Questions of Bill Schmalfeldt

questionsSince I’m obsessed with Bill, I thought it would be a good time to bring up my semi-regular Questions of Bill Schmalfeldt feature.  These are questions I’ve collected from around the net that Bill Schmalfeldt has refused to answer.  Since he’s banned on almost every blog, except this one, and this one holds him to the highest standard when it comes to rules, it has gotten harder to find questions because he just doesn’t post much anymore.  Although he still runs his twitter and blogs.  Sometimes.  When they are up.  

Your host.

UPDATE:  Bill pointed out in his twitter feed that perhaps I didn’t ask a question in the proper way.  In retrospect I agree with him.  I have updated the question to better reflect what I meant to ask, with less snark and bias.  Your host.

New question this week, asked by one of my anonymous sources, and verified by Bill’s own words.  (No, not Ghost.  Ghost hasn’t set up the ultra-secure line of communication yet.)

On the Issue of child abuse…

Which of you would have strong suspicions that someone was abusing children and look the other way? If you would, you disgust me.

– Bill Schmaldfeldt in an unapproved comment on this blog

So you had “strong suspicions” about someone abusing children.  How much time did you spend with those kids?  Did you talk with them somehow?  Did you actually ever see them interact with their parents?  Did you ever witness anything you might be able to call abuse?  What physical evidence did you have that abuse may be occurring?  Or did you invent your suspicions as an excuse to harass your target?

On the issue of doxing…

On Thinking Man’s Zombie Bill has been challenged to answer one question, how many examples of failed doxings does it take for him to accept that he isn’t very good at doxing.  This is a dangerous road for Bill, since he really needs to examine his failed doxings to his successful ones.  And he really needs to be sure that his successful ones are correct.  Accurate.  Complete.

On the issue of Pronography…

Bill Schmalfeldt once called the cops contacted the Dallas Police Department, which turned the information over to an investigative unit, the FBI Cyber Crimes unit, the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and the American Sites Associated with Child Protection and accused a photographer of using underage models in the production of pornography.  He did so because the photographer didn’t provide Schmalfeldt with age verification information on his models, something that the photographer couldn’t give Schmalfeldt under penalty of federal law.  Schmalfeldt incorrectly argued that he was required to give him the information.

It turns out that Schmalfeldt is also a producer of pornography.  Specifically, he produced, not take but digitally enhanced, a photograph of two men in either simulated or actual anal sex.  The picture had four models in it, since the faces of the body models where replaced by other faces.  Schmalfeldt then disseminated the pictures via Twitter and possibly other means.  By doing so, he came under the same record keeping requirements that he attempted to claim gave him the right to look at the records of the aforementioned photographer.  Specifically, under the law, Bill was either the First or Second Producer of the photograph.

At first, Bill has claimed he did not produce any pornography.  Once it was pointed out that there were sealed files in a courtroom that said otherwise, Bill went on a rant about hypocrisy, since he’s been accused of publishing sealed files… even though I’ve not published the picture from the sealed files, and I didn’t get them from the sealed files.  But that’s another issue.  It is quite clear that Bill has either made and disseminated (first producer) or disseminated (second producer) pornography.  Either way, the proper record keeping is required.

That said, Schmalfeldt was asked if he had the proper record keeping files of the four people in his pornography production.  Schmalfeldt has yet to answer this question.

on the issue of hypocrisy…

In a comment on this blog, Bill Schmaldfeldt accused me of hypocrisy.

Any time you’d care to explain the hypocrisy of condemning me for having “sealed documents” while you just claimed to have a document that was sealed in the Peace Order hearings, please share. Think of it as a “teaching moment” for all of us.

Bill Schmalfeldt in an approved comment on this blog

I then went on to explain to him exactly how it wasn’t hypocrisy.  How first off I consider the question of him having and PUBLISHING sealed documents are not that important to me, because real journalists do it all the time.  But I didn’t PUBLISH what was potentially the content of a sealed file, but it wouldn’t matter because I had gotten the file from a source who had captured the post in the wild.  In fact, I have copies of several posts that contain several different images, because apparently the original copyright holders (see a trend?) took down at least one of them, and Bill produced a second version using a new stolen photograph.

