I am sad.

So it would seem that my welcome committee has decided I’ve worn out my welcome.  I’m cool with that.  The establishment can hate me till the end of the earth.   I set up a settlement that should have, frankly, been unacceptable to both parties.  The fact that one party was willing to accept it says more about their position than I could ever say.  Okay, the Hoge people realized it was a crappy proposition for Hoge before the WMS party recognized the traps says a ton.  And the fact that the Hoge party derailed me for posting it says even more.

Here is the facts.  Despite what the Hoge supporters  want to believe of me, I picked a fare more WMS favorable “settlement” than a WJJH settlement.  Despite the ridicule I got from Hoge supporters, I proved that WMS is desperate to settle.  As my last post, which was only directed to a select few, I get what happened.  I’m telling WMS that he needs to take hold of his ankles, kiss his world view goodbye, and settle at his earliest opportunity.  And I’m out.  I acted as the middle man only so long as to see who among the two sides might respond.

The fact that WMS responded so quickly, and to me unexpectedly, tells me that WMS is in a really rotten situation that he is just now recognizing.  I may be proved wrong, but at this moment in time, I don’t think WMS has a hill of beans chance to overcome the arguments of WJJH.  As my last post said, I fully understand what happened.  WMS clearly doesn’t.  And when all is made clear, I can point and laugh.  Everyone else can laugh now.  But unless you see what I see, you will be late to the party.

Bill, this is my last advice to you.  Beg for a settlement.  Beg like a Mayan virgin about to have her heart ripped out.  You have been out played and out maneuvered.  Give Hoge and Krendler whatever it takes to settle this with out any merits being judged.  Because once the merits start being adjudicated, things will go bad for you.  And by bad I mean, holy fucking hell I’m fucked.  And by I’m fucked, I mean you WMS.

Or don’t take my advice.  I did, truly, try to get you out of the mess you made. I don’t care that Hoge’s supporters tried to make me look foolish.  There was a time that Hoge’s claim was weak.  But that time is past.  Do the cost benefit analysis and beg for a quick resolution.  I’ve treated you as nothing but a Human worthy of respect.  End this now.  I beg you.

And as for those that thought I wasn’t on the side of truth…  Fair enough.  Those that thought I missed out on the big picture, that could be.  But let me tell all of you, despite who you support, your lack of faith in me means less than zero.  I got my chuckles.  I got my proof.  I got my clear one ups on a SOB that tried to dox me.  And Hoge, Krendler or anyone else who was harmed, I can only say too bad.  WMS tried to make me feel uneasy, and fuck him for that.  He tried to squelch my free speech by making me afraid, he has no idea what I’ll do to prove to my amazing kids how to stand up to bullies.  And the entire timeline of today is captured.  Don’t pretend, ever, in the future, it isn’t.

As my sweet, amazing daughter asked me tonight at dinner, why is this important.  And my answer, Honey, because I don’t ever want you to put up with the fear I put up with this week.  WMS, you are a creeper.  You put me in fear for my beautiful children.  The fact that I could ever post something that you could agree with after what you did means you believe that you could  scare me more than my own beliefs.  You are wrong.

Again, in the words of R. Stacy McCain… Fuck you.


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    • I hope I am right. I’ve been wrong before. But I think I’ve seen what is coming. Unlike Mr. hogs, I can not claim to have foreseen, but I think I’ve caught on.

  1. It would be unlike Bill to admit his own fault in putting himself in a terrible position as a consequence of his mistreatment of others. Simply because, it would be unlike Bill to admit his own fault.

    There is a silver lining to all this mess, which is the growing chance that Bill will soon cease all of his harassment because he will be unable to access the internet. But it would be fine if he would cease the harassment before then, too. I think he will not cease early. Anyway, after then, people like Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser will have to use other cat’s paws to launch filthy, vile, disgusting attacks at their enemies.

    BTW great posting, Mike.

    • I would never wish Bill would leave the internet. I do believe Bill’s condition leaves him with little outside the internet as a means to communicate with the outside world. I want Bill to have internet access.

      That said, I want Bill to truly believe what he said in his twits yesterday. I want Bill to realize that he has caused harm to people who never wanted any harm to come to him.

      I don’t want to take away Bill’s access to the larger world than his small part of Maryland. I just want Bill to be kinder, gentler to his fellow netizens than he has been to date.

      I’ve meet awesome people in the past month. Had Bill not been so biased, I’ve no doubt a few would have given whatever they could to support him. They supported me. The internet is full of amazing people, and I hope Bill can find some. But his current path will lead to his undoing, even if he is 110% victorious (which I find suspect) in the current lawsuit. Bill needs friends, and by friends I mean not the abusing users associated with the ongoing lawsuits.

      I have no hatred of Bill, although I’ve earned the right. Maybe I am naive. Maybe I don’t understand the whole issues with him. But I still hope that Bill will see the damage he has caused and change his ways. Admit he was wrong and try his best to fix his past behavior.

      If I’m naive, so be it. The result is all on Bill. I tried to be as fair as I could. I could have, and should have, been far less fair than I’ve been. I keep hoping for the best. And despite being burned in the past, I still hope. Denounce me as you will, I will continue to hope.

