get someone ANYONE to look at my site??!!??!!1111!!”


  2. “Deeeeeeeee-sperado…
    Why don’t you come to your senses?”

    Oh, wait. Forgot who we were talking about. Never mind.

    Carry on.

  3. You notice his constant tagging of #topprog, #tlot, and #p2? But only on posts where he is insulting people. It’s like a “Look at meeeeeee!! I’m a good progressive. See how I can not answer questions but just respond with personal attacks? I’m just like you! Please, please like me!!!!11!!” desperate cry for attention.

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