Now keep in mind, that Bill denied having published the pornographic photograph to me.  When I pointed out the sealed files, he flipped out on the whole “hypocrisy” charge that has absolutely no basis in reality.  So I asked for a retraction.  The explanation as to why there is no retraction has not been forthcoming.

I have, however, received this.  It is unclear if this has to do with the Hypocrisy issue or not.  Either way, it is neither an apology or a retraction.

Screenshot 2014-06-28 17.57.34Screenshot 2014-06-28 17.57.55

On the issue of anonymity…

Is it true that while you’ve been calling other people anonymous cowards for hiding behind their various pen names, you’ve used false identities of your own to return to writing for websites, where you’ve actually written articles about yourself in the third person?  I might point you back to the issue of hypocrisy for that one.

On the issue of anonymity part two…

Is it true, Bill, that you are currently picking up domains under the false identity of “Matt Lillefiet” or some other similar name?  I’ve seen several references to this, and again have to ask why you call anyone else who behaves anonymously a coward and yet you get to do it and expect not to receive the same treatment.

On the issue of bragging…

Schmalfeldt has repeatedly claimed that people bragged about getting him fired from various “jobs” at online publishing places.  A specific claim is that people brag about getting him fired from the Examiner, but other sites are implied in his writings.  Schmalfeldt has been asked, repeatedly, about who these braggarts are and what they said.  He has yet to provide that information.  UPDATE: At least one commenter has pointed to screen caps of Bill saying he couldn’t have been fired since they were non-paying gigs, and you can’t get fired from non-paying gigs.  While that’s just plain wrong, it seems Bill is talking out of both sides of his mouth yet again on this issue.

On the issue of conspiracy…

Over at Blubber Sues Bloggers, Schmalfeldt accused the host, Flynn, of conspiracy to do all sorts of nefarious things not specified.  It was enough for Flynn to write an entire blog post about it.  Schmalfeldt has commented on that post, as of this writing, eight times.  Not once has he addressed the post itself, explaining exactly what Flynn has done that was anything like what Schmalfeldt claimed it was.  Of course, he can no longer address it over at Blubber Sues Bloggers, since he has been banned from posting there.  He may feel free to answer it here, and I’ll pass it on to Flynn.  (Wait, is that two blogs he’s been banned from posting at, just in one post?  Trend anyone?)

On the issue of Libel, Defamation, and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress…

In your recent counterclaims you have pointed to a post by one anonymous blogger Paul Krendler as being vile and disgusting.  You fail, in your permissive counterclaims to point out that the anonymous blogger Paul Krendler wrote the post as a parody of a post you made, that was also vile and disgusting.  Or do you deny writing a vile and disgusting post about WJJ Hoge’s home life?  Or does the concept of Defamation and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress only apply to you, and not to Hoge?

On the issue of “Right to know…”

I’ve now gone back literally years and years of blog posts about you.  I can’t read blog posts from you because of your habit of memory holing things. However, I’ve noticed a trend in other’s writing about you.  It seems you repeatedly and often demand some piece of information from other people. You response to them not giving you that piece of information varies from insults to doxing, and you’ve been accused but admittedly not conclusively proven to have done worse.  However, what is clear is that you do assume to have a right to know that does not exist.  So the question before you today is simple.  Do you realize that what goes on in private between other people is not your right to know, and real journalist, which you repeatedly claim to be, do not respond to the answer, in the words of Robert Stacy McCain, to “fuck off” in the way that you have?

52 thoughts on “Questions of Bill Schmalfeldt

  1. Bringing one of the issues you brought up all the way around to the beginning, Bill tweets tonite that he has “apologized to the only people who I am going to apologize to.” I was wondering if that included the people that you incorrectly doxed. Bill, you dragged a lot of people through the mud who eventually turned out to have nothing to do with this, have they been properly contacted, alerted to the comments made and apologized to?

    Because frankly a blanket “I apologized to everybody” doesn’t cut it. They need to be contacted individually, told about your actions, and begged for forgiveness.

  2. It is difficult to have a coherent conversation with a person who already knows all the answers to the questions he’s asking. He’s WRONG, but he KNOWS. As long as you are going to hold to preconceived notions, Mike, I am just not interested in playing word games with you. Let the poor baby rest in peace. Leave that family alone. I have. Deal with your own business, in which I am not included. I will deal with my business, which does not — at present — include you. Deal? Makes perfect sense? Good. Blog about (redacted as off topic) blog about anything. I am no longer a subject for your examinations. I will deal with Hoge, then Krendler, and then I expect to never see your name, Hoge’s name or Krendler’s name ever again.

