What They Really Meant To Say…

What he meant to sayStop talking about me.  Stop looking at my actions and behaviors.  Stop being truthful.  Stop stop stop.  STOP!  Did I tell you to STOP!  Then let me draw your focus away by calling you cute names and with friendly phrases.  You know, like Mikey.  And toodles.  And Here’s looking at you, kid.  Because that’s not creepy.  Or is it?  Maybe it is but don’t focus on that.  I’m taking my ball and going home now.  Till I don’t.  Because I’ve got problems.  No not those problems, I told you to stop looking at those.  Other problems. Real problems.  Only don’t you point out my real problems, because they are MINE.  NO!!!!!11!!!  I told you not to do that!  Please just stop!  Deep breaths.  I needs them.  Oh I needs them.  What?  Retraction? Apology?  NO!!!!!!11!!!! I have those real problems that you aren’t supposed to be looking at.  So STOP LOOKING!


6 thoughts on “What They Really Meant To Say…

  1. Just wait until he tells you

    “It stops. The defamation stops. Now. Or I will make it stop. The defamation. The false defamation must stop. And if it doesn’t stop, I will be forced to bring out the DOOM CLOCK! And then beg for it to stop again.”

    Or some infinite but unmistakable variation thereof…

  2. Hopefully for good. You have the right idea about Bill. It is his behavior that got him the nick names and such.

    Briefly I will explain how he got the one nickname I gave him. There was a website about suing a group of people that had a pirate ship as it’s letterhead. From this a Blogger started using the pirate theme from Princess Bride, the Dread Pirate blah blah. I thought, at the time, that Bill was acting like the Cabin Boy Mr. Schmee to the head guys Captain Hook. So I started calling him the Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt (Or sometimes CBBS). It was picked up on and has stuck…so much so that even the Cabin Boy™ is going with it for his radio station. I tried to make an amusing nickname/call sign to be used that described his behavior and fit in with the theme of the Blog…at least in my mind, it was never meant to be used in a mean spirited way and hasn’t been really IMO. At least not from me OR the other blogs host.

    It still fits occasionally, but since the head guy is busy with his own troubles he has left CBBS pretty much alone. At least in plain view…who knows what is going on behind the curtain

    You can delete this post, as basically it is for your knowledge more than for anyone else, or leave it. I have tried to not use names where possible, although it is easy to figure out who I am talking about.

    Boy that was long for “brief” 8)

    • Approved, but I’m fairly sure I didn’t mention anyone by name. I left who I was talking about up to the reader. Because the What They Really Meant To Say isn’t about a single person. I’ve explained what they meant for several people.

  3. Wow. Just, wow.

    Just finished reading your letter and the dialog (?) that followed. If anyone had any doubts about Bill, that should put them to bed once and for all. That was the creepiest thing I’ve ever read. “Deep breaths…” Really? W.T.F?

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