7 thoughts on “Hello Girls!

  1. LOL, cute, but rather than play into BS’s mistaken idea that some of Hoge’s commentors are simply “girls”, let me tell you that many are full grown women 🙂

  2. Love the bit about “ask ME not your blog”. I read back through it and yep every single question is addresses straight to him, lots of personal pronouns and everything.

    Seems he’s incapable of twisting. Probably when greeted with “Good Morning” he retorts with something like “No you moron this is the pre-noon interval!”

    Just kidding. Of course I recognize the game here. He wants you to pose him questions either on his blog or via email (if you simply must) so that he controls the distro, as few people as possible see it, and he can be a total dick if the mood strikes him (apparently a lot). Much like he does on Twitter when you @mention someone else in a comment to him. He pulls the old schoolyard manliness taunt because he doesn’t want anyone else to see him get bitch slapped all over the place

  3. It is absolutely clear that you (and others such as Paul Krendler) have asked him questions, albeit in fora open to the general public. It is also absolutely clear that he KNOWS questions have been asked of him. How do we know the latter? Why because he just responded to those questions with another evasion by complaining that the questions were not asked privately.

    For an intelligent person, he is an amazing fool. What anyone can deduce from this latest evasion is that he is afraid to answer those questions publicly because his answers will be either demonstrably false or embarrassing.

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