    You have your own life. Live it. My main problems right now are a vexatious litigant who will be shown the door very soon, and then I am done with him. Oh, I also have a ruptured disc in my upper back causing me great pain and radiating down my right arm, causing my biceps and triceps in that arm to rapidly atrophy.

    Problems, I got, Mike, It’s just you ain’t one of ’em.

    Please. Find some alternate method to crawl back to Hoge’s ass crack and leave me out of your frantic little fantasies. If there are any more of your polemics about me, about my writing, about my past,and they are not provable in court of law, then you know what happens next, right.

    Quit digging up dead babies to use as weapons. I’m not proud of what I did, but what I did was legal and within the Code of Ethics. Quit using the little Missus’ proven past as a weapon to attack me. I have proven that case and every time one of you morons bring it up, you are tearing the scab off her wound. I have the websites. You’ve SEEN the websites. They’re in ENGLISH!

    I am happy that this other individual was not employing people under the age of 18 to use in his pornography. I am happy that he was not abusing his children, I have never done a comedy bit where this individual sells his wife or daughter for sex. I know, “Parody.” It’s OK when you clowns do it, but not when little old me does it. Only in KRENDLER’s parody, my wife and I are mentioned by name.

    I had suspicions. I reported my suspicions to the appropriate authorities. After being grilled to make sure I wasn’t some hack with a frivolous complaint, they took me serious and investigated. And they were satisfied that everything is fine. GOOD! I’M HAPPY ABOUT THAT!

    Now, I have nothing to answer to you for. Nothing. Nada. Therefore, and this is the last time I will say this, go about your life. Live long and prosper. Leave me alone. If the actuarial tables are correct, you only have to put up with me until late 2015. Tops.

    Until then, I choose to engage in the activites that make me happy. I suggest you do the same.

    But whatever you decide to do, Mike…

    Leave. Me. Alone.

    Good bye, enjoy your life, no hard feelings. May Hoge bless you with his favor.

    • Oh such fun! A threat! He made a threat! Against me, he made a threat!

      First off Bill, you need some help reading. I never once mentioned a dead baby in any of these questions. Not once. You did, I didn’t. Now, you’ve continued your trend of not really answering any of the questions I’ve asked by confusing the questions with the fact that you’ve done something or another. I’ve as much right to write about you, your case, Hoge and anyone else. (Everyone got the continued anal fantasies in there, didn’t ya?) Yes we know that the individual was cleared. I also didn’t bring up anything in my questions about his wife. You did that. I asked if YOU kept the same records you claimed he had to keep. This isn’t about his action, but about yours. Did you Bill?

      Did you meet the kids? Did you see them enter acting with their parents? Or did you use the internet, make up a bunch of suspicions and used what you found on the internet to convince someone to investigate? Since whatever you had to prove that the harassment was clearly wrong, what did you base it on? Come on, tell us how you determined someone was abusing their kids from thousands of miles away? Lay it out for us.

      Nope, you’ve nothing to answer to me for. I’m just asking questions. I’m allowed to do that. I’ve done it time and again, of people far more scary than you. And really, when you were saying all those nice things about how that nice lady gave birth, did you really think you were acting ethically. Go read the code. Pay attention to the part about children. Answer me this, was what you did and said ethical? I think you know the answer to that question.

      God I must have really gotten under your skin with my repeated questions. If I’m so insignificant, why did you write such a length diatribe that completely ignores my questions, pulls up issues that I didn’t raise so that you can claim I’m attacking you with them, and dodge the vast majority of the rest of the questions? Why did you go off on this rant as opposed to just answering the questions. Answer the questions, Bill. Just answer the questions.

      • All of this was pretty good, but I liked this last part so much I re-read it:

        God I must have really gotten under your skin with my repeated questions. If I’m so insignificant, why did you write such a length diatribe that completely ignores my questions, pulls up issues that I didn’t raise so that you can claim I’m attacking you with them, and dodge the vast majority of the rest of the questions? Why did you go off on this rant as opposed to just answering the questions. Answer the questions, Bill. Just answer the questions.

        That’s the message all the onlookers need to understand.

