The complaints of Bill Schmalfeldt

It doesn’t end.

I awoke to the following from this blog’s Best Buddy Bill Schmalfeldt:

Now Mike, due props and all that. But who put you in charge of interrogating me? If you have questions, you can follow me on Twitter, DM me, and ask me politely without this conspiratorial attitude. I have nothing to hide and will gladly answer any question you have, except for ones I am bound by journalistic ethics not to answer. But this blog of yours for the purpose of interrogation? Meh. We’re done.

Bill Schmalfeldt in an approved comment on this blog

In the same way no one approved you of investigating any story you’ve ever written in the blogosphere, I own this bandwidth.  This is my tiny, insignificant corner of the web.  I decide what is newsworthy and important.  You have absolutely zero control over what I type into the piece of crap editor.  I’ve worked in journalism, and you are not my Executive Producer, not my Show Producer and damn well not my News Director.  With all due respect to your condition, fuck you.  You don’t get to walk into my space and call me out.  You want to “meh” me, fine.  But I get to ask the questions here.  Answer them or not, but they will stand.

So in fairness…  Shall I continue, or is this a request, demand or otherwise threat for me to stop with your overly long, unrelated response to my questions?  Or will I see you respond on your own blog?  Or does mostly competent and always polite (except for FUCK YOU) questions and simple rules confuse you too much to respond?  I’ve NEVER abused Twitter’s terms of service to demand an answer to any question I’ve asked of you.  I’ve never harassed or bugged you in any way.  You responded to me here.  So either go through with your threat of leaving my bandwidth, or pony up and play ball.  I don’t care.

But in the end, this blog’s Best Buddy Bill Schmalfeldt.  I decide what to post here.  You don’t.  You may participate or not.  It is your decision.  And the next time you call me out, either expect the same level of ridicule… or me ignoring you.  Because you seriously need to learn, this is MY bandwidth.  The End.


6 thoughts on “The complaints of Bill Schmalfeldt

  1. He voluntarily provided an answer to a question that he could have ignored. You summarized and parsed that (apparently discursive) answer. I am quite confident that you would have provided space for his reasonable objections to your summary or parsing.

    This is his standard modus operandi. He whines if he is not given access. He is rude if he is given access. He plays cute, meaning fundamentally deceptive, word games. “No I didn’t call the police” because he apparently communicated with them other than by phone. I wonder if he knows what “gist” means.

    He is of course under no obligation to answer your questions, but no one is under obligation to answer his questions. Nor is anyone under obligation to let him comment on their blog.

    The idea that people persecute him because of his illness is nonsense. First, whatever is said about him (rather than to him) on OTHERS’ blogs is not persecution unless it is defamatory; he is free to ignore Hoge, Krendler, Flynn, and you and the commenters. Second, the only reason that people even mention him is because of his behavior; his illness is an irrelevance. I would feel exactly the same about him if he was not ill.

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