The Facepalm Moments of Bill Schmalfeldt

After his unsuccessful doxing of me, since I was already an open book, and a Swing and a Miss at Paul Krendler, it would seem that Bill Schmalfeldt has turned his attentions to a poor dentist in Pennsylvania.  Since the dentist in question hasn’t done anything more horrible than say things about Bill Schmalfeldt of course Schmalfeldt has to take it to the next level, because…

Screenshot 2014-06-11 12.00.50


The problem is, no one is messing with his stuff.  No one is saying anything to him.  No one is calling him, or threatening to call him.  No one is twitter bombing him.  No one is doing anything to him, yet he is the victim.  Because people keep writing things about him.  About his actions.  About his behavior.

So what is his next step?

Screenshot 2014-06-11 12.08.17

This would be a bad idea.  Unless Bill has an actual complaint about his dentistry, or some other ethical  violation that he has commuted that isn’t “He said bad things about me on the internet”  They won’t care.  Bill doesn’t have a lawsuit against the dentist and he doesn’t have a legal judgement against him.  They’ll sit in the back room of their secret associational meetinghouse and smoke fat cigars and make fun of him.  But that’s not surprising, every other time he’s contacted a professional organization, they’ve done the same thing.  Oh the cigars in the back rooms that must have been smoked.

But lets say THIS time is different.  This is THE time that the association is going to charge in and demand an accounting.  The best way to discredit Bill…  you know the rest.  Bill’s complaint, which would probably be all “Poor Me” would be laughable.  Then they’d take the dentist back to the back room for a cigar.

Of course, Bill would have this to say.

Screenshot 2014-06-11 12.18.24

And had Bill taken this piece of advice four years ago, he wouldn’t be in his mess.



20 thoughts on “The Facepalm Moments of Bill Schmalfeldt

  1. A minor point of clarification with regard to the following:

    The problem is, no one is messing with his stuff.

    As I understand it, he alleges that the aforementioned dentist has left false reviews on his Amazon book listings. I believe that’s what he means by “messing with [his] stuff.”

      • Agreed—and further stipulated that doxing and threats are never appropriate responses, least of all to purported false book reviews. Take it up with Amazon by all means. But this “nice job/house/family you’ve got there, shame if anything happened to it” business is rank thuggery.

      • OH you missed the whole Kyle Kiernan #FAILdox didnt you? @.@
        twinkie decided that kyle on hogewash/twitter just had to be some felon down in FL, and splashed that guys pic and arrest history all over his blog and twitter, THEN kyle made noises of how someone should inform this poor guy what twinkie was saying about him, blah blah blah, twinkie went crying to the police that his life was in danger….

        good times…


      • If you want to see some real fun, suggest to him that you are going to notify the real person that he thinks he has doxed as you exactly what he is up to. I dropped that one on him and he near turned inside out. Didn’t help much that someone else offered to pitch in and give that guy a plane ticket to MD so he could TLFKAD what he thinks of him in person.

      • If I remember correctly it is screen captured …by Schmalfeldt.. as part of the copyright violation P&TB post, down among the comments. To get the TLFKAD reaction you have to go to the tweets, not sure if I have those. I’ll see what I have laying around.

      • O. M. G. that episode was HILARIOUS, Twinkie had been crowing for days how Kyle was just a low account no good felon neener neener neener, (which he denied but since he wouldn’t give twinkie his REAL name SSN# and address(not sure what exactly twinkie wanted as proof just guessing) , twinkie insisted he was right) and then when Kyle proposed to let the REAL felon know OH Boy did Twinkie flip the frell out of his mind…and most of us were like, what’s the problem there twinkie boy?? haven’t you been saying Kyle is that kyle for days now?? why you so afeared for your life all’s a sudden????

        it was epic…

      • I am glad you have spent a good deal of subject-matter time recently and therefore should have a pretty good basis for understanding that thread. But you really needed to have seen his twitter timeline associated with that thread. It was good for me to go back and read the post again. As you can see nothing has really changed with him four months later. Really nothing has changed for a long time.

      • Really, nothing has changed at all. He’s still claiming victory before the bell, he’s still blathering about trying his best to murk up the waters and hide his own behaviors. He still won’t fess up to his mistakes nor will he retract them.

      • Completely right about never admitting his mistakes. Never. But don’t miss his role in all this. He is a member of TK and tries to deflect and distort to the max. It is easy to just think that this as all about BS. Not at all. All my opinion of course as an on-line only observer.

      • That’s the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen. I’d like to have seen/heard his conversation with the police. It had to be funny.

      • Like with so many other things he says happened, the only way to hear that conversation would be to plant a microphone inside his skull, maybe thats the reason for the wires.

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