The Answers Of Bill Schmalfeldt, on the issue of pornography.

Bill Schmalfeldt has been asked on this blog a number of questions over the past month or so.  Until yesterday, he has refused to answer any of the questions Running Wolf Blog has put forth.  Yesterday, he finally answered all of Running Wolf Blog’s questions, however it wasn’t as forthcoming as you might think.  Schmalfeldt answered the dozen or so question this blog had with a single answer, and Running Wolf Blog quotes…

“None of your fucking business.”

– Bill Schmalfeldt in response to Running Wolf Blog’s “Questions of Bill Schmalfeldt” post on this blog.

The very first question Running Wolf Blog had for Mr. Schmalfeldt dealt with his record keeping habits for the pornography he produced.  Several years ago, Mr. Schmalfeldt harassed a photographer in Texas, insisting he provide the legal paperwork required in the production of pornography.  Since the paperwork would reveal personally identifiable information, under federal law the photographer could not provide what Mr. Schmalfeldt was asking for.  Based on the photographer’s lack of response, Mr. Schmalfeldt filed a report with various Texas authorities.  In the end, once the properly authorized individuals could review the photographers records, no charges were filed against the photographer.

Shortly after Mr. Schmalfeldt made the complaints against the photographer in Texas, Schmalfeldt produced his own version of pornography.  He produced an image of two men engaged in either simulated or actual anal intercourse, and replaced the faces of the actual models hired with the faces of at least one other person. (Side note: for the purposes of this article, Running Wolf Blog is using the term “producer” as indicated in Section 2257 of Federal Code, which governs the record keeping requirements of producers of pornography.) Running Wolf Blog is in possession of multiple versions of the image, since original copyright holders apparently objected to the use of their intellectual property for Mr. Schmalfeldt’s use, this blog is not 100% sure which image is the final product.

However, a final product that used a fellow blogger’s image was used, replacing the face of a model in the original image.  Running Wolf Blog has it on faith and belief that the blogger who’s facial image used in the final product did not sign a waiver or an age release form with the producer of the image, Mr Schmalfeldt.

Running Wolf Blog asked Mr. Schmalfeldt if he maintained the same record keeping protocols he demanded the Texas photographer turn over to him.  Mr. Schmalfeldt, for over a month, has refused to answer the question until yesterday.  His answer, “none of your fucking business.”

Since receiving that answer, Running Wolf Blog contacted the Baltimore office of the FBI to see what the FBI’s interest in illegal online pornography.  The agent we spoke to, on the condition of anonymity, indicated that the FBI’s primary interest in online pornography has been child pornography.  Generally, the FBI does not handle other types of pornography, even though the record keeping law is a federal law.  When provided with the details at issue with Schmalfeldt’s production of pronogrophy, the agent wondered if this couldn’t be a case of revenge porn, since it is believed that at least one face model was unwillingly included.  The agent indicated that recently the FBI arrested several Revenge Porn Kingpins, including Hunter Moore, and as a revenge porn case there could be interest.

Running Wolf Blog is under no illusion that the very busy office of the Baltimore FBI, which is one of the main offices outside of Washington DC handling the investigation of terrorism in and around the nation’s capitol, will be overly interested in the production of pornography in the shadow of the Nation’s capitol.  Nevertheless, the question was asked, the answer (as insulting as it was) was given, and if the FBI is ever willing to focus on this problem, Running Wolf Blog ensures our readers that the FBI has the full cooperation of our resources on this issue.

Running Wolf Blog wishes to thank Mr. Schmalfeldt for his honest answer to our question on the production of pornography. Running Wolf blog will cover the answers to other questions of Mr. Schmalfeldt at a later date.  This blog is thankful to all our readers for their continuing support and the plethora of information and screen captures that readers have provided.  Since receiving a definitive answer from Mr. Schmalfeldt, we can finally proceed with our investigation into the various issues raised.  Running Wolf Blog promises our readership to fully investigate Mr. Schmalfeldt’s answer(s) as fully as possible.  More Answers of Bill Schmalfeldt stories are in the pipeline.

