A Win Win Win

So I happen to enjoy Papa John’s Pizza.  And if you order your pizza online, through the Papa John’s website, you “earn” Pizza Points.  Earn 24 Pizza Points, and you get a free Pizza.  Since I have to be at my new business venture earlier tonight, Pizza was an easy option for dinner.

I checked my Pizza Points, and I only had 20 points, four short of a free one.  But, I also use the app ShopKick.  I had enough ShopKick points to earn a $15 gift card from Papa Johns.  I ordered a $17.17 pizza order, and used the promo code “HOMERUN” on the Papa John site (the promo code is good through Sunday, BTW.)  So I picked up my pizza for a mere $2.17.  But what did I get?

My Pizza.
4 Pizza points for my order
24 Pizza points for the promo code

So the result?  For $2.17, I got one pizza, and now have two free pizzas to use as I see fit.

It may be simple, but it was a win-win-win.

Now it’s time to enjoy my Pepperoni, bacon, and three cheese pizza!

3 thoughts on “A Win Win Win

  1. Pizza is always a win, Michael. So free pizza is pretty much as you called it. Papa John’s doesn’t do too bad a job, either, for chain pizza.

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