Can a movie start a war?

I don’t usually go and see comedies on the big screen.  They are just as funny at home as in the theatre, so why pay the bigger bucks?  And when it comes to Seth Rogen, I find that his action movies are better on the small screen.  How can I ever forgive him for what he did to the Green Hornet?  I did like James Franco in several movies, such as Spiderman, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan.  However,  I may make an exception for this movie:

It seems North Korea is so upset by this movie they have called releasing it an act of war.  So if releasing this movie is an act of war, meaning nuclear hell will rain down on use from North Korean missiles, then perhaps opening weekend would be a good time to see it.  Since, you know, there might not be anything left after the early showing.