      • Goodbye, Mike. Continue to torment the Stranahans if you wish. And quit being such a god damned pussy.

      • Wow, you must really want me to ban you. I think that’s your goal. You did threaten me, I didn’t say I was scared. I’ve seen your threats so many times, it makes me laugh.

        But there you go, being insulting instead of answering questions. You sound like a politician caught in a scandal trying to slip by the reporters, or maybe you’re more like Alec Baldwin, melting down in front of the press.

        So I left, unaltered, your mysogonistic little insult, because it reveals more about the real you. I’ll add another question to the list, why are you repeatedly insulting me when I’ve not insulted you? Not once, in the entire list of questions, do I call you a name of any sort. Yet here you are, resorting to sexual innuendos to avoid the questions.

        See, as a real, ethical, reporter, that’s the kind of thing I can write about. Those are exactly the kind of non-answers that are the most fun! Shall we take apart this non-question?

        First, you bring up the Stranahans again, I didn’t. I asked about YOUR actions. Did YOU do something. Did YOU keep records. Any reference to other people is merely for perspective. So instead of actually answering the question, you hide behind something YOU want to be finished and over and put away, but completely ignore your own actions involved.

        That says a lot about YOU, Bill. It shows us exactly what kind of person you are. You won’t stand up for your own actions, and when we bring them up, you double down on the victimhood. See how much you can discover from a non-answer?

        Then you go on to the “Pussy” line. Considering earlier there was an ass crack line, you’ve accused myself and others of various other mysogonistic and/or homoerotic things. Yet you can’t find any of that in my writings. An even greater glimpse into your personhood.

        Thanks for playing!

      • Excellent rebuttal.

        Two sentences from him did indeed reveal quite a bit. You could also mention the ‘god damned’ bit. Small g. More profanity. There is some history of Bill claiming to be a better Christian than his critics. I don’t mention this to get into the religious aspect but just to point out how much was revealed in two simple sentence.

      • Last word… NOT! Not your bandwidth. You don’t get the last word here, ever.

        So, since you’ve now made THREE claims of “Bye,” after a half dozen other claims of taking your ball and going home… Dear Readers, over under on his return?

      • Mike, you’re not a 12-year old. You’re an adult. Act like one. Get on with your life. I’ll get on with mine. OK? Thanks. I’m in too much fucking pain to deal with you right now. Not your fault, but try popping a disc in your upper back and having toothache-like pain down your right arm. Concentrate on your family. Concentrate on your life. Leave me alone. Now, write something so I don’t get the last word. You can have it, like a BIG boy!

      • Let me see if I can type while I’m trying not to laugh….

        I just got lectured on being a big boy, and not act like a 12 year old from someone who has made multiple ass jokes about me and called me a pussy. Who has acted like a six year old trying to talk about anything BUT the question his parent has asked him, or more like Alec Baldwin. (is that an insult to six year olds?) Either way, that’s the person telling me to act like an adult.

        Priceless. The truth has arrived. To discredit Bill Schmalfeldt…

        Tell you what, Bill. You stop blathering on about anal fantasies, homoerotic insults and mysoginistic attacks on my manhood and maybe I’ll listen to your advice on how to act. Until then, why don’t you grow up and answer the simple, straightforward questions you’ve been asked. Or, do like you said, and quietly disappear.

      • Michael, please explain something to me…How exactly is your asking questions directly to BS on your own blog “bothering” him?

        Do you have some soooper sekrit way of forcing his browser to only open to your blog and nothing else?

        Do you have some mind control device that forces him to come here to your blog and won’t let him go anywhere else on the web?

        Cause without that going on I can’t see how you are actually bothering him, well other than the obvious, keeping in the spotlight a lot of info he’d rather no one else see, but that was his own fault for putting it out there to begin with…


      • I do have a soooper sekrit way of forcing his browser to only open to my blog and nothing else.

        It’s my charming smile. Remember?

        My Charming Smile

      • Bill, the questions have been asked, over and over again. You’ve read them. I sent them to you on twitter. I’ve followed everything you’ve ever asked me to do to get you to answer the questions except send you an email, which will never happen. I’ve left it open ended WHERE you answer the questions. But there they are, you’re replying to the thread. Have at it. But remember, the questions are about YOUR actions, not other people. Don’t try to confuse the issue with other people’s actions and words, except where relevant. Or do. We’ll gladly keep laughing as you make a fool of yourself.

