Little Nuggets of Brilliance.

I was pleased to witness several little nuggets of brilliance today.  Here they are, in no particular order.

In his Motion to Dismiss Counterclaims, Hoge throwing US V Cassidy back at Schmalfeldt.  Since Schmalfeldt as been using it as proof the judge was wrong, I guess we’ll get to officially test his theory.

Paul Krendler’s use of Schmalfeldt’s own words.  Which was funny all alone, but Schmalfeldt’s response just made it perfection.  He said, “Quoting someone out of context to cast a false impression is libel.”  Gosh, who’s done that?  Oh yeah, Schmalfeldt did with Paul Krendler’s words.  Paul’s parodies are funny enough, Bill confessing to libel on Paul’s blog?  Priceless.  (H/T to Rain)

Watching Schmalfeldt’s 90 bazillion twits an hour on how he has already won come to a screeching halt after Hoge posted his Amended Complaint.  He seems to be gearing back up with the expected responses, Hoge was lying.  Hoge is lying.  Proof.  Proof.  But it was nice to see him speechless for a while.

The joy of wondering if Schmalfeldt really understands the words Injunction and Fair Use Defense.  That should be interesting if that comes to pass. I won’t explain it more, I’ll just leave it there.

Oh how I look forward to the recordings of this jury trial.  Assuming it gets that far.  If it does, it should be funny.  Maybe I should start petitioning one of those court channels to air it.  It would be amusing, no matter who wins.


4 thoughts on “Little Nuggets of Brilliance.

  1. I’m waiting for him to collect all the collective wisdom in the Hoge-verse and incorporate it into his Second Amended Complaint.


  2. seeing as how Twinkie has started in the “lets be adults and just drop this whole thing” portion of the OMG I’M GOING TO LOSE pre-meltdown, the next few weeks are going to be interesting, and probably hilarious…


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