What They Really Meant To Say…

What he meant to sayYou’re not mentioning me.  I know I said not to mention me, but you’re not mentioning me means I can’t make a spectacle out of me telling you not to mention me.  So mention me already.  I’ve had to resort to finding old items where you mention me, so I can mention that you mentioned me and hopefully that will get you to mention me so I can tell you not to mention me.  So mention me already.  I’ve not had my dose of spectacle, and I needs it.  So mention me already!

24 thoughts on “What They Really Meant To Say…

  1. HA, so you noticed some one is looking for attention too. Never fails, give some one what they want and they are seldom happy with it…


    • I have no idea what you’re talking about. I never identify the target of “What they really meant to say…” It is left up to the reader to determine who the little guy on the left is imitating.

    • I don’t get what Bill expects to get from that twit. I also don’t know what more Bill wants from Monitor2112 than was found in the original comment on Hogewash! It was a pretty thorough description of what occurred, and Monitor2112 had no involvement in the development of the game. The only thing he did was report something he found interesting, but couldn’t tell more because he couldn’t keep up with the in game character. What does Bill expect him to do or provide? Why doesn’t Bill just go buy the game himself and see what he can find out, Monitor2112 is under no obligation to do Bill’s research for him.

      • Reality don’t enter into it. The Schmalfeldt wants what the Schmalfeldt wants. He may just have decided this guy is a conspiracy agent who programmed him into the game. He may have decided he needs to dox and threaten someone just to let off steam or highlight to someone else what an asshole he is capable of being. I think it may be that despite his crowing he’s not as satisfied with the recent ruling as he makes out and wants to show everyone (WJJH esp.) that he has muscles to flex. Mostly he looks like a dumbass again doing something stupid again.

      • Back in the day, when the ultimate gaming company was INFOCOM, and I had their engine, I would totally write a Hoge/Schmalfeldt/Team Themis game. But alas, no one is interested in text based gaming anymore.

  2. This is all you have now? Vague insults, as Hoge’s case against me evaporates into wisps of smoke? Michael, you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing a platform for these hatemongers and conspiracy theorists. Let the loonies overtake your blog, and you become another Hoge.

  3. And there’s the final coda of the classic dos fail: declaration that you now thoroughly know someones identity right on the heels of a denial from that person that he’s flat ass wrong.

    • Let’s not forget the first coda. Demanding immediate answers from a twitter account that hasn’t been active in a YEAR. He’s nuts!

      • I just saw Michael’s response to my comment over at Hogewash! I clearly neglected to read 2013, and instead read 2014. Good grief. That makes BS’s tweets and spasmodic demands to that account even creepier.

  4. Bill was feeling pretty good about himself and his latest dox this morning:

    WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting · 3h

    @MonitorAccess Well, thank you Allen. And now that we know each other’s real identities, perhaps it’s time to be civil all around?

    Yes, let’s be civil. No reason to be nasty.

    Unless Bill is told of another faildox:

    Dustyn ‏@MonitorAccess 14m

    @wmsbroadcasting Real identity? You make it sound like we are playing super heroes. I don’t want to antagonize but my name is not Allen

    Uh, oh. Nobody questions the doxing abilities of the master doxer. And that sets off yet another #feltdown. Civility be damned:

    WMS Radio Network ‏@wmsbroadcasting

    @MonitorAccess Are you gonna make me prove it?

    So now Bill has a quest to occupy him for the day, figuring out the name of someone so he can tweet it to his couple of followers and post to his blog that NOBODY visits. Bill, why do you do this?

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