45 thoughts on “The Answers Of Bill Schmalfeldt, on the issue of pornography.

  1. Man. Hoisted on his own petard. Things in Elkridge are going to get messy tonite.

    Well done Mike.

  2. Now, let me see if I can make this clear for you. You are defaming me on your blog. You are using my actual name. And frankly, I have been far more than patient with you. So here is what I propose. You stop. And you stop right now. If this continues, I will consider it harassment and libel. And I will contact your local law enforcement and ask them to enforce whatever harassment statutes such as may exist in Northern Alabama. My life is none of your business. Your “questions” are none of your business. Go haunt another house. Leave me alone.

    I’m trying to be nice. But this is the last time I am going to warn you. Don’t be fooled by idiot Hogeists. I am not going to take this harassment from you any longer, Mike. It stops tonight. Are we clear?

    • I’m sorry Mr. Schmalfeldt, exactly what part of this story is defamatory and untrue. I strive myself on writing truthful stories here on my blog, so I’d appreciate it if you could identify which portions of the story are inaccurate, and I will offer a retraction immediately.

      Otherwise, I’ll happily get you in touch with my attorney, who will happily explain to you that we, here at the Running Wolf Blog, do not take legal threats lightly, and any attempt to file harassment charges against us for writing truthful reports will be pursued for as much monetary damages as we can accomplish in Federal Court of the Northern District of Alabama.

      Now, if you have a disagreement with something of substance in this report, do please share.

      • It is up to you to prove the truth of your statements. You charge me with creating pornography. I have done no such thing. That’s a start. You have published other inaccuracies about me that it is too late in the day for me to go digging for. You mention you spoke to the FBI about me. If you told the FBI agent that I created pornography, you lied to a federal official. Shall I go on? Or will you just realize you are playing a dangerous game with a man who has already been pushed too far, a man who is angry about the way he is being treated by the people you are sucking up to, and a man who has no compunction whatsoever to use the full extent of the law to prosecute you if you do not cease in your harassing behavior?

        I would never think of charging you with writing “truthful” stories about me. But as a private citizen, I once again ask you to cease. If you want to write about the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt case, as that is an ongoing civil matter, I would see that as a legitimate story. Making up lies about my “creation of pornography” is beyond the pale. I will not demand an apology or a retraction. Instead, I will let this Cease and Desist stand on its own. Any further false and defamatory allegations written by you about me will result in charges being filed under Alabama Harassment Statutes, which I have sent to you via Twitter as a courtesy.

        Be well. Enjoy your life.

        Leave me alone.

      • So you’re saying I can’t make a simple phone call to, oh I don’t know, a blogger somewhere near the generalized DC area and have a witness willing to testify that such a picture as I described exists and is currently under seal in a Maryland courtroom? Is that what you’re saying? That I don’t have screen captures of various similar pictures you disseminated?

        And let me be clear, I did not charge you with creating pornography, I charged you with producing it. And I even clarified that you were the producer as the term applies under title 18 part 2257. That means you might not have created it, but you disseminated it. Are you saying that you didn’t? That somehow everyone is wrong and the picture entered into evidence in Maryland isn’t as I’ve described and isn’t available as proof in that courtroom? Again, I didn’t tell an FBI agent you created pornography, I told them you produced it. Again, the exact same picture. I even gave them the case number of the trial in question, so I suppose if I was wrong and the FBI think I was materially wrong, I’m already in more trouble than you could ever bring me. So again, are you saying you didn’t disseminate the photograph in question, currently under seal in a Maryland courtroom? I mean, come on Bill, these are easy facts to verify. Don’t you think I went to the trouble of doing it?

