Hello Matt Osborne. Got some questions for ya.

I don’t know much about Matt Osborne, except that in the Hoge vs Schmalfeldt debacle, he’s safely in the Schmalfeldt camp.  I’ve asked Schmalfeldt for a link to a certain website that was Pro-Schmalfeldt and talking about his illness being used against him (Bill commented on it) but he never could give it to me.  I know that at about the same time I read that blog post, which greatly influenced my decision to leave Bill’s illness out of the discussion here, I read this post from Matt Osborn.   The post has helped me stay focused on Bill’s actions instead of Bill the person.

Bill Schmalfeldt was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2000. Soon after, he was forced to retire from his job due to physical limitations. As his world began to shrink, he became an advocate for people suffering with Parkinson’s. He eventually underwent experimental deep brain surgery as part of a research project to study ways to slow the progress of the disease. His own disease continued to progress until his physical impairment became so great he was no longer able to function in the role of advocate.

Parkinson’s is a particularly debilitating illness because it degrades motor skills, emotional responses and cognitive skills all at the same time. Bill has been fortunate enough to retain his intellect, but he struggles with depression and a lack of impulse control. He cannot stand on his own for any length of time. His particular type of Parkinson’s causes his body to go completely rigid without warning. He is, therefore, confined to his home for the most part, with his wife serving as caregiver.

Faced with limited options, Schmalfeldt turned to the Internet, social networks, and online outlets, but was unfortunate enough to attract vicious adversaries in the process.

– Matt Osborne in a post on his website.

These three paragraphs made me change the way I thought about Bill.  No, I think I’ve made it clear that his actions are independent of his condition, but I will call out his actions and not call out him.  That’s why I don’t call him anything other than Bill, Schmaldfeldt or jokingly as This Blogs Best Buddy.  (BTW, if you missed why I call him TBBBBS, it’s because after his first meltdown, my stats when through the roof.)

So I thank Matt for that insight into Bill’s life, and motivating me to not let myself stoop down to the crass level of insulting his personhood and staying focused on his actions and words.

That is a very short segment of a very long post, and it may be the only part of the post I agree with.  Even then, there is something I disagree with in those important (at least to me) three paragraphs.  And that’s the very last phrase, “but was unfortunate enough to attract vicious adversaries in the process.”

Bill didn’t attract adversaries, he entered the discussion as one. Whatever else might be said, it is clear from every source I can find that Bill engaged these people after they went after one Brett Kimberlin, and Bill entered the fray directly opposed to them.  Please, Matt, if that’s not true explain it to me, because whatever thoughtful and insightful thing Bill posted to engage in the Kimberlin Kerfuffle (that’s my name for it, no one else can have it) has long since been deleted from the internet.

Now, as to the rest of Matt’s piece, I’ve some serious issues which I’m about to cover.  One of the ones I find most telling is that Matt half heartedly admits that Bill has acted badly.  What I find funny is that Matt mostly  avoids direct examples of how others have “mistreated” Bill because, and this is conjecture on my part, want to have to defend the actions Bill took just prior to the mistreatment.  In fact, this is how Matt describes Bill’s behavior.

Sometimes you react, and sometimes you react badly.

Matt Osborne in a post on his website.

Yes, I think it is fair to say Bill has reacted badly, more than once.

Now most of the post all this comes from is a denouncement of WJJ Hoge for filing a peace order against Bill.  Matt attempts to defuse it as an abuse of a loophole in the domestic violence laws of Maryland.  It isn’t.  Maryland specifically understood that people not in a domestic situation could have the same issues of harassment and none permissive contact.  So they offered a second, not part of the domestic violence laws, method of getting what is known elsewhere as a restraining order.  I wish more states did the same thing.  Hoge didn’t “drive a truck” through a loophole in Maryland law, he used the peace order laws to do exactly what they are intended to do.  Make Bill stop contacting Hoge.

Of  course Matt has to bring up that the peace order “permitted Hoge to self-file nearly 400 criminal charges.”  Only he didn’t self file, he showed a court official every instant where Bill violated the order and the court official filed the charges.  This wasn’t a “He said, She said” situation, Hoge showed the court official what Bill did.

