Comment Received, more comments wanted.

I recently got a comment from an individual who wished to both remain anonymous and offered to communicate privately in the future.  This is notice that I accept the offer of further communication and await your instructions on how we may communicate privately.

However, I’m going to comment on the substance but not the specifics of what they informed me of.  I understand the individuals need to remain anonymous, and respect it.  What I guess I’m asking my readers is more information from their various points of view as to the accuracy of the claims.

Maybe I don’t see it, because I’m so new to the issues, but this commenter (I need a cool name for this individual.  How about Ghost?) believes that this whole Hoge/Schmalfeldt mess is all about Right vs. Left politics.  Ghost went back for several years, if not a decade, with a laundry list of wrongs and such, claiming both sides have done wrong.  Well, I agree with Ghost on that, I’ve seen plenty of misdeeds on either side of the H/S situation, but I don’t think Ghost is limiting it to that one thing.

Me, I don’t fit comfortably on the right or the left.  I’m far left of republicans and far right of democrats.  I prefer to think of myself as a libertarian (small ‘L” intended, I’m not a Libertarian), so maybe I don’t have the proper framework to hang this on.  But what about the rest of my readers?  Do you think this is a small skirmish in the Right vs. Left issue?  Or is it a minor but entertaining flame war on a back channel of the Interwebs?  Or something else all together?

Regardless, I’ve always said that it is the actions of individuals I’m interested in.  I admit I’m curious as to the details Ghost is willing to share with me once Ghost feels safe communicating with me.  Till then, I await your opinions.

UPDATE: I did check out the incoming IP address used by Ghost, and it is clear Ghost is using a VPN of some sort to hide Ghost’s location.


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  1. Ghost is going to have to be a lot more specific. I’m reasonably sure Hoge didn’t show up on Schmalfeldt’s radar until sometime in 2012. And that was because he was with Aaron at one of his hearings against Kimberlin. IIRC, that was where the infamous “If you just ignore us we’ll leave you alone” post came from.

    I realize there’s a much deeper backstory here, but if your new “Deep Throat” wants to make this about Hoge v. Schmalfeldt. It isn’t left vs right, it’s good vs bad (I know that sounds naive, but I believe it to be true).

  2. When this topic comes up at Hoge’s place, plenty of regular folks there say they are NOT right wing at all. I really can’t say the problems associated with Team Kimberlin qualify as left/right.

  3. Wait. Is it left wing to mock the parents of a dead,child or steal somebody’s writing? Is thee inability to take responsibility for ones own failures a left wing trait? Hmmm.

  4. I make no apologies about my politics, but, regardless of politics, I would find absurd the assertion that Hoge v Schmalfeldt is a story of virtually equal wrongs. Let’s start with you providing just one instance of what Hoge has done that is even approximately on the same moral level as Schmalfeldt’s treatment of the Stranahans. What has anyone associated with Hoge done that is morally equivalent to planting a bomb that blew someone’s leg off and then refusing to compensate the victims.

    You may not have written what you meant, but what you wrote is morally blind.

    • I wasn’t implying that Hoge and Bill are moral equivalent in any way. I agree that Bill has some seriously morally bankrupt actions in his past. I’ll even go so far as to say Hoge hasn’t crossed a moral line I’m aware of.

      But the same can’t be said of all of Hoge’s commentators. Bringing in Bill’s family, dead or alive, isn’t needed. As far as I can tell, they aren’t involved. Is it the same? Absolutely not. One is vile, the other is Bill’s amoral activities. (I’ve seen references that Bill’s sister may have been involved.)

      • I agree wholeheartedly. Bill is such a large target, both literally and figuratively, there is absolutely no reason to bring any family member into the discussion. I think that poster is a liability to Hoge, but that’s only my opinion. But I do cringe when he starts on his family rants.

        But at this point, it’s water under the bridge.

      • It may not be needed but it’s the same sauce that’s dished out. A lot of people got tired of reading it and started giving it back.

