This is another post about a spot included in the documentary I’m working on entitled Secret Alabama, Places everyone should know about!  

Tinglewood is a hidden fairyland.  Found in Orr Park near Downtown Montevallo, Alabama, Tinglewood is a place where fantasy breaks through into reality.


If you didn’t know about Tinglewood, you’d be hard pressed to find it.  Orr Park is a typical city park, with soccer fields, softball fields, stands, a pool and other recreational places.  But along a creek running through a part of the park stands Tinglewood.  Storms and age had killed off or was killing off the old cedar trees in this part of the park.  Most where about to find a chain saw through their trunks.  But a local artist, Tim Tingle, saw something better.  And he convinced the town that he was right.


Tingle did take a chainsaw to the trees.  Just not to cut them down.  Instead, Tingle filled the creekside park with amazing carvings of fantastical creatures.


Tingle started carving Tinglewood in the late 90s.  He’s still adding to the fanciful woods.


Tingle’s studio is not far from the park.  Hanging in the front window is the official Guinness Book Of World Records longest single carving wood chain.  It’s quite impressive, but no where near as impressive as Tingle’s fanciful artwork in Tinglewood.

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