Yes, we are looking different.

I’ve been unhappy with my theme for quite a while, but hadn’t found anything I liked better.  Till now.  I don’t know if I’m in love with this new theme, but I do like how much cleaner the blog looks with it.  I’ll experiment with it for a while, and see if I grow to love it, or if I get annoyed with it.  At any rate, I’d imagine that there will be a few aesthetic changes going on around here for a week or two till I’m happy with the looks again.


Changed again.  I like this one a little better.  Two themes in one day, I’m exhausted.


I’m liking this theme more and more.  Open to more suggestions.


20 thoughts on “Yes, we are looking different.

  1. You don’t seem to understand the subtleties of changing blogs. You need to swear a lot, threaten retaliation, and then tell everybody you are going to die. Then change your twitter handle and delete all your previous tweets (more swearing and anal references would be nice). Start your new blog with a radio station that has music nobody would ever listen to (I’m thinking 1960 radio jingles).

    As a new blog name, let me suggest “The Oliver Wendell Jones Legal Radio Blog and Grill”.

      • Forget it. I reread his latest stupidity and realized you could never touch him as far as entertainment value. You could hire the best comedy writers in the business (such as it is), and they could never come up with his idiocy. And the best thing is, his complete sincerity. He really thinks he’s smart.

        (if my hijack is too much, just delete)

      • Is my mistake as stupid as sending a copyright application using the incorrect form, pissing away $240 non-refundable deposit on applications that will be rejected? Asking the Copyright Office to ignore its own rules about what is and is not a “daily newsletter”? Putting false info on the application, subjecting himself to the possibility of a $2,500 fine? Turning his copyright application into “BEST CASE SCENARIO” it gets rejected? That kind of stupid? Oh, right. Your readers will never see this because it runs against the narrative. My bad.

  2. This design is better. I might suggest that on your sidebar, you want the stuff that you want folks to see right away, like an RSS subscription widget, etc., at the very top.

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