  2. I don’t think the reaction you received yesterday is a product of any welcome committee saying your welcome is worn out. It is the honest opinions from others of seeing how things have been manipulated, distorted, and outright lied about for quite a while. I hope you can take our opinions as simply that, our opinions.

    I can truly imagine the fear you saw first hand. I wish you the best with you and your family. But I really think you should hang around. You have first hand knowledge of how personal it has become.

    Perhaps you see the ‘big picture’ better than I thought. 🙂

    “The establishment can hate me till the end of the earth.” I hope that was more of a quick reaction than what you come away with from all of this.

    • Perhaps it is. But I can’t help but view what happened to me in the past 24 hours through the lens of those with far more to lose than I.

      More times than I can count, I’ve witnessed the “in crowd” accept a new comer who was less enthusiastic than the establishment have a different view. As long as the newcomer is in step, all things are find. The minute the newcomer issues a question, the new comer is vilified instead of respectfully talked to about why they disagree.

      I’m not saying what happened is the worst I’ve seen. While I take exception to being accused of being “Neal” most aggressively, since I still don’t understand all the politics involved, I never meant to hurt anyone. Not even Bill.

      • I see where you are coming from but don’t fully agree with the ‘in crowd’ bit. We are all individuals. Some more extreme than others. Please don’t paint us all with that brush.

      • Jem, that’s a fair statement. If I used such a broad brush, I’d be as guilty of the same thing I’m thinking of others. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll try to do better.

      • “The minute the newcomer issues a question, the new comer is vilified instead of respectfully talked to about why they disagree.”

        In fairness, this is exacerbated in this case by the looming presence of Neal, who likes to drop in, muddy waters, then go off leaving others wasting time and effort against each other.

        You might not be aware of that, but most everybody else was.

      • I don’t know this Neal fellow, but suspect I won’t like him. Is this the same “Neal” that has multiple warrants? If everyone’s actions are predetermined by a fellow with multiple warrants, then it isn’t an in group I want to be a part off. Justified or not.

      • I don’t know that anybody “knows” him. But he certainly does get around.

        “If everyone’s actions are predetermined by a fellow with multiple warrants, then it isn’t an in group I want to be a part off. Justified or not.”

        It’s not determination. But it’s knowledge. Neal has a certain MO, and new people jumping in, being reasonable, then changing suddenly fits that.

        As to pre-determination, that’s what’s starting to backfire here, and in other places. He’s been running people, like Barrett Brown, like BK, like WMS, pointing them and directing them, and for several years, it worked out “well” for him. They vexed his targets, and he was the puppetmaster.

        Now it’s burning down.

        But it’s just an understanding that Neal (Hi, Neal!) is reading this – and working his brain feverishly to get in his angle, whatever that might be.

      • Maybe you’re right. Maybe I’m “Neal.” But if I am, I don’t know it. I’m me. And if this Neal fellow has you jumping at shadows, he’s already won.

      • Your last sentence has wisdom that has eluded a lot of people on the receiving end of his harassment campaigns.

        There’s a lot of mythology about him. The truth is he’s just an asshole.

      • Here’s what I know about “Neal.”

        He has multiple warrants out for him. He is an asshole. And, it can’t be said enough, he is an asshole.

        I am not “Neal.”

        I am me, and I may be an asshole. But I’m a warrentless asshole.

      • Nah, he’s lost.

        Because everything he did was dishonest. Everything was built on trickery, dishonesty, and building trusts then breaking them.

        But he is still around, for now. Just be aware of it. I’m sure part of WMS’s frustrations is he was expecting more help from that quarter. Whoops.

        I don’t think you’re Neal, but anytime someone who kinds of fits his MO (or someone he’d point at a target, like WMS) shows up, it’s going to be a suspicion, sometimes voiced. Just something to be aware of, until he completely crashes.

      • While purposefully avoiding going into too much detail, Neal sockpuppets are never very convincing. It was instantly obvious that Michael couldn’t be one. By implying that Neal might be that good, you’re doing his marketing for him.

      • “Welcome committee?” “In crowd?” “Establishment?”

        Oh. You mean people who have been following this sordid, muddled saga for a VERY long time, have witnessed enough dishonesty, deceitfulness, lawlessness, stalking, harassment, game playing, d0xing, and evil to last them a lifetime and then some, and who understandably (well, understandably to most) questioned the intentions of a newcomer who opted to pull a “trick” using similar, equivocation tactics used by Team Bad Guys.

        “As long as the newcomer is in step… ”

        *pfft* Attempting to pull a “fast one” on Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt — while utilizing claims Mr. Hoge is in ANY way, shape, or form to blame for ANYTHING in all of this — found you on the receiving end of some well-deserved and well-earned scrutiny. It was your choice to write-up your little “settlement” screed in what you now claim was an attempt to get Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt into your web. I find it curious you are so troubled that: (1) People who follow this situation closely responded, and (2) Some of them responded in a negative manner to your “game” — myself included.

        Commenters expressing confusion, concern, and doubt with regard to your intentions is entirely appropriate, and more so, entirely understandable… especially if one takes into consideration what many of us have witnessed for upwards of two years. Your attempts to call out those who responded less than glowingly to your confusing antics is a tad silly, IMO.

