Not real pleased with Enterprise Rent-A-Car or Esurance

Got rear ended a while back, and my insurance got me a full sized car from Enterprise.  It was a Chevy Impala, not bad but I’m not a Chevy guy.  It was also black, which I don’t get.  Anyway, the people at the office were very nice and efficient and got me on my way with a quickness.  Can’t complain about that.

But this morning I had to call them and complain that a headlight was out.  They didn’t have any full size cars, so trading it in didn’t seem to be a problem, but said I could run it by Firestone and they’d replace it for no charge.  What they didn’t tell me is that it would take hours.

Problem is, it wasn’t the headlight.  It was the wiring.  And Firestone couldn’t get a replacement part until tomorrow.  So I called Enterprise back, but the local office was already closed.  Damn it.  I started driving out to the airport to see if that office was open, and tried calling the national number.  Getting to a Human was difficult, multiple wrong numbers, wrong transfers and a whole lot later, I pulled up to the Enterprise return lot at the airport just as they tell me to go to the airport.  I can’t begin to describe my frustration with Enterprise’s after hour phone service.

I will say that the nice fellow at the office was very quick and efficient, and appreciative of my complete explanation of the problem.  I made sure to mention that I’d wasted hours fixing their car, and he politely upgraded me to a full size luxury car.  Again, nice fellow and great to work with.  But Enterprise’s phone system stinks.  Okay, now I know who to call, but that first attempt to get help was terrible.  Enterprise really needs to fix it, and make sure their people know how to help callers.

As for Esurance, that isn’t my instance, but the guy that hit me.  They have been unresponsive.  It’s been over two weeks now, and frankly I’m through with calling them.  If they want me to drive around in a luxury car on their dime, I’m cool with it. Although I’d really like to get my car back.

4 thoughts on “Not real pleased with Enterprise Rent-A-Car or Esurance

  1. I’ll keep that info about esurance in mind. Not that I’m planning to switch from Geico; they paid us promptly and as if we were buying the car in excellent condition from a dealer after the neighbor’s tree fell on it during Sandy (it was probably worth less than a quarter of what they gave us).

    Years ago my car was hit in a parking lot by an elderly woman insured through the Hartford. The adjuster was nice, and there were no problems about previous damage to the area the woman hit; as he said, even if it hadn’t been dinged, they’d have had to undent and repaint the whole thing anyway (unlike Allstate, who deducted money because of a prior scratching in a previous accident).

    But it happened in mid-December.

    About a week after my car went into the shop, the claims agent handling my case went on vacation for over two weeks and didn’t hand the files over to anyone. The shop needed permission to replace a door rather than try to fix it, and after 10 days gave up and replaced the door telling me that if the insurance didn’t cover it they weren’t going to charge me, they just wanted to get my car out of their shop.

    In the end it took over 4 weeks to get my car back when the actual work took less than a week. But hey, the Hartford paid for my rental for three extra weeks. I wonder how much that factored into the rate hike the other driver got.

    I don’t recommend them.

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