      • You know what, Mike? I was just here on your blog trying to find the questions you asked. Believe it or not, I don’t remember what they are. So, I was going to refresh my memory and then answer them for you just to get you off of my fucking back. Then, you posted that last response and it dawned on me. It doesn’t matter what I say. You and the people you’ve chosen to cuddle up with have been asking the same questions for a year and a half, and I have answered them all. And it doesn’t matter what I answer, because none of you believe a word I say. So, as I sit here with my right hand going numb typing this, I have to seriously ask myself, why am I playing this numbskull’s game?

        Here is your answer. It is the same one Stranahan gave me, so it will have to suit you as well.

        “None of your fucking business.”

        I have now officially answered your question. You may not be satisfied with it. That’s just too god damned bad. I’ve answered your question, and the answer is “none of your fucking business.”

        Want to know anything else? Get a warrant.

        It’s been my pleasure knowing you.

      • Thank you Bill. See, I’m not going to call you, harass your wife, call your neighbors, call the Social Security office, file a report with any sort of authority, even though that’s exactly what You did to others who refused to answer your simple questions. Instead, I will take your non-answer and use that in my next report on the Questions of Bill Schmalfeldt. See how easy that was? And I’m sure that once you read the report, you’ll understand just how a real ethical reporter can take a non-answer and use it just like an answer. Thanks for the chance to give it a shot.

        As for not finding the questions, Bill, you just REPLIED TO THE BLOG POST THAT CONTAINS EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. So thanks for showing your Internet Skills on that. As I pointed out in that last post, You’re responding to the blog post that has every question, and I sent them to you on Twitter. So your answer is duly noted, and I look forward to your response to the upcoming report.

        As for my palsy walsies, didn’t you just lecture me about behaving like a grown up? Seriously Bill, keep it together man.

      • Mike, it stops tonight. Or tomorrow I call your local law enforcement to find out what I have to do to take out harassment charges against you. I have all the info. I just need one more provocation. I would suggest you move on with your life and turn your attention to more profitable considerations. This is not a threat, Mike. This is a promise. Leave me alone, or face the legal consequences.


      • Mr. Schmalfeldt, exactly what charges of harassment do you have against me? What have I done that harasses you in any way? Outside of the comments on this blog, which you did say you weren’t reading anymore, I haven’t contacted you without your request more than once on Twitter. I’ve never emailed you. I’ve never called you. I’ve never once knocked on your door. How, exactly, am I harassing you?

        Feel free to file the harassment charge today. Tell the Huntsville Police Department, non-emergancy number at 256-722-7100 and tell them that mean old Michael Malone is writing mean things about me on the internet.

        The Harassment law in the state of Alabama is Alabama State Code Section 13A-11-8. I suggest you read it carefully before you make that call, since you have a bad habit of referring to people’s private parts here in the comment section of the blog. I’d hate for you to get stung by your own complaint. I look forward to hearing from the Huntsville Police Department and showing them the screen captures and comments you’ve left here when they come to question me about this harassment in which you speak.

      • So Bill can tell someone to “fuck off” and expect that they will take that as his final answer, but when Stranahan told him to “fuck off”, he kept contacting them, and then contacted various authorities accusing him and his wife of various illegal activities, with no foundation for those suspicions whatsoever.

        Bill should be very, very glad that Michael actually follows the Code of Ethics for the SPJ, rather than merely claiming to follow them the way Bill does.

      • You have the order of events wrong, hun. But then… you’re just not very smart. Do not egg Mike on any further because he is on the edge of being charged with harassment. Like I was. Remember?

      • Can Bill explain the correct order of events then?

        I understood he asked Lee a question. Lee told him it wasn’t any of his business, but Bill refused to accept that, and continued harassing Lee because as a “journalist” and “investigative reporter” he had to get the answer, and seemed to feel that Lee was obligated to give a answer other than “go away”.

        However, when others ask Bill questions he seems to feel that “go away” should be accepted, and end the matter.

        Now I’m off to study for the final in of one of the college courses I’m taking this session.

      • Because journalists ALWAYS take “no comment” for an answer, which is why no news stories are ever written because people who don’t want to talk to reporters don’t have to, and reporters are not allowed to try to find the answers on their own.