        THIS! —

        JeffM wrote: “First, you played a practical joke in the midst of a fight. It is way beyond naive to complain that as a result you got a few bruises.”

        AND, THIS! —

        Leroy Oddswatch wrote: “You stepped into the middle of a bar-fight. You shouldn’t be surprised if a few misplaced blows glanced off of you.”


      • Those comments were actually directed at you , Grace. I’ve made my position clear on Doxing. Yet with nothing to base it on, you warned people to protect themselves from me.

        I also didn’t accuse Hoge of doing anything wrong. I claimed both parties were harmed. And they both have been. I didn’t say both parties were equally responsible for the mess.

        You’re confusing a single lawsuit with what I’ve heard other people call “total warfare” with Team Kimberlin. I don’t know who all that is, the whole thing is so crazy.

        I still feel that this whole mess is so large and convoluted, commenters are having a hard time trying to remember that will it all may be related, it isn’t all connected legally.

      • I had/have some doubts regarding your intentions, and simply suggested to people I care about, and, have communicated back-and-forth with for quite some time, to take heed, and protect themselves if necessary. Not an odd suggestion to make considering the cast of nefarious characters who are involved in this saga.

        And, I’m confusing nothing. The whole mess IS large and convoluted, with many twists and turns, and many players. I don’t expect you to understand all of it as it has only been on your radar for a very short time, and, I’m unsure as to how seriously you take any of it considering the “It’s just a game to me” comment you made on Hogewash! But, I can assure you it is NOT a game to many. And, attempting to compartmentalize any one character from another, or any one lawfare suit from the other, is a misguided approach to the situation, IMO. But, of course, you are free to do so, if you like.

        “I also didn’t accuse Hoge of doing anything wrong.”

        Forgive me. I must have misinterpreted your suggestion of WJJH reimbursing WMS for ANYTHING, and your startlingly suggestion of a GAG ORDER, to read otherwise.


      • Gag orders are fairly common in settlements. More common than not. And again, WMS wouldn’t be able to agree.

        As for compensation, It’s also common to split fees if settled this early. Sorry, I’ve dealt with copyright and truthfully that was a perfectly reasonable settlement for this early.

      • Grace, I know you’re a staunch supporter of the victims of Kimberlin and Schmalfeldt, and for that you have my thanks and respect.

        That being said, you were and are totally out of line with regard to Mr. Malone. I have no problem with disagreeing—even vehemently so—with the “settlement” proposition set forth by Malone. But when you imply nefarious motives, and even suggest that commenters here may be at risk of misuse of their personal info? That’s ad hominem, and arises either from sheer nastiness or tinfoil hattery the likes of which would make Neal proud.

        Either way, the way you’ve addressed and spoken of Mr. Malone is not becoming of “our side.” When we start acting like our enemies, we lose the moral high ground. And then they’ve already won.

    • Not really, Bill.

      Despite what you posted to twitter, you’ve never fully accepted your own behavior to anyone involved. Least of all me.

      I’ve asked for a redaction from you twice. You’ve ignored it. This morning’s post was all fiction. You’ve no idea who Paul is. He could be Chuck Norris.

      I’ll admit I started making infamous Chuck Norris jokes with my kids at dinner last night. When I ran out, I pulled out my phone and kept reading. My kids where in stitches, even though to them Chuck Norris is that weird wolf guy in that last Expendables movie.

      Bill, settle this shit. Don’t prolong it. Beg to settle. Don’t out Paul, because if you do, and I don’t think I’m betraying a trust in saying this, Paul will not stop till you have absolutely nothing left. You have no idea what box you are opening.

      Please Bill, I don’t find you all that bad. But your behavior has left you with few supporters. I’m begging, pleading, and unashamedly on my knees, you don’t want what is coming. Maybe I pissed you off this morning. That’s fair. But for whatever you thought about my reasonable nature yesterday, take hold. Remember. And do whatever it takes to end this quickly.

      Again, I say. Do the cost benefit analysis. Do it quickly.

      • ” I’m begging, pleading, and unashamedly on my knees, you don’t want what is coming. ”

        You’re his very best friend. But he won’t see it.

        There’s a reason Neal picked him for Team Kimberlin.

      • I’m not afraid of “Paul.” If you can do so without revealing his identity, please explain. Is he gonna beat me up or something? And short of bleeding into a chalice and then drinking it, coating myself in sackcloth and ashes, I think I’m done apologizing.

        You made sense yesterday and now they are mocking you over at Hogewash. They don’t want a settlement. They want my head on a platter, and that they cannot have.

        I have nothing to settle. The books are already out of print. I can’t unblog the blogs, he’s done the same thing to me time and time again (as will come out in the trial), I’m not afraid of death as I face it every day. I will not roll over and let Hoge attach my life insurance and my wife’s financial security when I’m gone.

        I took your suggestion and even took a few extra steps. They’re not having it. They want war. They won’t be happy until I’m broke and dead.

