When consent is not consent.

Pretend for a minute you are back in college.  You’re looking good and enjoying a party.  A pretty member of the opposite sex (or same sex, it’s your fantasy) catches your eye.  Beer, booze and conversation latter you wake up in their bed after a fun time.  You smile and do the walk of shame the next morning.  If it clicked, you got together again.  If it didn’t, you moved on.  The end.

Now, that is no longer the case.  If you’re a man attending a college in today’s America I didn’t describe a hook up, I described a rape.

Think I’m joking?  Take what happened to John Doe (obviously a pseudonym) at Occidental College.  Back at the beginning of the school year, John had what would have been a hook up back in the day, but today is apparently rape.  And he was expelled from Occidental for it.

Sadly, the school doesn’t dispute the facts, at least they didn’t at their little kangaroo court that decided John had to be expelled for his raping of innocent women.  And these are the undisputed facts:

  1. John Doe was drunk the night the “rape” occurred.
  2. Jane Doe, the girl he “raped” was also drunk.
  3. Jane Doe was sober enough to text to make sure John had a condom.
  4. Jane Doe was sober enough to text a friend to say she was about to have sex.
  5. Jane Doe was sober enough to leave her dorm room and make her way down stairs to John’s dorm room.
  6. Jane Doe had sex with John Doe.
  7. Jane Doe left John’s dorm room and returned to her room.
  8. Jane Doe then left her room again and crossed campus to a place students hang out.

Based on these facts, it became clear that John Doe had raped Jane Doe.  At least to the academics.  To LAPD, it wasn’t so clear.  They declined to arrest John Doe on the charge of rape.  Instead, what seems to have happened is Jane Doe talked with several professors, and they thought it sounded like rape.  Because, Jane was drunk and couldn’t possibly give consent.  Never mind that John was also drunk.  He’s a man, he doesn’t get to give consent.

Something to think about the next time that pretty thing catches your eye across the room at a party.


3 thoughts on “When consent is not consent.

  1. This makes me weep for the future of our country. I understand that rape is a terrible thing, but when a college treats a drunken hookup, especially in this case were there was obviously consent and prior planning, to stand as rape…it’s not far fetched to think of the slippery slope that is coming.

    • Indeed.

      Not to mention the absolute lack of parity. If, because she was drunk, there was no consent then because he was drunk, there was no consent. Worst case should be they raped each other. Not he raped cause… Male!

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