        As for Alabama Harassment Statutes, a Class C misdemeanor, I invite you to look closely at the second part of that statue. The Harassing Communication part. And think about which one of us falls under that part of the statue better. Me, who’s only obscene thing said to you is “Fuck You” or you, who has continually written about other people’s anus region and calling people all sorts of names. BTW, since you cut it off on twitter, I want you to have it handy in case you call the cops. So here you go, it’s Alabama Code Section 13A-11-8. I’ll also remind you that as a Class C misdemeanor, I have the right to a jury trial. And at that trial, I’ll have the right to cross examine you, but you will not have the right to cross examine me. Are you sure you want that, Bill?

      • Dear Lord. BS complaining that he is being defamed because you are using his real name?

        How many people has he told provable lies about, published on his blog, in columns on other websites, or in his self-published “books”, all the while using their real names and when they complain to him, he says that of course he can publish all that information, because it’s an “investigation”.

        Well, Bill better get used to being the subject of a real investigation by someone who actually knows how to do it!

      • To whose satisfaction is Mike obligated to prove the truth?

        Based on your well established journalistic standards, all he must do is assume a particular truth, set an arbitrary deadline, and, left wanting by your lack of cooperation, go to press with his version of the story.

        That is how you roll, is it not?

      • Doesn’t really matter who I need to prove it to. I need only give them the case number of a certain maryland civil matter, and the police, judge, or anyone else who needs to can go and peek. Then they will apologize for taking up my time.

        Meanwhile, by contacting Alabama authorities and asking them to pursue criminal charges against me, WMS is putting himself willingly under Alabama jurisdiction. And I hope he has really read the Harassment statue.

    • Bless his heart, Bill’s trying to be threatening.

      Mike, you USED HIS REAL NAME! That’s supposed to be sekret.

      Bill, after all your doxing and going after completely innocent people, that you could write this screed and not spontaneously combust proves you are totally devoid of self-awareness.

    • Well stated, Mike, but perhaps this calls for simpler terminology –

      Bill, why don’t you head down to Home Depot and pick yourself out a quality hammer. Then why don’t you have your friendly neighborhood parolee give you lift to the beach where you can find a nice big pile of sand. Then you can take that hammer and pound all that sand right up your ass. 💩🌷

    • “You stop. And you stop right now.”

      Gee Bill isn’t this pretty much what everyone told you? Did you stop when the woman in WI asked you to or did you go on to threaten her with losing her kids if she didn’t answer your questions? Did you stop when a family in Dallas asked you to or did you go to the authorities with ZERO evidence and only wild, untrue stories? Did you stop when the same family asked you to stop harassing them about their stillborn infant or did you continue to harass? Did you stop when a man in MD told you to or did it take a Protective Order and and extension to keep you from harassing him? Did you stop when a family in AZ asked you to or did it take restraining orders from that state to make you stop?

      Are you seeing a pattern here Bill? People repeatedly asked you to stop but you didn’t. You just printed whatever you wanted with no regard for the truth or who got hurt. Now that attention is focused on you and people are asking you questions suddenly they should just “stop”. Do you understand how laughable that is? Especially coming from you. A man who once threatened another person of the sin of simply “liking” a Facebook post.

      Something tells me that Michael isn’t going to stop just because you demand it. Funny how being on the other side of things makes one squirm with what may be uncovered isn’t it?

      • just a minute….it’s important to clarify.

        There is a HUGE difference in how Michael has reported on the things BS has said and the questions it raised and how BS has comported himself in his own “investigations”

        Michael has done NONE to of the things BS has done as part of “investigative journalism” so there is nothing for him to stop doing as there was for BS.

        There is no equivalency here between what Michael has done/said on his blog and what BS has done/said on his blog. NONE what so ever.


      • Completely understood as with regards to Michael, I was simply pointing out to Bill that with his history it’s laughable for him to tell anyone to stop asking him questions.

      • Oh I realize that, but I also realized that to the casual reader it could easily look like what BS has attempted to claim on his twitter, that he’s being excoriated for doing the same thing Michael is now being applauded for. The two are NOT the same, and the sooner BS realizes that the better for him (as it may actually help him to keep his own ass out of hot water).

      • Bill loves to use false equivalences. A != B and no matter how loudly and often Bill claims it does, wishing does not change fact.