        (redacted for creepiness)

      • Bill, no one is saying that no comment should end the investigation or the story. What people are complaining about isn’t that you wrote the story, it’s about how you behaved after you were told no comment. About the twitter attacks, the blatant insults and the demeaning things you said. By all means, continue to go after the story, but do so under the ethics of the profession.

        From the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists:

        — Show compassion for those who may be affected adversely by news coverage. Use special sensitivity when dealing with children and inexperienced sources or subjects.
        — Be sensitive when seeking or using interviews or photographs of those affected by tragedy or grief.
        — Recognize that gathering and reporting information may cause harm or discomfort. Pursuit of the news is not a license for arrogance.
        — Recognize that private people have a greater right to control information about themselves than do public officials and others who seek power, influence or attention. Only an overriding public need can justify intrusion into anyone’s privacy.
        — Show good taste. Avoid pandering to lurid curiosity.

        Do you honestly feel you behaved within these guidelines in the case of Stanahan’s daughter? Because if that’s what you honestly believe, that you used sensitivity, that your phone conversations were sensitive, that you actions when you didn’t get the information you wanted wasn’t arrogant and that Mrs. Stanahan had an expectation of privacy and respect and your continual comments on their decision to do a home birth was showing good taste… well then I don’t know what else to say. You’re the one with the problem, you’re blinded to your own actions.

      • I’ve already apologized for my conduct. Why is no one apologizing to me for what they said — and did — to me?

        You are overlooking Stranahan’s past. You are overlooking his history and his penchant for using misfortune to raise money. If you are ever interested in the full story, how we “came to be”, how it started with a polite interview with his responses printed verbatim only to have him smear me as a liar online the next day, how he set the entire right wing blogoverse against me with his false rape-threat charge, you let me know. I’ll write you a story. You won’t believe it, of course, because I sense your mind is made up.

        But ask yourself. What did I do that compares to…

        Profaning the memory of my mother?
        Graphic depictions of sex with my dead twin brother?
        Insulting comments about other deceased members of my family?
        Threatening my LIFE?
        Threatening to gut my dogs!
        Insulting my wife! (Yeah, I know. I did it first. But I took it down because I was ashamed of it. Krendler’s is still there)
        Calling my dead mother a whore?
        Calling my dead father someone who gives blow jobs for the price of a drink?

        How does aggressively pursuing an answer that I could have been given in ONE MINUTE stack up against all that? And who has apologized to ME?

        I know my own actions. I’m not proud of them all. But you ask any ACTUAL reporter, you will be told that they aren’t proud of everything they’ve done to get to the bottom of a story. Stranahan was a story to me. Nothing more.

        Yes, my taunts were out of line. His sending the cops to my house was out of line.

        My naughty words were naughty. His raising money off of a false rape threat was naughty.

        I was crude, rude and vulgar. Stirring up the entire right wing internet, Google-bombing me as a “Deranged Cyberstalker”, distorting a photo taken of me three days after I did the ONE truly altruistic thing I’ve done in my life, dishonestly cropping it to make me look demented. That was crude, rude and vulgar.

        I apologized to Stranahan. And I meant it.

        Has Hoge apologized for lying to a judge to get a peace order? And if you maintain he did not lie, what part of “I can’t block him on Twitter because it would mean disabling a portion of my Internet functionality” strikes you as “true”? What part of “Blocking him on Twitter is the same as having to change my phone number to avoid telemarketers” sounds TRUE to you?

        What part of the story about my commandeering a server in Kansas City the day of Super Storm Sandy and using it to send naughty messages to Hoge sounds true?

        What part of claiming that HASHTAG mentions and PINGBACKS qualify as direct contact in violation of a peace order rings TRUE with you?

        What part of dragging a person you know has increasing trouble even moving his body all the way to court in Westminster from Elkridge, and then SUING the man for fucking COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT for doing the SAME FUCKING THING HE DOES EVERY DAY sounds normal and decent and ordinary to you?

        I’m not going to charge you with harassment. I think you have your head so far up your hiney that all you can hear is your lunch digesting. You certainly do not seem to be interested in my side of the story. You certainly do not seem to care one whit about what actually happened.

        When you decide that you give two shits for the TRUTH, you just let me know, big boy. And we’ll chat.

