What They Really Meant To Say…

What he meant to sayOh crap, I’ve done it again.  I pointed out the MAJOR IRREFUTABLE PROOF that I win, and they didn’t capitulate.  Which I will mock, because I’m really fucking scared that because they didn’t capitulate they know something that I don’t.  And they have known something I haven’t at every other attempt.  So their not capitulating does not have me happy.  So mockery it shall be.  I shall mock.  Because if I do not mock, I will cry in fear.


4 thoughts on “What They Really Meant To Say…

  1. Interesting, I’ve contemplated doing a voice recording version of What They Really Meant To Say, but didn’t know how it’d go over. That’s a lot of bandwidth. I suppose I could look for a YouTube of audio… found one. So that’s a thought.

    • I can’t disagree. He could be a very sympathetic and almost heroic character. I’ve read several liberal blogs that support him, and find it humorous how in order to support him, they can’t go into specifics of his actions.

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