      • I agree that a few commenters at Hogewash are sometimes intemperate. I have been known to be intemperate myself on occasion because I am human although I do not believe I have ever denigrated Schmalfeldt’s family.

        I disagree that such failures in manners are somehow morally equivalent to Schmalfeldt’s delinquencies. Turning a couple in to the authorities as a potential menace to their children is in a completely different league from saying mean untruths about someone’s wife on a blog. In your moral universe, trying to break up a family seems to be merely amoral (meaning neither moral nor immoral, just unconcerned with morality), but saying mean things in a fairly private venue about uninvolved persons goes beyond amorality into vileness.

      • Clearly being at work and answering quickly on breaks isn’t letting me check my answers. I meant Bill is amoral. He has no moral compass. That’s why he can do such terrible things and find nothing wrong with it. What Bill has down is horrible and unforgivable.

  5. When one encounters so secretive a source, so concerned to drag one’s gaze from present specific persons and events, it’s a rule of thumb that said secretive source is not communicating to clarify the situation.

    You might also reply, “Hi, Neal!” You would stand a less than zero chance of being right.

    • I’m already well aware of the possibility that it’s not legit. Ghost have me lots of innuendo on issues I’ve never written about. But until I’m proven otherwise, I’ll play along. I know my focus. If it is legit, a new source isn’t bad to have. If it isn’t, then enough rope to hang will be provided.

      • I think you may be less aware of how manipulative Neal Rauhauser is. I don’t believe you’re deeply enough into who and what Kimberlin is, and who his associates are , yet, to safely and soberly assess the information provided. Further, there are cross currents and other shadow wars that cross this story, and just don’t matter to what we’d call the “main Kimberlin line.”

    • Bingo, Dianna.

      Michael, this is not a right/left thing. It started with Seth Allen. He’s patient zero, so to speak. All other victims radiate from there. Period.

      Aaron helped Seth and became a target. Stranahan tried to help Aaron with the blog day and became a target. Hoge gave Stranahan a ride and became a target. Others, such as Patterico, Ali, etc., were likewise added to the target list.

      The right/left narrative is a false strategy that Kimberlin successfully used in court. It isn’t true. Period.

      But don’t take my word for it. Contact the principals and ask them. Or read Aaron’s blog.

  6. IMHO it is a mistake to simplify the BS/Hoge situation down to left wing vs right wing. Doing so ignores a lot of truly heinous behavior by BS that I would hope isn’t indicative of the ‘left wing” in America (although I see that sort of behavior from the “fringe” left all the time). While I can understand how some prefer to stick whatever they come across into this or that category so as to not have to give it much thought, that kind of (lack of ) thinking is part and parcel of why we have such crazy situations going on now…


  7. Mike, make sure this is on the level, we’re busy people here.

    (Can’t help it, Buckaroo Banzai is on TV!)

    Maybe ask him if he has an Alpha clearance….

  8. Like Diana and Jane said….HI NEAL.

    Kimberlin has tried to twist everything into a right/left scenario. Hell…it’s common Neal game plan.

    I’ve tried to be fair to Bill Schmalfeldt. Other than originally coining the name Cabin Boy™ for him , I do not call him names or bring his family into it.

    Still I see where you are coming from, just beware Neal’s social engineering…it’s another common game plan.

    If it ain’t Neal, it’s either a friend or advisee of Team Kimberlin. I still say

    HI NEAL!

      • Patterico could probably give you a good recap of his history and exploits. His fingers have been in a lot of pies and he fancies himself as a master manipulator.

      • You must realize both of those things are largely intended to wind people up. I doubt he believes many of the conspiracy theories he advances. The graphs are a little different but I believe the presentation is intended to impress people.

      • Oh yes, I agree he uses them as a means to an end. But if you have read his various blogs and papers he has written over the years, he really believes much of it. I think his personality is such that he is compelled to ferret out all the hidden relationships in every situation he gets obsessed with, whether it be people socially, politics, or computers and media. He is driven to map it all out and try to make sense of it all, and if there is no order, he will invent it because there just has to be a “reason” for things to be as they are. The graphs help him in his search.

        My take, anyway.

