More legal dropage.

Before the notice even reached Chris Heather, assumed by this blog’s Best Buddy Bill Schmalfeldt to be Howard D. Earl, Schmalfeldt has dropped his counterclaim against Chris Heather.  In a twit posted today, he thanked team Pink Skittle for pointing out the errors to his original Answers and Counterclaims.  Screenshot 2014-06-05 13.01.59Let this be a lesson to everyone.  Posting information before deadlines have passed is not good for anyone.  Even if you have information you think will help a specific party, share it privately.  While Howard D. Earl is now in the clear, all that has happened is that publicly shared information has improved Schmalfeldt’s position.  Remember the words of Aaron Worthing.  Paraphrased.  Suit first, internet second.

13 thoughts on “More legal dropage.

  1. I’m pretty sure he is screwing with us…none of the comments I have seen at any of the major site could be used as help for Cabin Boy™ There was one comment that was removed by Hoge before I could read it, stating that he didn’t want to pass on anything useful to Cabin Boy™ Maybe that was the help CB refers to

    • Possibly you are right. However, I can’t help but notice that many of the things speculated about were fixed in the amendment. Not that the amendment is perfect, but I’ll remain silent on the problems it faces.

  2. I think he realized how much stupider including someone when he didn’t know who they were/where they are in reality (his fevered delusions to the contrary not withstanding) it made his already hilarious LOL suit…

    I thought when you amend something you are supposed to make it better not worse…


  3. “Fevered Delusions”?

    My goodness. Melodramatic much?

    I understand “Rain” assuming the cheerleader role and all that, but surely she must recognize I have established several reasons why Hoge’s complaint against me can not stand as a matter of law. For instance when he says he sent a DMCA takedown that was sent by someone else. I don’t know what folks around your part of the world call it, but we Iowa boys call that a “Fib.” There are several other “Fibs” in his complaint as well. And, there are several of those pesky “laws” that Mr. Hoge will need to get rewritten in a hurry and make retroactive for his complaint to survive.

    Everyone have a splendid weekend,

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