Running Wolf Blog extends hearty congratulations to the defendants in the Kimberlin v Walker Et Al case for the rulings they received today.  RWB has not been blogging about what we call the Kimberlin Kerfuffle to much of any detail, but recognize the importance to the Bloggers involved in today’s ruling.  Essentially, the case has been neutered, only defamation and false light remain, and the plaintiff is facing sanctions for failure to comply with discovery.  More details can be found in this post at Hogewash, by following @bombersues or by following @aaronworthing.

Again, congratulations!

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  1. The defendants really deserve our support. This case, and the federal pro se RICO case, have been dragging out for the better part of a year, wasting the defendants’ time, money, and patience (which is the true goal of the lawfare). So far Brett Kimberlin has submitted many lies to the court, including numerous forgeries, and he has yet to directly face any clear, serious consequences.

    Those on the side of justice must be patient, measured, and of course always just in their actions. But because of this, they must also be persistent and must help each other.

    • Hey everybody! This is pptoas, who is the first person to accuse me of being Lynn Thomas because she couldn’t follow a couple of simple links! She has harassed me on twitter and now, it would seem she has come here to harass me. Unfortunately for her, it is not her bandwidth, so I’m not going to put up with her weird rambling and lame accusations. Goodbye, Penny.

    • I found it and read it. Stranahan has clearly had enough of the “other people made me do it” defense. I wonder if he’s seen Bill’s newest blog post?

      • I don’t know, I’m not saying anything, Lord knows Lee’s seen enough. However, just skimming it, I didn’t see anything new in the post. I’d go back and read it more closely, but, I swear to God, reading it made me sick to my stomach.

      • I know exactly what you mean. The whole pimping your wife thing makes me sick. Not to mention the more disturbing and disgusting issue.

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