Doing What Is Right!

In a rambling, unapproved comment on this blog, Bill Schmalfeldt claims the following:

Do you think I deserve to be railroaded because Hoge can’t get Kimberlin? That’s what this is all about. He thinks taking me down will somehow harm Kimberlin, a man I haven’t spoken to in months. I’ve never MET Neal Rauhauser. I am a simple blogger, trying to do what is right.

Bill Schmalfeldt in an unapproved comment on this blog

rightTo anyone with a glancing view of this situation with Schmalfeldt, and the bigger situation with Kimberlin (whom I’ve never written about prior to this post), this claim to do what is right is so ripe for fisking.  I’m sure, ultimately, that I’m not the best one for the job.  After all, I’m the new kid on the block.  I don’t even have the complete history of the events, I can only go back for a few months.

That said, I don’t see where anything that has happened between Hoge and Schmalfeldt has anything at all to do with Kimberland, and instead everything to do with Schmalfeldt’s own actions.  It wasn’t Kimberland, as best that I know, who kept contacting Hoge after being told not to.  It wasn’t Kimberland who lied to the court about not getting the notice to stop contacting Hoge.  It wasn’t Kimberland who continued to contact Hoge via Twitter in direct defiance of the Judge’s order… no matter how stupid Schmalfeldt thinks the order may be, it was ordered and he should have followed it until he could get it lifted.  Which he never could, and instead got it extended because of his actions.  It wasn’t Kimberland who wrote books that included other people’s intellectual property.

I don’t even know who Neal Rauhauser is. I have some vague idea, but nothing really specific.

So exactly how did this simple blogger try to do what is right?

He fabricated excuses to hurt a photographer in Texas whom he disagreed with politically by falsely alleging accusations about the photographers children he had absolutely no way of knowing the veracity of, and claims he did it because it was the right thing to do.

He fabricated excuses based on his demand for information he was not entitled to receive and would have violated federal law if his victim had provided them and based on his victim not violating federal law, sent a report to police and cyber crime organizations about his victim.

He identified, often erroneously, individuals whom he disagreed with politically for the purpose of harassment, threat and an attempt to silence opponents.  Now that he has successfully done so, including calling employers, calling spouse’s employers, contacting various organizations and such to complain about his political opponents, he now uses the threat of exposure to blackmail people into silence.

He writes the most vile and disgusting satirical stories about his political opponents, then memory holes them and denies they exist.  To date, in all this kerfuffle over copyright, Schmalfeldt has done his best to avoid bringing up the fact that the parody written by Paul Krendler was a parody of a post Schmalfeldt wrote about Hoge.

He admittedly lied to obtain an emergency peace order against a fellow he quickly admitted he had no fear of, simply to kick a man while he was down.

He ridiculed a woman who chose a valid and legal method of delivery for her twins, a woman who had never spoken to or written about him in any way and was not in any way involved in any political arena that Schmalfeldt was involved in, simply because he wanted to hurt her husband.  Since one of the two twins was stillborn, he took it upon himself to accuse the grieving parents of lying about the dead child and perpetrating a scam on the internet for the purposes of getting money.  In this all, he had absolutely zero proof of that narrative, he did not witness the birth, did not attend the funeral, and did not have access to any information that would invalidate what was reported.  This may be the single vilest and repugnant thing I have discovered he has done.  He repeatedly and purposefully ignored the term En Utero, because it didn’t fit his false narrative, and accused the home birth for the death.  Even after medical reports refuted the claim.  God, just writing about that makes me shake in anger.

He is completely obsessed with other people’s anuses.  He lost a non-paying gig at citizen journalism website for his anal rape story and he routinely makes jokes about anal sexual activities among his various political opponents.  As of this writing, instead of relying on facts, he has a picture on one of his blogs of two dogs, one shoving his head up the other’s anus, with opponent’s names identified on the dogs.  Because, you know, every simple blogger trying to do what is right is anal fixated, right?

And what, exactly, is the right he is trying to do?  As best I can tell, he is trying to attack and deflect negative comments and stories about a convicted felon.  That’s his righteous cause.  All the anus joking, vile writing, misogynistic gloating, employer harassing, police contacting, vexatious suing, harassing actions have been for that righteous cause.  Children in Texas, whom he’s never met, must be in danger because someone wrote an unflattering story about a convicted felon.  Wives are baby killing, bathtub delivering, whores because their husbands don’t like someone he does.  That’s righteousness. That’s honor.  That’s glory.

That’s just sick.  And I might say, more than a little creepy.

I’m sure many of my readers have more of the righteous actions of the simple blogger who is trying to do right.  I encourage detailed examples.  Thanks in advance.