What They Really Meant To Say…

What he meant to sayThe Georgia Bulldogs will absolutely beat the Auburn Tigers.  Because I just read a memo, and it said that Georgia is beating Auburn.  So that’s what will happen.  Because the memo said so.  Do you hear what I’m saying?  No?  Let me say it again.  Auburn will lose to Georgia.  That’s just a fact, so get used to it.  Auburn will LOSE.

10 thoughts on “What They Really Meant To Say…

  1. A reverse feldtdown. Never thought I’d see it.

    I wonder how he types so fast with one hand….

  2. Reading his continuation of his epic reverse feldtdown from yesterday, he has now determined the mediation hearing (that he first forgot about) will now be a SETTLEMENT HEARING!!! Where he will as for eleventy bajillion dollars. He used the word “hubris” a lot the week before this judgement, I wonder if he ever got a chance to look it up.

    As an aside, nobody will ever convince me Bill’s twitter buddy wilsb is not a moby. He keeps pushing him along the lines of “I’d keep playing Bill, I don’t think the heavy stuff’s gonna come down for quite awhile.”

    • And as wilsb fans the flames of the current reverse feldtdown, Bill makes another not-so-bright admisson:

      WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting ·

      @wilsb8 @antvq16 @mayberryville Sob! I DOXED A BABY! Poor little thing with its face all blurred out. How did he, she or it SURVIVE?

      He does more damage to himself when he is happy than when he is depressed.

      • Once again, he doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions, and when he does, you’re somehow subhuman for being upset about it.

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