What They WILL Really Mean To Say…

What he meant to sayThis is a special edition of the normal “What They Really Meant to Say…” feature here at Running Wolf.  I’m looking to the future, and predicting a forthcoming parody of a post or twit that has, as of yet, not been written.  This is absolutely groundbreaking work in the science of parody.  Success may not be assured, but predictability protects those who dare to take the risk.

Oh FUCK!  There’s a part B and a part C.  Shit, why the fuck did I stop reading?  I knew that brain fart of a lawsuit would come back and bite me in the ass.  I should have just stayed away from the mailbox that day.  But it’s not my fault, it’s someone else’s.  And I’ll eventually figure out who.

Thanks for your time in this experiment into future parody. — Your Host.


One thought on “What They WILL Really Mean To Say…

  1. yeah, Twinkie would never openly admit he got anything wrong legally (at least so far he hasn’t)
    but I’m sure in the wee hours when he can’t ignore them anymore he has thoughts like those…


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