  3. Gee, it’s a good thing brave Bill memory holed his websites yet again. Otherwise people might have known what he said and published. /sarc

  4. speaking of “defamation” BS has clearly stated in the past that people who comment on Hogewash “bragged about getting me fired”, he’s said it more than once.
    Now IANAL but I would think claiming that certain people have done or said something, especially something like “bragging” about getting someone fired, could possibly be considered defamation IF they hadn’t actually done it, and IF BS had actually named names. Luckily for him, he hasn’t actually accused any particular person of doing so, just a group of people in general.
    Looking forward to your investigation on that question.


  5. Finely tuned plucking of his strings. Could not be more guaranteed to honk him off royally. Tomorrow’s Tuesday which is the classic meltdown day. Keep the heat on it should be highly amusing. You;re already at threats and whines, doom clocks and FOCUS can’t be too far off.

  6. Defaming is by definition using slander or libel to damage the good reputation of someone. Gosh, Michael. Now I’m confused. I thought you said Mr. Schmalfeldt made a porno composite picture. Like home made revenge porn. Was it on his website? If so, didn’t Mr. Schmalfeldt consider the damage which might come to his own reputation. Geesh! This all sounds pretty fishy.

  7. The issue of defamation is a question of fact, BS. It is not an question of law. You are not an attorney. You have not even one credit of legal education from an accredited law school, which is a mandatory requirement in almost every state for a license to practice law within that state.

    The issue here is truth and it will be too high a hurdle for you to surmount in any court of law. You may consider it anything you want, but the courts and LE will not. You simply do not have an adequate grasp of the laws of harassment, libel or defamation in any state or federal court.

    The solution for you is to simply not visit this blog or, for that matter, any other blog that causes you such angst. If you insist on visiting this blog, then prepare to deal with truth. The truth about you, BS, is rather puerile and offensive, but it IS the truth.

    You have a serious issue with pornography, BS. You need to deal with it legally and quickly. You also need to refrain from any further criminal behavior towards anyone on this blog. Just as you have done to countless others in the past, this blogger has a right to investigate and report any criminal actions that you may have committed to any concerned state or federal agency.

    Your rules.

    • Oh no, he will not get to claim victimhood from me. He will not be banned. He continues to obfuscate and not answer the questions. He blusters, he fusses, he fumes. But he doesn’t quite get it. I even gave him the chance to lie about it and get out of it, but he wouldn’t give a straight answer even then.

  8. You know, Mike asked more than a few questions. Why do I feel that this may have been Bill’s easiest chance to stay out of hot water?

  9. While the FBI may not fully persue this I do hope they at least speak with Bill about this. Sort of letting him off with a warning might work. If nothing else it should make him think about his methods and bring about some change…

    I just don’t see it happenng. He’ll remain the same Cabin Boy™.

    • If they do anything at all, they will probably contact the person who’s image was used in the creation of the new piece. Without that person’s help, it will be a hard case to prove. Since they know the case it was sealed under, I’m sure they can figure out who that person is if they care to. I doubt the FBI will do anything at all, and never really thought they would. I just wanted to give Bill a bit of his own medicine.

      • Aye, that you did. I think his bluster is masking his genuine fear. He will never admit that,. Probably not even to himself.
        Classifying his obscenity as revenge porn is fantastic and honestly , true In a literal sense. I notice he isn’t victimizing new people since this all started going down…that right there is hopefully worth it to those responsible as a vindication and as a sign that they are doing a good job for a worthy cause.

      • When I first started watching all this, WMS kept saying that he was an investigative journalist and a member of the society of professional journalist. I noticed Hoge was too, but no one every really called WMS out about it. I mean sure, people made fun of the claim, but no one really called him out with the Society of Professional Journalists own ethics. So I started doing that, regularly. I can’t help but notice WMS has stopped claiming the SPJ as much as he did a few months back.

  10. Hoist. Petard. Bill Schmalfeldt. Some assembly required (might want to include a REALLY big hoist.)

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