        I apologize to you for anything I said that offended you in the past. I don’t actually recall what it is you want me to redact, but consider it redacted. You are a reasonable person. Don’t sell your integrity for Hoge’s favor.

        Be well, my friend.

      • With Hoge, you may be correct. With Krendler, you’ve no idea. If you out Krendler, you have unleashed the hounds of hell. Bill, seriously. Drop Krendler. Drop him now. Counterclaim against Hoge, but drop Krendler. I beg you to be reasonable.

        Or don’t. And when Krendler is exposed, remember you exposed him. What do you know about him? Really? That he writes amusing words that parody you? Please, accept that my Chuck Norris satire could come true. For all you know, he his Chuck Norris. (he isn’t,) Or Ray Liotta. (he may be.) Or, heaven forbid, Perez Hilton. You just don’t know. I don’t either. Trust me on this, your counterclaim isn’t worth the risk. Stick with Hoge. At least you’re dealing with a known quantity.

      • You’re gonna have to give me a little more than that to go on, Michael. I don’t understand why I should be afraid of him. If you know who he is, or why I really, really, REALLY should drop him from the counterclaim, you should feel free to email me at lordofsatire at gmail dot com if you’d like. But just based on your say so, and as I really have nothing to lose, and if the dude kills me he will honestly be doing me a favor, please explain why I should drop him. You have been a voice of reason, and I’m listening.

      • Because he is pissed as hell at you for trying to expose him. Bill, you’ve read his writings. He isn’t going to kill you. He’s going to do what he can to belittle you. He’s going to take whatever he can from you. He’s going to get better lawyers than you can hope for, file better motions than you expect, pull out weird legal theories you’ve never even contemplated. You out him, it is slash and burn, Bill. Slash and burn.

        But hey, do what ya gotta do. Be who ya gotta be. It ain’t worth it Bill. It ain’t. I haven’t slept in days, not your fault and not anything to do with this case, just life. And I’m telling you. This ends badly for you. Even a win ends badly.

        But what do I know? I know nothing. I know I need sleep. I know I need to stop watching other people’s backs. Bill, I’m not reasonable. I’m not even nice. I’m not a good guy. My job as personal security for people precludes me from being any of those things. But for the love of all that may be holy, really think about this. Do you know what you’re getting into?

      • I appreciate the advice. But even if Chuck Norris appeared at my door, I’m not afraid of him. I’ve done things in my life, Michael, that would make your head spin if I went into them. Not “bad” things, but stuff I did in the military when I was a Navy Hospital Corpsman with a Marine unit. Life is an illusion, it’s here today, gone tomorrow. I refuse to live in fear. That’s why I don’t hide behind a pseudonym. But life without honor is not life. And I cannot allow Hoge and “Krendler” to continue to heap dishonor on me. Even if it means I die. Please recall, I sued. Then I dropped the suit on advice of my doctor. I am not suing me. Hoge is suing me. And Krendler is a linchpin to the case because the law provides that Hoge has to provide a written agreement between himself and Krendler, signed by both, that he Hoge purchased the rights to the blog Krendler wrote.

        That being said, if I were to see a certified copy of that agreement, if it exists, I would have no reason to include Krendler in my counterclaim. But as he is a “person unknown” who is involved in this whole mess, I cannot properly defend myself against Hoge’s charges without knowing who Krendler is and whether or not Hoge has actual claim to the blog post I am accused of infringing.

      • Hoge does not heap dishonor up on you. You do it yourself. I have been watching this creep show since 2012 and my word you are a piece of work. You don’t have the “right” to half the things you imagine. You made this lawsuit necessary by filing what you did with DMCA rebuttal. You and only you. But you are the one and only center of the universe, right? Welcome to when it all comes crashing down on you. I won’t celebrate, but I will shrug my shoulders and say “eh, he was asking for it!”

      • Excellent advice. Perhaps you should have thought of that back when you decided to get involved and do mean things to people who never tried to contact you in any way.

      • I have never once done a “mean thing” to a person who didn’t do a “mean thing” to me first, Mike.

      • Mikey, have I revealed anything about you that is not publicly available on the Internet?

      • This isn’t your blog, Bill. It’s mine. You don’t give the orders here. What you did to me is creepy. That you can’t see it as creepy, or misguided, is the fundamental problem you have with so many people. I didn’t say it was illegal, I didn’t say it was unavailable. I said it was creepy and designed to instill fear.

      • And I say you are incorrect and overly sensitive. It seems we have a conundrum here. I didn’t say a THING about you that you wouldn’t tell a chick on a first date. So grow up, get over yourself and man up a bit.

        (redacted for being a creepy, stalkerish, doxing dude.)

      • You couldn’t pass up the chance to bring up something totally unrelated. Tell you what, since you’re the journalist and I’m the security specialist, I’ll decide when I feel threatened and when I feel creeped out. You rattle on and on about fair use.

      • I’m not afraid of “Paul.”

        Why not? Seriously? How can you be so sure?

        I mean, how can you be so sure he’s a useless nobody who doesn’t have the ability to make your life a living hell?

      • Because I am not afraid of the unknown. My life has already been made a living hell. What can “Paul” possibly do to make things worse? Kill me?

