Hey @wmsbroadcasting! Still waiting!

I had hoped after his moment of clarity yesterday, following the complete humiliation he suffered on Hogewash over the contacting copyright holders issue… up to calling Hoge a liar (something he hasn’t apologized for or retracted)… that perhaps I could finally get my retraction from Bill Schmalfeldt for calling me a hypocrite for having documents I never said I had over things he did that I never said was bad.

To date, that hasn’t happened.  Today he seems all butthurt over the comments on Hogewash.  If he’d just stop reading Hogewash, he wouldn’t get all caught up in such an elaborate lie like he did and have to correct himself.  But hey, that’s not his style.  Apparently it’s not his style to offer retractions when he’s wrong, either.


5 thoughts on “Hey @wmsbroadcasting! Still waiting!

  1. You’re so cute, waiting for that retraction. You realize CB is the same person who wished I would eat rat poison, (yes, sweet little ol’ me), then bitched because he claims someone wants him dead. #hippocrit

    • Oh I’m well aware of just how likely it is that I won’t get a retraction. But someone in this mess needs to stand tall, on the firm beliefs of their profession, and act accordingly. Therefore, I shall continue to ask my questions and continue to watch as Bill hide under a rock.

      • I think I agree with this tactic: that one should point out what would be the right thing to do. Even if one thinks it’s unlikely that the wrongdoer will ever take that course of action. It’s good because it gets all the onlookers to think about what would be the right thing to do. As opposed to thinking about revenge.

  2. Apparently it’s not his style to offer retractions when he’s wrong, either.

    There aren’t enough hours in the day.

  3. There it is. He has answers for you but because you are “obsessed” with him (with your 2 posts), he won’t answer.

    I’m quite sure he was sticking his tongue out at you when he wrote that.

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