An Apology to a Few People Online

I find myself apologizing to more and more people since playing in the mud with Schmalfeldt. I find myself having to do it again, this time to a man I’ve never met, but have defended.

I’ve shared at Hogewash and elsewhere how I came to be in this mud hole. I still stand behind that.

A brief recap, I first learned of it through a writers group about the poor author in Maryland who was being attacked through the court system for exercising his first amendment right to free speech. I entered the mud pit thinking I was firmly on Bill’s side, but learned over a short time that maybe I’m wrong.

The cause that was the final straw was the case of the photographer Lee Stranahan. As a photographer, I found Bill’s attack on Lee offensive. But it was the attack on Lee’s art that upset me.

I also knew of Bill’s attack on the mother of home birth twins where one of the twins tragically died in utero. A sad and disturbing case.

Tonight, as I write on a break from my new business venture, I had the chance to talked to an old friend. She is a home birth advocate and her husband is a mentor to me in photography.

She reminded me of Bill’s disgusting attack on a home birth mother. Apparently he’s quite well known among that crowd for what he did. I remember her being quite upset about it at the time it happened, and I found his actions fairly disgusting then.

So here is my apology. I didn’t put the two people together. Guess I’m slow, but I’ve been so focused on Bill’s hypocrisy over Lee’s art that I didn’t put Bill’s attack on Lee’s family together.

Till today.

In a comment over at Hogewash, a commenter thought I was very up to date on the photographer issue. I’m embarrassed to say, not as up to date as I should have been. Had I recognized Bill sooner for his behavior over Lee’s daughter, I never would have given him the benefit of doubt I did recently.

So Lee, we’ve never spoken directly as I recall. But you now have my public apology for not putting the whole thing together sooner, and for letting my bias keep me from doing it sooner.

And to Hoge and others, I didn’t do you guys right either. My concern for writing and photography blinded me for a while. My apology extends to you as well. I wouldn’t have taken so long to come around if I’d put the whole thing together soon.


9 thoughts on “An Apology to a Few People Online

  1. You seem sincere. And this isn’t your life, so nobody should expect you to be perfectly informed on this long running feud.

    Everyone has to draw the line somewhere. Personally, I draw the line at the Scott Walker thing. First, I’m no fan of him politically. Second, it goes back too far with too much memory holed. And finally, the truly troublesome actors in this epic are Kimberlin and Rauhauser.

    • My only issue was that I didn’t put the two episodes together until tonight. It should have happened much quicker. Oh well, life goes on.

  2. Like the judge in Hoge’s recent court appearance, you probably were surprised at the difficult things said about Mr. Schmalfeldt. There’s just no quick way to learn all the vile stuff he has authored, and the people he has hurt.
    It is tough to say, but he really brings this stuff on himself. You’ve tried to be a peacemaker. Good luck.

    • I’m just surprised to learn how hated he is for the awful things he’s said in the Doula/Home Birth movement. Seems wherever he goes, he discredits himself.

      • and yet he still defends that particular piece of nastiness by claiming “JOURNOMOLISM!!1!!11!” *intentional misspelled*


      • He can defend it all he wants. It wasn’t journalism, and specifically that case violates a half dozen or more tenants of the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists.

    • Some told Mr. Hoge that he should reign in some of the more, um, strident posters long ago. But he was inclined to give those who had been most grievously wronged by Bill a lot of leeway.

      Shutting the door on some of them may have made things easier for him, but he chose to give them their room to vent. Says a lot for John.

  3. Don’t beat yourself up, Michael. You came in to this with an honest, admittedly limited, perspective; and you allowed the facts to shape your opinion. You have tried to help Bill avoid pitfalls and snares; and you have given him two lion’s (clams?) shares of patience for allowing him to comment as long as you did.

    You innocently brushed a few raw nerves, and got flamed (inappropriately) as a BS sympathizer; when in fact you were only trying to work with the knowlege available to you.

    Keep up the good work; and try to not let the stench of a mess that BS has made have any negative effect on your life.


  4. Chill out, Sparky. Ya done good.

    If you want to run with the big wolves, you need to learn to piss in the tall grass…….


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