Paul Krendler is not safe.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that this blog’s Best Buddy Bill Schmalfeldt attempted to reveal the identity of Paul Krendler, the anonymous blogger behind the Thinking Man’s Zombie (TMZ) blog.  His method was filing a lawsuit that barely mentioned Paul Krendler at all, but might have given Schmalfeldt the ability to force websites to give identifying information about Paul to Schmalfeldt.  Ultimately that lawsuit was dropped, but that doesn’t keep Paul out of danger.

Paul had previously sold rights to WJJ Hoge over a blog post still available at TMZ. Paul didn’t sell the entire copyright, just the book and e-book publishing rights.  WJJ Hoge has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit again Schmalfeldt, which includes the use of that specific post in a book Schmalfeldt was selling, among 123 other infringements.

The first step in a copyright suit is determining that the person claiming copyright actually has that copyright.  This means that Hoge will have to prove to the courts satisfaction that he does have those rights.  That’s a big win for Paul.  Notice it isn’t to Schmalfeldt’s satisfaction, but to the courts.  It is quite possible, even likely, that Hoge will be able to do so without ever having to show an agreement to Schmalfeldt.  If Hoge manages to convince the court that he has the rights, then Schmalfeldt will have no remedy there.

But Schmalfeldt didn’t have to give up.  Schmalfeldt files counterclaims again Hoge and also against two previously uninvolved parties.  One of those parties is Paul.  Along with filing his Answer and Counterclaims, Schmalfeldt also file a motion for a hearing to force Twitter and WordPress to reveal the identifying information about Paul.

So Paul is not safe from exposure.  There are avenues he can take to remain safe, but the wheels are now in motion.


10 thoughts on “Paul Krendler is not safe.

    • I don’t want anyone to shut up. That’s not the point. If what you say about me is defamatory BUT NOT TRUE, that is libel. If what you say is defamatory and TRUE, then it’s NOT libel. And you really need to read my amended answer and complaint to see who has rights to file a copyright infringement suit and, more importantly, who does not.

  1. It’s extremely obvious that doxing Krendler is the only reason he’s in that lawsuit. Bill has had it in for him since he first showed up, and for all Bill likes to accuse us lickspittles™ (and me in particular) of being “obsessive”, he makes the worst of us look like we suffer from ADHD when it comes his obsessing over someone’s IRL identity.

    • His doxing is the thing that really set me on the other side of the fence. Schmalfeldt has yet to call me a “Hogeist” or a member of team “lickspittle” and it would do him well not to. But his obsession with Hoge is plainly clear. As for the Pink Skittles, well that’s another story. I will assume he will answer for that in the pressing lawsuit.

  2. Gee. What could I POSSIBLY have against a man who tried to put me in jail 367 times for Tweeting. You kids might want to take a look at the amended complaint. I learned some very interesting things, and I shared them on the brief. Good reading.

    • Krendler has a way to get out of the lawsuit if he’s willing to take it. If he’s not, that’s his call.

    • Actually, you know Mr.Hoge had a peace order in place and he claimed you violated the peace order hundreds of times. He didn’t try to put you in jail 367 times. He asked proper authorities to address your multiple violations. But you know that. If your comments were not such fabrications, maybe, just maybe more people would believe you.

      I am letting this through, but am putting everyone on warning, this post is not about Hoge and his peace order, so continuing down this path will lead to edits that will make you look bad. -The Mocking Editor

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