      • Like I said, as soon as I have proof that the transfer of copyright between Hoge and “Paul” was a valid transfer, I have no reason to pull “Paul” into this. But I have to see a signed document as mandated by US Copyright law. It will have to be entered as evidence at some point. Why not reveal it now, and save himself a great deal of trouble? I’ll drop him Monday, if I’m satisfied that the transfer was legally executed. I’ll drop him on Monday if I’m satisfied that the transfer was NOT legally executed. My major beef is with Hoge, not Krendler, but I am going to need to see either a declaration from Krendler that the transfer of rights was legit and if it was legit I need to see a copy, since I am representing myself and will see it at length at any rate… or if “Paul” says it was a gentlemen’s agreement over the phone and nothing was signed, I need to hear that from him. Then, I can drop him from the case.

        But as long as he presents an “unknown element” in Hoge’s persecution of me, he stays on the docket.

      • So in order for you to do the right, sane thing you demand access to information that you have no right to have and has no bearing on how the Copyright lawsuit will proceed. Hoge doesn’t have to prove the deal is legal to you, he has to do it to a judge.

        BTW, you are aware that there are ways that the contract could have been done, done legally, and still not reveal his identity, so the information you’re really after may not even be on the document.

      • You’re a lawyer now? I need to see the document. As I am pro se, I have as much right to see it as my lawyer would. Hoge is charging me with violating a copyright. He has to prove he HAS the copyright. He has not yet.

      • No, not a lawyer. But he has to prove it to the judge and not to you. Go check up on copyright again. It’s a matter between the judge and Hoge as to whether or not Hoge has the rights he claims. If the judge says the are his rights, that’s it. You have very limited avenues to dispute his claim of copyright. You’ve put forth your disbelief that such a document exists. If Hoge satisfies the judge as to his claim, then that’s it.

        And besides, even if you eventually see the document, it doesn’t have to have the information on it you seem to be looking for. You can sell your anonymously held copyright anonymously.

        You’re barking up the wrong tree. Even in discovery, if the copyright is certified your questions about how he purchased them may not be at issue. You’d do better to ready other legal avenues.

  3. I’ve been lurking on this topic for a long, long time, but I feel like I need to say something to you, personally, because you seem different than all the other players in this saga.

    You seem like a great guy. The mistake you made was trying to be reasonable with a person like Bill Schmalfeldt. He is a creepy dude who will never change.

    What everyone doesn’t realize (including you) is that they’re giving Bill exactly what he craves: attention. Since he is lacking in talent and social graces, and therefore cannot obtain positive attention, he will take the negative attention. He thrives on it.

    I’m not saying that anyone should let Bill harass him or her, but why so many blogs dedicated to him? Why respond to his tweets, either on Twitter or on the above-mentioned blogs? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just ignore the creepy, crazy bastard? Could you imagine how nuts it would make him if he Googled his name every day and there was nothing written about him?

    Good Lord, it’s Parenting 101! Common behaviors that can be reduced or eliminated with ignoring include whining, temper tantrums, asking the same question repeatedly, and talking back. That’s Bill, in a nut shell. Without an audience, these behaviors usually aren’t nearly as much fun!

    Yes, I realize that poking at the crazy man is probably fun, but it just shows what kind of people they are (I’m not including you in this, Michael). The mob mentality is pretty sickening, actually. Neither Bill (as a tormentor of others) nor his tormentors (and yes, they are tormenting him because he can’t help himself!) are good people and they all should be ashamed for their behaviors. Again, if Bill is behaving criminally, that should not be tolerated. A peace order should be followed, and if it isn’t there should be consequences. But to constantly poke the crazy man against whom you have a peace order on your blog? Pretty sadistic. And the mob that jumps in to goad the crazy man? They’re pretty pathetic.

    This will not end well, especially for Bill. Many have tried to warn him – and again, you are a good person for trying, Michael – but he just doesn’t have it in him to behave himself. Bill is a crazy coot, yes, but everyone else involved in this should take a good, hard look in the mirror and realize that he or she has been almost as much of a bully as Bill is/has been.

    Two wrongs have never made a right.

    • You’re making me feel guilty.

      If I get nothing out of the past week, I learned the value of Twitter. That’s not to lessen anything you said, but I discounted Twitter for it’s simpleness and lack of utility.

      I was wrong.

      Despite everything, 90% of my new page views have come from Twitter. I thought Twitter was useless, I was wrong. And let me tell you, my page views for the last two weeks have been epic.

      I do feel for Bill. I really do. I wish I had a magic wand and could fix all things for Bill. Go read his last post at Liberaland. I’ve no doubt he could be, and perhaps was, a great writer.

      Unfortunately, Bill has also shown the world, at least to me, that he must both be right and get the last word. That is Bill’s downfall.

      I don’t hate Bill. I hate that he tried to dox me, which should have been an easy thing for anyone who ever fully read this blog. Nevertheless, his action in that doxing chilled me to my core.

      I didn’t intend to, but have become a player in the local bar business. Despite working security for bands, sound for bands, and mostly all about the bands, I view myself as a bartender today. I’ve heard people’s problems. I try to help.

