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Frankly, I don’t know how to pronounce it.  But I know how to spell it.  Which is a sad.  But this blog’s Best Buddy Bill Schmalfeldt still hasn’t answered his list of questions asked last week.  So, I’ll have to repost and re-ask again this week.  With additions.

As always, this is not a threat or a demand.  Real journalist neither threaten or demand answers to questions.  They ask the questions, and either get an answer or don’t.  They then point out that the subject either answered the question or didn’t.  They don’t go hyper and do mean things to the subject.

On the issue of Pornography

Bill Schmalfeldt one called the cops and accused a photographer of using underage models in the production of pornography.  He did so because the photographer didn’t provide Schmalfeldt with age verification information on his models, something that the photographer couldn’t give Schmalfeldt under penalty of federal law.  Schmalfeldt argued that he was required to give him the information.

It turns out that Schmalfeldt is also a producer of pornography.  Specifically, he produced a photograph of two men in either simulated or actual anal sex.  The picture had four models in it, since the faces of the body models where replaced by other faces.  Schmalfeldt then disseminated the pictures via Twitter.  By doing so, he came under the same record keeping requirements that he attempted to claim gave him the right to look at the records of the aforementioned photographer.

That said, Schmalfeldt was asked if he had the proper record keeping files of the four people in his pornography production.  Schmalfeldt has yet to answer this question.

On the issue of bragging

Schmalfeldt has repeatedly claimed that people bragged about getting him fired from various “jobs” at online publishing places.  A specific claim is that people brag about getting him fired from the Examiner, but other sites are implied in his writings.  Schmalfeldt has been asked, repeatedly, about who these braggarts are and what they said.  He has yet to provide that information.

On the issue of conspiracy

Over at Blubber Sues Bloggers, Schmalfeldt accused the host, Flynn, of conspiracy to do all sorts of nefarious things not specified.  It was enough for Flynn to write an entire blog post about it.  Schmalfeldt has commented on that post, as of this writing, five times.  Not once has he addressed the post itself, explaining exactly what Flynn has done that was anything like what Schmalfeldt claimed it was.

On the question of theft

I offered to give Schmalfeldt an apology and a retraction if he’d answer this question.  Simply put, to answer why calling him a thief over the sheer amount of copyrighted material he has used without permission should be considered anything other than theft.  I offered the apology and retraction if he simply answered the question, my agreeing with the answer wasn’t material.  He refused.

I herby rescind my offer of a retraction for answering the question and return to the caveat of convincingly answer the question.  Bill Schmalfeldt, why do you think it unreasonable to call you a copyright thief, considering the sheer amount of posts you’ve stolen, in total, without permission.  I do remind you that in 2012, you accused Robert Stacy McCain of theft for using your picture without permission, so please, in light of your history of calling other people thieves for using intellectual property without permission, explain how it is suddenly libel to accuse you of the same.

On the question of sealed documents

More important to several readers than to me is the issue of sealed documents you’ve freely printed on your various blogs in the past.  They would like to know who revealed sealed court documents to you.  I, however, have worked in “real journalism” and have no issue with this.  For one, it is obvious who shared them with you, and two, as a journalist you should never name your anonymous source.  But it does show a specific bias in your alleged reporting.  YMMV.

On the issue of scams

Please detail the scams you have already claimed exist by several bloggers as to you telling various untruths.  Already at question is your claim that Flynn of Blubber Sues Bloggers of conspiracy.  Please explicitly explain your accusation of  Robert Stacy McCain running a scam over his leaving Maryland.  Or is it still your intention to claim that Robert Stacy McCain did not move out of the state of Maryland?

On the issue of 3 Copyright

Have you actually read this?  Can you sum it up? You put it forth as if it is law, but have you really even bothered to look up this specific source that you site?  Is that law?  What law?  What is 3 Copyright  And asking if Hoge has read it is not answering the question.

On the issue of Libel, Defamation, and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

In your recent counterclaims you have pointed to a post by one anonymous blogger Paul Krendler as being vile and disgusting.  You fail, in your permissive counterclaims to point out that the anonymous blogger Paul Krendler wrote the post as a parody of a post you made, that was also vile and disgusting.  Or do you deny writing a vile and disgusting post about WJJ Hoge’s home life?  Or does the concept of Defamation and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress only apply to you, and not to Hoge?

On the issue of “Right to know.”

I’ve now gone back literally years and years of blog posts about you.  I can’t read blog posts from you because of your habit of memory holing things. However, I’ve noticed a trend in other’s writing about you.  It seems you repeatedly and often demand some piece of information from other people. You response to them not giving you that piece of information varies from insults to doxing, and you’ve been accused but admittedly not conclusively proven to have done worse.  However, what is clear is that you do assume to have a right to know that does not exist.  So the question before you today is simple.  Do you realize that what goes on in private between other people is not your right to know, and real journalist, which you repeatedly claim to be, do not respond to the answer, in the words of Robert Stacy McCain, to “fuck off” in the way that you have?


As always, I’d love to have specific examples of questions this blog’s Best Buddy Bill Schmalfeldt has avoided. You may leave them in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Questions for Bill Schmalfeldt

  1. I agree it is obvious who gave him the sealed discovery. However when it was first released he denied it was Brett KImberlin.
    A real journalist does not have to reveal his souirces…I get that…however Schmallfeldt was acting more as a press secretary than a journalist.

    • Oh I get that as well. A real journalist at a real news outlet would never have released the letter. He would have reported what was in it and protected his source. But Bill treats his sources differently.

  2. “Schmalfeldt has repeatedly claimed that people bragged about getting him fired from various “jobs” at online publishing places.”

    I would like to point out that Bill claims he was never fired since you can’t be fired from a non paying gig. I’m sure someone has screen caps of his memory holed blogs and TL where he stated this.

  3. When others prefer to remain anonymous online, he calls them anonymous cowards. When Mr. Schmalfeldt changes his on line persona so he can trick an online magazine to let him write for them again he figures that is fine. When fooled one outlet this way, he wrote articles about himself in the third person. A real journalist would not do this.

    Keep the questions coming. Good job.

  4. What is your general view of the other humans on the planet? Why do you assume that others with significant personal success (law school graduation/bar membership, scientific acumen, family ties for example) are worthy of your utter contempt? In what way are you able to judge others’ intelligence or moral fiber with such confidence? What is your working theory about how so many Lickspittles can lead positive, productive lives while in your opinion they are knuckle dragging monkeys under the direction of WJJ Hoge? Can you name any colleagues from radio or DHHS who like and admire you? (Not to us. Just whisper their names. How many?) If Frank Capra recreated the It’s a Wonderful Life scenario with an angel giving you a chance to see your town if you had NOT been born, would it resemble Bedford Falls or Pottersville?

    Is any of this sinking in? Do you see any way to change?

  5. All these people answering, why would you care about what I say? You won’t believe it anyway.

    • I may or may not believe you, Bill. I’ve yet to hear the answers. But I’m not going to do anything but what a real journalist would do, and provide you the opportunity to answer my questions and respond or not. And point out if you responded or not. And I may vet through other sources anything you do respond to for the accuracy of the response. You need never answer a single one of these questions. They can remain unanswered for as long as you like. And I’ll continue to report that you refuse to answer.

      • Who died and put you in charge of me? I answered your questions. That’s all you get. And yes, “vet” me with sources like McCain and Hoge. THEY’LL tell you the truth.

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