      • And my sweet Library girl, I am open to answering any question asked of me, if it’s asked respectfully and my answer is accurately recorded and reported. Try me.

      • Can Bill explain the order of events since he feels everyone else has them wrong.

        Since he will be answering himself, I’m not sure how that is not accurately recording and reporting.

      • From Merriam-Webster:

        about preposition (2) —used to indicate the subject of something said or written

        to preposition (2)(a) —used as a function word to indicate purpose, intention, tendency, result, or end {came to our aid} {drink to his health}

        slight changes in format for HTML convenience

    • What is your fascination with Mr. Hoge’s ass crack?

      What you did was definitely NOT legal and was NOT within any code of ethics except your own perverted version. A mere apology, months later in no way atones for or repairs the damages done – for which, if nothing else, there are consequences, something you have never faced up to. When you offer up real substantial money for the damages you have inflicted, perhaps then others will see the potential for good in your soul

      Outing your issue as ‘illegitimate’ by virtue of claiming that you were cuckolded repeatedly by another male who acted in concert with your ex-wife was not only senseless and cruel, but irresponsible. You owe your ex-wife and issue not only a public and substantial apology, but again you must post real substantial money for the damages done to them.

      You once said, in one of your infamous YouTube diatribes that you “will visit. the. website. of. John. Joseph. Hoge. ANY. TIME. I. WANT. TO.” stated in a way that literally ordered that NO mention of you exit in any form whatsoever. I would suggest that you, Mr. Schamalfeldt, read the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution any time you want to and then ponder its words and meaning as interpreted by real lawyers and real legal scholars.

      You have no commission as a vigilante or a federal Marshall, Mr. Schmalfeldt. What you have done is despicable and actionable in a federal court of law – something you are becoming familiar with at long last!

      Live with it!

      nom. nom, nom

  3. Maybe his disc will be all better if he uses some fetal monitors?

    Looks like you’ve not only earned the threat, but also the demands, and the coveted doom clock as well. I think a FOCUS!!! may be in your future if you can stay the course.

  4. I’d like to see added to the Questions the incident where he first contacted Aaron Worthing. This was at the time AW was forbidden to write about BK and along comes this Schmalfeldt guy querying AW about BK and asking him to tell him about BK which would have been in violation of court. Seemed like an attempt to entrap AW.

    • Aaron Walker’s good faith is demonstrated by another incidents, not the least of which was to help a left-wing blogger being targeted by one of BK’s many lawfare campaigns. As is his right, Aaron didn’t agree with a lot of the victim’s opinions, but justice is more important. I will also always remember to respect Aaron for actions like this, even if we disagree on something.

      BK’s entrapment effort failed. BK is much more of a petty vindictive fool than he realizes, which is something his victims can use to defeat him.

  5. Mike, one request, unless he becomes completely unmanageable, please don’t ever ban Bill. His proclivity for admitting to things best left unadmitted to, by the time we’re done here, we’ll have him for the Lindburgh kidknapping, JFK’s shooting and the fake Moon Landings.

    • Oh I won’t ban him. Ever. I won’t give him the satisfaction of claiming victimhood. He will have to continue to pick up his ball and go home. But I also won’t stop asking the questions. He doesn’t direct the bandwidth here.

      And, if he breaks my rulz, I’ll redact in the most humorous way possible. Because, it’s my bandwidth.

  6. Other questions he has ducked answering:
    In the midst of faildoxing me as the guy in Tampa I asked him out of curiosity exactly what it would take for to satisfy him that I was not the guy he said I was. I fully expected a litany of real dox information demands delivered to him on a platter. Instead, zip nada nyet. He never did respond in any way to that.

    Also, from my direct experience he himself does not respond in the slightest to NOYFB.

  7. If he wants to moan and groan about his back, everyone should respond loudly and frequently “fetal monitors!”. there was a time he would not shut up about those and acted like they would solve almost any medical crisis when in reality they had not applicability whatsoever.

      • You know what would be awesome? If Wild Bill actually did call the Huntsville PD, so they could show up at your place and be shown everything he’s said and done. They’ll laugh and cry, and laugh some more.

        Just for giggles, you might be able to get a charge of filing a false report laid against him. Or there’ll just be one more state where the cops ignore him. I think he’s up to three or four now.

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