      It may be my forgiving nature, but I do want to help Bill. But there is no help for Bill until he recognizes and owns his behaviors. I can’t stress enough how I want Bill to settle this. I can stress enough how I think the Internet is essential for Bill’s well being. I desperately want Bill to be an upstanding netizen.

      I’m in contact with a bunch of Bill’s victims. I really can’t express the gratitude I fell for all the folks who reached out to me when Bill tried to, incorrectly dox me. You’ve no idea the stories I’ve heard of the hell Bill put perfectly innocent people through.

      Yet I can’t give up on the SOB, and he is a piece of shit for everything he has done. Maybe I’m just too soft in the heart. Maybe I’m naive. Maybe I’m a foolish bartender who has forgotten to sell the drinks instead of fix the person ordering.

      I believe that if Bill walked into a bar I’m running on any given night, I could make him great drinks, talk to him like a human being and make him laugh. I think I’d by half his drinks just to listen to his stories. I say that as a fellow who wanted to hurt him for the way he treated me in the past few days.

      I just can’t get over that Bill needs a true friend.

      I’ve babbled longer than I should have. I don’t hate Bill, although I’ve earned the right. I don’t pity Bill for his condition. I pity Bill because I think he could be a better human being than he has shown us lately.

    • “Wouldn’t it make more sense to just ignore the creepy, crazy bastard? …
      Good Lord, it’s Parenting 101! ”

      (Long time lurker responding to the long-time “lurker”)

      No, that’s not. Or if you tend to ignore children as they run around doing damage, you’re the cause of the problem.

      You punish according to the misdeed. That’s Parenting 101.

      You punish _until the behavior changes_.

      “The mob mentality is pretty sickening, actually. Neither Bill (as a tormentor of others) nor his tormentors (and yes, they are tormenting him because he can’t help himself!) are good people and they all should be ashamed for their behaviors.”

      Yes, everybody is wrong. Gee, who seems to espouse that line of thought… Team…..

      It’s a mystery.

      No. WMS can be quiet – and has, when it’s suited him – and nobody bothers with him.

      This is not the fault of anybody who pays attention to his bullying and thuggery, and does what they can to expose and punish it.

      The 2 are not equated.

      Parenting 101? Pay attention, punish accordingly, and do not punish if the action was justifiable.

      “everyone else involved in this should take a good, hard look in the mirror and realize that he or she has been almost as much of a bully as Bill is/has been.”

      Nope. Even you can’t even say that as a straight face. “Almost as much a bully…”

      So standing up to a bully is bullying. Punishing “children” – and my children, at age 2 had more ability to understand “stop doing that” than WMS has now – is “wrong”.

      No. Not at all.

      • I won’t disagree. But what I’ve seen is not punishment, it is torment.

        Calling the bully names, insulting his condition, belittling his family is not calling out a bully it is tormenting.

        Bill does enough, all on his own, to be called out own. But let’s focus on the behavior, not his situation. That’s all I’ve ever asked.

        Because, let’s face it. His behavior alone is reprehensible.

      • “Calling the bully names, insulting his condition, belittling his family is not calling out a bully it is tormenting.”

        I’d agree with you, but I don’t see that as a usual case. Other than the name calling. OTOH, most of the name calling is actually pretty funny – and attached only after much effort by WMS.

        “But let’s focus on the behavior, not his situation. That’s all I’ve ever asked.”

        Sure. But what *is* his situation? That’s the problem. WMS never tells a truth when 2 lies will do – and so there’s a lot of doubt about what his situation is, unless there’s verifiable, independent verification.

        WMS gets very, very angry when you mention his Parkinson’s – which he’s used to define his identity – yet his performance is …. decidedly at odds with the description of his condition and level of affectedness.

        And he gets angry when you notice that. Even from other Parkinson’s sufferers.

        There are some (reasonable) explanations, but he’s denounced all of them at some point in time or another, so taking his word for it, he can’t use diction, he can’t type, he can’t….. How exactly can he do what he’s doing? Yet be almost incapacitated?

        So the nutshell is, you can’t trust WMS, because there’s no trusting WMS.

      • Let me rear my naivety again. If someone tells you they have a condition, you except it. Period.

        If they act to denounce that conduction, you note it. Period.

        You don’t throw it in the faces of those claiming a condition.

        About 18 months ago, go look back on my blog, I had a serious blood clot in my right leg. By serious I mean OMFG Get To The ER Right Now. I had experimental surgery, and standard treatment. But when I talked about it online, people belittled me because they didn’t understand.

        I got it. Never mind that I lost dear people to clots. Including my father. Never mind that venous medicine is changing rapidly. You (the royal you) once had an brush with it, and my situation didn’t match your experience, so I must be lying. Whatever.

        My point is, I learned the hard way not to judge someone’s claimed condition. Even after 7 days in the hospital, I can’t tell you the people who claimed I was lying.

        I won’t judge Bill for his medical condition. He may be lying, I don’t care. I’ve been there, and so accused. I’d like to think my character is better than his, but maybe it isn’t. Besides, his condition has no bearing on his behavior. I’ll judge that instead.

      • ” learned the hard way not to judge someone’s claimed condition.”

