Ever raced a coffin?

I was looking back through some old files, and found one I thought was interesting.  In 2009, I attended IronStock, a weekend of how-to workshops for haunters.  I used to be an avid haunter, building a huge neighborhood haunted house every year.  While I haven’t done that in a few years now, I do miss it.

One of the fun events at IronStock was the coffin race.  Here’s the basic idea, a team of five had to pick up one member, put them in a coffin, and then push the coffin through a tight and twisting course, remove their teammate corpse, and race back to the start with the empty coffin.  I had also purchased a cheap waterproof and shockproof camera for use in my kayak.  Since I had it with me, I strapped it to the front of the coffin, and recorded our run.  We came in first place.

I now present you with the winning entry of the 2009 IronStock Coffin Race.

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    • Haunters are wildly inappropriate people. I’ve been to lunch where we planned haunted houses. I can’t imagine what the tables around us thought.

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