And call it whatever you want, it doesn’t matter that you find it repugnant, the Judge ordered Bill not to use Hoge’s twitter account name in tweets.  If that was as egregious as you say, then Bill should have asked for an emergency appeal.  But really, it isn’t egregious, it’s common sense.  Bill found it insulting and continued to @mention Hoge nearly 400 times, each of those times a direct violation of the Judge’s orders.  It resulted in an extension of the court order, and had it not been for mediation, Bill would have been found in contempt.  I know you and Bill are friendly, Matt.  Did you ever advise him to stop using @mentions of Hoge?

But that’s not even the most outrageous thing, in my mind, is the following.

Any bystander who comments on their activity can expect to receive messages like the one I did. Paul Krendler, a frequent commenter and co-conspirator with Hoge, suggested I “visit the deraged lunatic cyberstalker at his run-down mobile home” to stop Schmalfeldt “by any means necessary.”

Krendler also authored a “parody” of Schmalfeldt on the same day describing him as “old and crazy, fat and demented,” before launching into another seven or eight paragraphs of similar derision.

– Matt Osborne in a post on his website.

I will say that Paul can be kinda blunt.  And I don’t often talk about Bill’s home, since I grew up in a run-down trailer.  People do what they gotta do to survive, and I hope Bill is living as comfortable a life as he can.  But the second paragraph, well that’s only telling half the truth, Matt.  It’s a favorite tactic of Bill, so since you’re friendly and all maybe you only know half the truth.  So let me fill you in on the other half.

“Are you talking about me, Daddy?” And Hoge realizes he spoke those last words out loud.

“Go back to your room and masturbate, son. Daddy’s thinking.”

“Yay! Pretend girl time,” his son blurts and the house shakes again as he lumbers down the stairs. Again, Hoge worries about the plates on the wall.

The Hoge legacy. The proud Hoge lineage will end with IV. III has long since understood that. His bride won’t touch him. Murdering her is out of the question since she makes the real money.

Bill Schmalfeldt in a now memory holed post on one of his now memory holed blogs.

Paul Krendler did write a parody.  A parody about Bill’s home life.  It was vile and disgusting.  But it wasn’t from out of no where.  Bill wrote a piece of satire.  That above is but a brief segment of it.  Anytime Bill talks about Krendler, it’s about how vile and disgusting Krendler’s parody is, without once every bringing up what it is a parody of.  Bill want’s everyone to believe it is a parody of him, but it isn’t.  It’s a parody of something vile and disgusting that Bill wrote.  Where you aware of the original writing, Matt?  Did you gloss over it because it didn’t fit your narrative?

At any rate, I think I’ve made my point.  Matt goes into great lengths to describe the humiliating things done to Bill, while overlooking the truly vile things Bill has done.  And he focuses in on Hoge in particular, despite the fact that while Hogewash may be a source of great turmoil for Bill, Hoge himself has been relatively benign writer about Bill.  You’d be hard pressed to find where Hoge himself has written anything particularly nasty about Bill.  Not so much with Bill about Hoge.


8 thoughts on “Hello Matt Osborne. Got some questions for ya.

  1. I can’t pretend to know Matt’s mind, but I guess sometimes he just feels like hurting people.

    Matt would have been aware of BS’s original article before Matt wrote about Krendler’s parody of it. In fact, Matt may have seen BS’s article even before then. You see, some of the members of Team Kimberlin seem to have an unending supply of time and energy to expend as long as the goal is coordinated online harassment.

    Based on some previous incidents, I expect Matt to lie in response to this question. He knows it will not fool people who are familiar with him. Matt will settle for confusing onlookers who are not as familiar with the matter. It is also likely Matt will consider retaliating against you, and if he decides to do so, he will lie about that too.

  2. A couple random thoughts.

    Ask Matt who made the first contact between Hoge and Schmalfeldt. Not between Hoge and Kimberlin, or Kimberlin and Walker. Who contacted whom, and why.