        Certainly. And that’s not been done to my knowledge.

        However, when you can crank out 200 tweets an hour, that’s not compatible with prior claims of virtual incapacitation. When you claim you can’t talk on the phone for a court appearance, but can berate some poor woman who happens to have an email with the username similar to one you’re spewing about…. That’s worthy of questioning.

        The best way to discredit…. RMS has it right. And that *has* happened, and causes him to blow his stack – for no good reason that’s explainable.

        But that’s back to WMS and his equivocation. Anybody who questions is horrible, horrible, and “just as bad” as when he doxes people, children, attempts to get children taken away, people fired from jobs…

        It’s not the same as saying “If you have that condition, it’s amazing you can outtype people who are completely unaffected, and you’ve also said you can’t dictate, and you can’t talk, unless when you publish audio on the internet berating innocent people who you think did you wrong but aren’t the same people…”

        Nobody questioned him – until evidence started piling up that wasn’t compatible. If you were talking about running in the marathon, for instance, the week after you got out of the hospital for your DVT – people might say “Wait, that doesn’t’ sound right”.

        And they’d be right. It’s not.

        (Why would anybody call you a liar over that, which is a question that I admit, I’m puzzled about.)

      • The week I got out of the Hospital for my DVT (thanks for knowing the term) I took my kids to Disney. That probably had something to do with it.

        Never mind I begged my doctor to tell me if I could. Never mind he gave me extra syringes for the trip. Never mind I rented a scooter, me, in my biker leathers riding around Epcot on a scooter, to make my kids happy.

        No, going to Disney was enough. I must have faked those seven days.

        My only point is that I can judge Bill on his actual behavior. His alleged or actual medical condition has no bearing.

        Man, I wish I had a picture from Epcot.

      • Ah, I see. That makes sense.

        “My only point is that I can judge Bill on his actual behavior. His alleged or actual medical condition has no bearing.”

        That’s true, but that’s also part of the trust. “Does WMS tell the truth?”

        And the evidence isn’t good, and his stated medical reports don’t jibe with the evidence we have. That’s part of what I see as fair about questioning his medical condition. We’re taking his word for it, when literally nothing he says can be trusted. And we can show that, among other things, by pointing out all of the things that don’t add up.

        I’d say, going to Disney the week after the hospital would raise reasonable questions, if one was vetting your story. But the scooter, checking with the doctors, those all seem like _reasonable_ examples of what someone would do. All logical. Could be.

        But if you then were talking (tweeting) about doing handsprings in the parade, and how tired you were after walking all over Disney… that would be different.

        That’s the problem – WMS keeps trying to define things as off-limits, but then he keeps dragging them right back in as germane. “My health! Killing me! I must stop ……….. I’LL NEVER STOP ….. My Health!”

      • Funny story. I was, of course, on blood thinners after the DVT surgery. For months. But at Disney, I checked in with the rat poison clinic before leaving and right after. I also had emergency shots. But I took the rug rats to the water park. Shipwreck Something, I don’t recall.

        Anyway, they had a very nice wave pool my son loved. I spent my time diving with the sharks till the guides said enough. So I joined my kids in the wave pool… only to be knocked on my back by the first wave.

        First off, Disney knows customer service. I rushed to the First Aide Station, because I knew my back was pretty banged up. When I saw the nurse’s face, I knew the people I passed on the way wasn’t appalled by my tacky swimsuit.

        I was bleeding bad. Oh, it was just scrapes, the kind most people would shrug off. But on rat poison, it bleed like a cut to the jugular. The nurse kept me well after close, spraying my back with some mystery spray to try and stop the bleeding. (They even pulled an ambulance to the first aide station. Thank god I didn’t need it.)

        Finally, the bleeding stopped. I sheepishly thanked the nurse. Headed back to the resort. A good meal (Bongo’s is awesome) and a good night sleep. Woke the next morning, and it looked like someone was murdered in the bed. Blood was EVERYWHERE. I sprinted to the desk, and a sweet lady figured it out before me. “Mr. Malone” she called out. Yes? I asked . Heard about your incident at the water park.

        Um… Okay.

        We’ll happily clean your sheets.

        God damn, Disney customer service is the best.

      • Besides, his condition has no bearing on his behavior.

        Oh, but it does. It’s fuel for his folly. Bill’s pendulum forever swings between “I BRING YOU DOOM! FEAR AND DESPAIR, FOR YOU SHALL FEEL MY WRATH!!!” and “You’re a big meanie, picking on a crippled old Parky like me! YOU’RE LITERALLY KILLING ME!!!”

        Bill likes to use his condition both as sword and as bloody shirt. He puts it in play, constantly. That said, Parkinson’s isn’t the reason he’s such a fat bastard.

      • The fact that it isn’t is why I won’t focus on it. He can claim it, and I’ll ignore it. I’m only interested in what he does, not what he claims.

      • Many of the people “standing up to the bully” are actually just tormenting a crazy man. Agree with me or not, no matter. Let’s face it – the guy is nuts. So yes, in my book, when people who should know better torment a crazy person, they are bullies.

        You said it yourself, your children, at age 2, had the ability to stop misbehaving. The crazy man does not.

