Where I’ve been…

So I’ve been out of communication for a while.  But I can talk about it now.

I had a great DoD job back in the day.  I thought moving to NASA, which is the heartblood of my home town would be a good thing under our current president.  Well, I failed to see the politics, and the current president, while pro-NASA, is not pro_my-state.  So I got laid off.  I’ve been doing the odd job, free lance thing for a while.

The free lance thing has been good to me.  I’ve got some money put back.  But outside my field, I’ve been using my biker connections to do a bit of security.  Turns out, I’m pretty good at security.  So now we come to the last few days.

I don’t want to reveal too much, but my silence of the last few days has nothing to do with my prolific blogging of the last few weeks.  Instead, I’ve gotten the amazing chance of going into business on several bar/restaurant chances.  I’ve not yet picked my direction, and my options are pretty open ended at the moment.  I’m being intentionally vague, because things are really looking up.

But I got a twit from a new friend worried that I went silent because of certain things, and that’s not the reason.  My nights are filled with closing in on business deals, and my days are filled with showing my kids an epic summer.  We’ve had fun.  I still have fun.  Things are looking up for the first time since before the last presidential election.

I’ve also managed to put miles on the motorcycle, met some big wigs in that world, and researched some pretty epic Police Misconduct cases, which is where my heart truly is.  Thanks for putting up with the break, and I’m back on task starting tomorrow.  I’ll be catching up on what I missed, but sometimes real life is just more important ant that the crazy stuff you read about online.  Thanks to those who asked and supported me while I played with my kids and worked through some business dealings.  Love you all!

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  1. Glad to hear everything is working for you. I wish you the best of luck for you and your family!

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