    Second, I’ve been very vocal about leaving Bill’s illness out of it, and I really don’t like the people who continue to mock him because of it. However, don’t let him hide behind it. You said Osborne wrote that his advancing illness made it impossible to function as an “advocate”. I’m not sure how that works, but given his non-stop writing on one forum or another, all day long, every day, what more do you need to do to function as an advocate? And as far as the degradation goes, here is a youtube video Bill posted a few months ago:

    While I’m sure getting around is hard for him, he can communicate verbally fine (he told others he couldn’t talk on the phone because he couldn’t be understood), and he has very good fine motor skills allowing him to bang out those one-a-minute tweets during his meltdowns (he told others that he had to use a voice recogniton software to post on the net). Finally, if Osborne truly believes Bill’s emotional responses and cognitive skills are being adversely affected, what kind of person is he to continue to support his self-destructive behavior? Shouldn’t he be trying to get him off the internet, or at least under control? Nope, Matt’s one of Bill’s biggest cheerleaders, forever pushing him into more and more conflict.

    With friends like that….

    • Regarding whether BS is truthful about what his illness has to do with his writing:

      Big Deal! If you are going to prove that BS is lying, there are many worse examples you can use. In fact, it’s probably better to pick the five or ten you think are the most distressing and just stick to those. This doesn’t mean that new lies & bad behavior don’t deserve to be flagged when they occur. But be careful he doesn’t cause you to dilute your message. The most important things need to keep shining through and don’t let newer, more minor things dilute them.

      I will leave writing about Parkinson’s to people who are highly knowledgable about Parkinson’s. I know a few things about it, but better to either leave it up to the experts, or, stick to the more relevant stuff. And Bill Schmalfeldt’s treatment of the Stranahans is always relevant to a discussion about Schmalfeldt’s bad behavior.

  3. I use one nickname for BS….Cabin Boy™. I make sure not to go after his illness. Cabin Boy™ Refers to his basically doing as Bret Kimberlin says. He likes to act as a mouthpiece. At Hogewash Kimberlin was called The Dread Pirate and other members of Team K were given nautical nick names. During a comment there I call Bill Cabin Boy for the first time. John used it in later posts and it caught on.

    You did a whole article about this not being Red vs Blue. For Bill it started that way. He wanted to know about Bret Kimberlin without hearing about it from a,”Rightwing Nutjob.” So he chose it based on ideology….but it has long passed that as you correctly have said.

    He wants us to all forget his past bad behavior. We might if he stopped acting the same way.

  4. In the first paragraph of Matt’s you quote, he says that Bill had to retire soon after being diagnosed in 2000. However, it was my understanding that he didn’t retire completely until 2011. That’s an awfully long “soon” by most people’s standards.

    And as other’s have said, given how prolific Bill is, there is no reason he had to stop being an advocate for those with PD. And I think he does use the PD as a victim card whenever he can. There are many others with PD at least as (if not more so) advanced as Bill’s who still have a life outside of their home and the internet. That Bill doesn’t, and doesn’t seem to have even tried, says much.

  5. First, I must thank Malone for his continued support on this particular topic. I know I have upset Bill terribly with that post; my apathy is boundless. He knows what he did, so do I, so does everyone else who matters.

    That said, I must point out a somewhat significant error in Michael’s post above. I don’t think it changes either the point or the validity of the questions raised, but I think it ought to change the target of those questions.

    The post at OsborneInk in which I am referenced is not Matt’s work (which should hardly surprise anyone). It’s a repost from CrooksAndLiars, authored by the equally execrable but much more talented writer Karoli Kuns. As painfully obvious as it is to see how she was grifters by Schmalfeldt’s one-sided tale of misery and woe, she did an admirable job of exposing herself as an easy mark.

    I had a chance to send a few tweets her way the day the story appeared; naturally she never made any attempt to find out if I had anything to contribute. Par, course, whatever.

    The Twitter conversation was one-sided. She was clearly not interested in defending her muckraking. I expected no less from someone writing for Crooks And Liars.

    Anyway, Matt’s not responsible for dropping that epic turd, he only picked it up and smeared it on his own wall.

    Karoli Kuns is the lying witch holding Bill’s bag (yeah, go with that image…). Turn your questions on her. Won’t do you any good as far as answers, but it will keep you on the moral high ground.

    Which is always good.

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