        He should absolutely be held accountable for breaking any laws, and shunned for the other horrible things he’s done, but poking the crazy man with a stick isn’t going to make him less crazy, is it? Especially when he thrives on the attention.

        And yes, you should ignore negative attention-seeking behaviors. It’s very effective, actually.

        I stand by my original post.

    • Henry I think I am in agreement with you. People respond to Bill’s antics far more often than is warranted. And they often respond using methods that aren’t warranted either. It is frustrating to watch, because the proper responses are effective, whereas the improper ones are counter-productive.

      I have to quibble with you that others have been “almost as much of a bully” but even if they’ve been 10% like Bill, that is too much like Bill. Bullying does often deserve a strong response, but people get a wrong notion of what “strong” means.

      Anyway thanks for your post. It is probably worthwhile to lecture Bill’s adversaries, since they are, in my experience, much more likely to take the advice to heart. Don’t get too discouraged if someone argues back a little.

      • Not to speak for Henry, but I’ll take argument anyway.

        Accusing me of being the enemy, that’s uncool.

        The fact that I can go from being Bill’s friend, to doxing subject, to friend to disappointment says more about Bill than me.

        And still, I wish Bill would do what he needs to do to end this. No DOOM CLOCKS, no demands. Work it out. It is in his best interest to do so.

  4. “I want Bill to realize that he has caused harm to people who never wanted any harm to come to him.”

    A truly noble sentiment. One we can but hope that you get across to WMS in a manner that sticks with him, and helps him.

    • I tried. He abandoned my blog. He came back today when I called him out. I failed.

      I hate that my failure hurts him far more than it does me.

      • Try not to take it personally. Bill suffers from pride more than anyone of the people he claims does. He knows best, and he can’t bear to take the advice of anyone (except his “friends” Ferguson, Neal, and Brett) as far as I can tell. Everyone except those three is too stupid or “dim” no matter our education or work experience for him to pay attention to. We’re stupid little people he pities except when he’s trying to torment us like rats in some mad scientist lab experiment.

        Bill spends waaaay to much time online, and it isn’t just his condition. Plenty of other folks who are as mobility challenged as he is, and more so, still have a life outside their four walls. Bill instead spends it all online, and I really don’t think he views us as real people, no matter what he says. He acts more like we’re some NPCs in his grand MORPG, and shows about as much concern and sympathy as one does for that sort of creation.

  5. I have several points to make.

    First, you played a practical joke in the midst of a fight. It is way beyond naive to complain that as a result you got a few bruises. I can see why for purposes of the joke that you had to say that Mr. Hoge had responsibility (“not blameless” was the phrase you used, meaning “blame worthy”). Let’s parse that for a moment. He has had his work ripped off for months. He is to blame for that, how? He has a legal remedy. It is “blame worthy” to avail yourself of a legal remedy when you very reasonably believe yourself to have been wronged in what moral universe? You may believe that; I don’t and will disagree vehemently. (I know: you probably don’t believe it, but needed it as part of the joke.) Similarly, you at least seemed to give credence to BS’s assertion that Hoge violated the mediation agreement. Again, it probably was for purposes of the joke, but I don’t believe that even BS honestly believes that Hoge did any such thing. So stop whining about getting push back for having made statements that invited push back. They were the fair price for your joke.

    Second, about BS’s purported Parkinson’s. I say “purported” because I am convinced that he is an inveterate liar. I accept nothing he says as truthful. But even liars sometimes tell the truth, and I have no evidence that he does not have the disease. I have heard others claim that the evidence suggests that he exaggerates the severity of his disease. I for one am completely agnostic on whether he has the disease or to what degree. The only relevance it has is his using it as a reason for why his behavior should be ignored. I don’t accept that reason and so view Parkinson’s as irrelevant.

    Third, you received a comment that everyone should just leave the poor old crazy man alone. Unfortunately, BS does not leave others alone. Instead he is part and parcel of a very active group that goes to great lengths to harass and punish people with views different from the group’s. Ace had an article just yesterday about a union trying to get people fired over their bumper stickers. What is being done may not be criminal (such as doxing you), but it is shameful. And someone behaving shamefully deserves being insulted, being mocked, and being shamed. Your commenter is an ass. No one will pay any attention to BS if he ceases disparaging others and attempting to silence others. Until then, BS is fair game.

  6. Michael,

    You stepped into the middle of a bar-fight. You shouldn’t be surprised if a few misplaced blows glanced off of you.

    That said, I’ve known Bill Schmalfeldt for going on six decades (we are nth-cousins, and my RL surname is Schmalfeldt, too, despite Bill hysterical denials), and it *appeared* you were being suckered by his “oh so reasonable act”.

    Apologies if my words were rough, but there have been more than a few sockpuppets and concern-trolls show up around Cousin Bill and his “interests”.

    His true nature came through, didn’t it?

    And, by and large, it was your ideas and suggestions, not you personally, that were challenged, and the challenges were firmly stated, and not *too* abusive, correct?

    Given how Bill and his cohorts behave, I don’t think your reception was too far out of line.

    Hope you see it that way, eventually, too.

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