High Falls Park

As has come up on a thread over at Hogewash!, I’ve been working on a documentary about various “secret” places around the state of Alabama.  By secret, I mean places only the locals know.  One of my favorite secret places is High Falls Park, near Geraldine, Alabama.  I like it for a couple of reasons, but mainly just because of it’s breathtaking beauty.


I also like it because in the summer it is the home of the redneck daredevils.  I’ve seen young kids, not much older than 6 or 7, leap from the falls.  I think in the area it is a right of passage.


Finding the park isn’t easy.  The signs leading to it are misleading at best.  But the place is fairly well maintained.  I recommend it to anyone looking for an off the beaten path place to visit in Alabama.



6 thoughts on “High Falls Park

  1. I looked it up on Google Earth and it looks like the river flows west?

    If so the sunset photos must be gorgeous. Do you get a lot of mist or early morning fog?

    (God I need to get my ass in gear and get out and shoot)

    • Yes, but the park closes well before sunset, and I’ve not found the proper authority to give me permission to remain after close. It also opens well after sunrise, so the same early morning problems exist. There is a public access point upriver about two miles, the hike after sunset would be dangerous while packing all that gear. I’m hoping to get a drone and take some aerials. Either my own, or borrow one. They can get quite expensive.

      • That’s too bad, some “golden hour” shots would be great. What about winter, do you get any snow that far north (in ‘Bama)? Does the river freeze at all?

      • I’ve been there in January, and it wasn’t frozen. Now this past year it may have, when we had a week of below 10 degrees, but I was too busy trying to keep my house warm and my heat pump running to go over and see. We did not, however, get any snow.

  2. Yeah, Huntsville (and the rest of Northern Alabama) tends to stay far enough above freezing to avoid snow. Not always, which explains why most of the locals don’t know how to drive in the stuff. 🙂

    Next time that I’m down that way visiting family (I’m from Huntsville, originally), I’ll make sure the wife and I swing by the park and check it out.

    Thanks for pointing it out! It’s lovelyl

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