It’s Friday the 13th. So?

Oh I know, some of you youngsters will talk about the movies.  Blah.

You history buffs will talk about the Knights Templar.  Old news.

Wanna know what makes Friday the 13th epic?


It was sometime in the late 70’s or early 80’s.  My folks had the Class A Winnebego, so after ’78.  We were on a tour of the eastern seaboard.  We stopped at a campground in Virginia for the weekend.  It was Friday the 13th.  We had camping spot 13.  I was convinced something was going to happen.  And it did.

I rode my bike up to the campground office and lunch counter.  I was sipping my water, which cost me five cents.  And this dude comes in, all dressed up and talks to the owner of the KOA.  They dicker for a while, and the dude, dressed to the nines, waves at the truck behind his sweet BMW.

Next thing I know this contraption was wheeled in.  Ugly thing, looked like a refrigerator.  Dude plugs it in, pulls out a roll of quarters, and puts it in the contraption.  Then he waves me over, and says “Give it a try, son.  You’ll like it.”

So my first day on the brand new (yes I’m old) Atari Space Invaders was free.  But the dude knew what he was doing.  I had ever kid in the campground up there that night, all feeding quarters into the infernal machine to prove who was best.  And so, on a Friday the 13th, while in slot 13 in a KOA campground, I was introduced to my first video game.

So I was present when the end of civilization started.


5 thoughts on “It’s Friday the 13th. So?

  1. Ha, that may have been the beginning but it didn’t really get going till the first home systems went on sale..
    I still have fond memories of our old Atari system…

  2. Heh, I remember Pong the first month it was out, and, years later, when Asteroids arrived at the local Pizza Hut…

    Of course, I remember Version 6 UNIX on a PDP-11, too, and Multics, and…

    Oh, Christ, I’m the Ancient Hacker.

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