In Fairness To Bill…

Is there room for the principal party and reason for your blog to correct a few misconceptions you seem intent on promulgating? Thanks.

Bill  Schmalfeldt in an unapproved comment on this blog

Bill has left a lengthy comment to me that attempts to answer some of my Questions of Bill Scmalfeldt.  He left it in the wrong place, and I haz rulz, so it will not be approved.  However, it is a fair enough attempt to answer my questions, but is lengthy.  I do not think approving it if he had left it in the right place would be fair to him or to me.  So instead of approving it, I’ll be moving it into at least one, if not several, blog posts, where I will rebut or accept his answers individually.  That may take time, as I am not a full time blogger.  But I didn’t want Bill to think I didn’t see his post.

Thanks for the responses, Bill.  I will get to them in time.  But like a real journalist, I will take the time to respond to them correctly, completely and in fullness.

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