      • BTW, I also think he is probably very intelligent and has a kinda quirky, fun sense of humor. I have been reading his many Twitter accounts over the last few years although most of them (not all) have been abandoned or mothballed.

  9. Personally, I would not trust anyone using a VPN/TOR connection but that’s just me. And be careful, even correct information can, without thoroughly knowing the context, be depicted as harmful. I have been following many of Team Kimberlin since the first day of the Wiener scandle at Patterico’s blog. It is a long and convoluted story. Some of the commentary certainly has been vile but it has usually been instigated by BS. There is definitely bad blood on both sides and Hoge has effectively mocked Bill on his blog and Twitter. However Hoge has never contacted him personally to do it. Writing about BS is Hoge’s 1st A right to do. Bill can’t accept that.

    Even if this masked source does soon reveal his “true” identity, I would still be very very wary. These days anyone can make them self out to be anyone on the internet. Even a dog that you may think it OK to trust.

    • An anonymous source is only as good as the information you can verify. A source I can’t name needs to have everything vetted. If Ghost expects me to just print whatever Ghost tells me, Ghost is sadly mistaken.

      That said, once lines of communication are set up, I’ll gladly look at Ghost ‘s info, verify it, and use what I can. I don’t promise the information will be used the way Ghost wants. I’m my own writer.

  10. Anyone who reads my comments already knows what I think. The left/right angle in these disputes makes as an opening for the harassers and instigators to get away with more bad behavior. The split is exploited toward these ends:
    – Discouraging each political group from coming to the aid of the other to prevent harassment together (KUDOS to those who overcome this);
    – Egging on political firebrands to engage in their own harassment against “the bad guys”;
    – Distracting people from the original underlying misdeeds by getting them arguing about something else instead.

    Concerning Neal Rauhauser, it may turn out that he’s directed nasty harassment tactics at more people on the political left than the right. Not that it makes any difference as to whether or not the tactics were OK.

  11. In my opinion, this conflagration’s energy is more about Big Bully Bill Schmalfeldt than BK at the present time because normal human beings recoil at the former’s tactics. With regard to your “Ghost”, again it comes down to how the bona fides are established and whom with. I think your reasoning about TOR and VPN is way out of line. No sane person would ever visit the opposition’s sites without the protections offered by VPN or TOR. Yes, threats can be more effectively made under the cover of VPN or TOR, but eventually a slip-up occurs and then payback occurs.
    The politics of personal destruction really intensified under the Clinton administration and have grown exponentially since then. It hasn’t escalated to bullets yet, but give it time.
    Personal hatreds are the key to understanding BS and the like. Blowing someone’s leg off and sabotaging military equipment are nothing less than variations on the same theme.
    Michael, you had your reasons for injecting yourself into this mess and you are to be respected for that. However, passions are now so deep that no one, arbitrators included, can ever hope to sort this out. We see the same sort of hatred in the ethnic hatreds of the Middle East with BS, BK and others playing the role of the Palestinians.

    Just sayin’

    • I agree with your remark about TOR, and as our host might have noticed, I use it myself. There are many good things about using real identities online, but it’s not for me. Harassers might use it against you. The rule I now follow is to steer clear of sockpuppetry by never participating in a single discussion while pretending to be different people (unlike Matt Osborne). Before I got much interested in the Kimberlin matters, I often used names in the “Name” field on comment threads with forgettable improvised throwaway values since I rarely commented anywhere. So now if I ever comment in those places again, this rule means I have to not take part in those same threads and (this is not applicable in my case) it would be troublesome to pursue an argument against one person from two identities.

      On your paragraph about ethnic hatreds. It is the natural condition of humans to divide themselves among ethnic, tribal, and religious lines. However, it is also the natural condition of humans to defecate in the open; to die if a minor cut or scrape gets infected; to lose a great fraction of mothers and children to childbirth. Our rational capacity makes it possible to overcome the downfall in our nature. With its big improvements over time, America illustrates that it is possible to go most of the way to ending the damage done by these divisions, although there is still further to go.

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