Who is @pptoas and why is she obsessed with Lynn Thomas?

More importantly, why does she think I’m Lynn Thomas?  I still don’t know who Lynn Thomas is, or why I should care.  But for whatever reason, this @pptoas person, who’s twitter handle is Penny Alesi is absolutely convinced that I’m Lynn Thomas and therefore she spent the last few days twitting about me.  She didn’t @mention me until tonight, so I didn’t know about it.  But now she has @mentioned me, and I’m no closer to understanding what this person wants, what they think I’ve done to her, or anything else!  So I’m pleading with my readers, who the hell is Penny Alesi and who on God’s green earth is Lynn Thomas?  And by all my readers, I include Bill Schmalfeldt.  Since he started doxing me as Lynn Thomas, I’d appreciate if he could come down off his twit festival and seriously answer the question of who the hell Penny Alesi is.

Here’s the first twit I got notified from her.

Screenshot 2014-07-07 20.55.47

Since I have no idea who Penny Alesi is, and have no idea what her beef with me is, I have no idea who she thinks I should apologize to.  I don’t know what she thinks she knows about me, but she’s wrong.  Let me say again, I am not Lynn Thomas and I have no idea who Lynn Thomas is.  But she clearly thinks I’m Lynn Thomas.

Screenshot 2014-07-07 20.56.37 Screenshot 2014-07-07 20.56.09

I have no idea who owns the 4lynnthomas@gmail.com email address is, and have no intention of trying to figure it out, but if Penny Alesi is trying to scare me because she’s found my email address, it didn’t work.  I have no association with that email and never have.  As for the second, that link goes to a page listing the bibliography of Lynn Thomas.  She’s got what looks like some nifty books.  Is she a writer by profession?

Screenshot 2014-07-07 21.15.28

But knowing that Lynn Thomas writes books in the realm of SF/F and Fandom really doesn’t tell me who the heck she is.  And if you’re obsessed with her, I don’t quite get why sending me her bibliography is supposed to convince me of?  Am I suppose to quiver in my boots because you think I edited Chicks Dig Time Lords?  Because really, I don’t care.

Then there is this odd twit.

Screenshot 2014-07-07 21.06.39

I don’t even know what this means.  Nola named on Running Wolf Blog?  What in the world am I supposed to make of that?  I clicked on the link, and it takes me to the nola.com website, and it’s all a list of people graduating from Nunez Community College.  I don’t know where Nunez CC is, and don’t really care enough to look it up.  Even stranger, it’s from 2008.  There is, on the lengthy list, a Kristin Lynn Thomas graduating in some sort of certificate program for applied medical science.  Or something like that.  The point is, I have no idea how this article that originally appeared in the Times Picayune of New Orleans has anything to do with my blog.  It makes no sense at all.

I think it has something to do with my love of wolves, because yesterday there was this twit, but I wasn’t @mentioned in it.

Screenshot 2014-07-07 21.28.42

I don’t know what dots she’s connecting, but she’s kinda scaring me.  The obsession she spends on whoever this is she is talking about is spooky, and I wish she’d move away from me and focus on her real target.  Do real people talk like that?  Oh, and this tweet came out while I was toying with a new theme, the first of two I played with yesterday, and so far I’ve settled on the second.  At least for now.  I know she must be stalking my blog, because this is the next twit.

Screenshot 2014-07-07 21.32.13

Now anyone who has been reading here for any length of time, it is quite clear that all I did is change themes.  Every single one of my 333 posts (I think this will make 334) are still here, going all the way back to August 2008, when I started this blog.  So I’m more confused than ever as to why she’s taking notes & copying to documents for discovery.  Discovery of what?  I haven’t deleted any posts.  And I’ve never once written anything about Penny Alesi prior to this post.  I commented to here once, when she called me out in a post for being Lynn Thomas.  And I laughed at her.  Here’s the exchange that happened on the article I wrote congratulating the defendants on getting so many aspects of the Kimberlin v Walker et al lawsuit dismissed.  Her comment:

Why are YOU so interested in this?

– pptoas in an approved comment on this blog.

And I responded with:

Hey everybody! This is pptoas, who is the first person to accuse me of being Lynn Thomas because she couldn’t follow a couple of simple links! She has harassed me on twitter and now, it would seem she has come here to harass me. Unfortunately for her, it is not her bandwidth, so I’m not going to put up with her weird rambling and lame accusations. Goodbye, Penny.

– me in reply to pptoas comment.

That wasn’t the first time she posted on my blog.  She also sent this comment to my page about why I use the name Running Wolf.

Hey, I know someone else that had that last name. She’s not thrilled that you are using it by the way.

– pptoas in an approved comment on a page on this blog.

And of course, I responded with my usual kid gloves.

I really don’t care what your someone else is. I don’t even know what you mean by this message. Care to explain? Why would anyone care that they have the same last name as me? Are you implying that I’m using a pseudonym? Are you implying that this “Someone” is going to sue me because we have the same name?

More importantly, are you the piece of shit that convinced Bill that I was Lynn? Because not 24 hours after you called me Lynn on Twitter, Bill is calling me Lynn here. And you’re both stupid for even thinking that. Did you bother looking past the last two weeks on this blog? Are you mentally deficient in some way? I ask, because that’s a better answer than you’re just too lazy to take a small peak at just this blog and realize how amazingly stupid such a thing is. So which is it, stupid or lazy? You’ve no problems commenting here about me, my last name, and whatnot, but what about you? Who the fuck are you? Why is your wordpress private? What are you hiding inside that either stupid or lazy head?

– me in reply to pptoas comment

So that’s twice on this blog I’ve denied being Lynn Thomas.  And even faildoxer Bill Schmalfeldt managed to quickly figure out that I’m not Lynn Thomas.  He even admitted it on this Blog.

Mike, I’ve just been looking at your Facebook page. Sent a friend request in fact. I must say, I find your obsession with me baffling. I have nothing to do with you, you have nothing to do with me, and yet you have devoted your blog and your Facebook toward furthering my defamation. Earlier today, someone suggested that you were someone else. But if you are, you have created one dandy second life.

– Bill Schmalfeldt in an unapproved comment on this blog.

He also did it on an approved comment.

I was doing you a favor, Mike. Instead of just taking someone’s word, I did my own checking.

– Bill Schmalfeldt in an approved comment on this blog.

So who’s word was it, Bill?  Could it have been this pptoas person who can’t seem to get it through her head that I’m not Lynn Thomas, have never been Lynn Thomas, don’t know Lynn Thomas, and don’t really care that pptoas is obsessed with Lynn Thomas, except that for some strange reason that I don’t understand, she thinks I’m Lynn Thomas.

But wait!  What’s that at the bottom of my blog?  Is it my About Me widget?  And does it not provide links to my Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and LinkedIn pages?  Which is how Bill “checked up” on me, including sending me a friend request after I’ve made it clear I’d only ever interact with him on this blog.  Suddenly the only thing in my life more creepy than Bill Schmalfeldt is pptoas.  And that’s really saying something.

So pptoas, or Penny, or whoever the fuck you are, here’s your chance.  Say your peace.  Prove to me that I’m not a 6’4″ biker from Alabama, and that I’m this Lynn Thomas person.  And while you’re at it, explain to me who the fuck Lynn Thomas is.  And why I should give a rat’s ass about her.  Or you.  And don’t go all mystical on me like the first time I asked you to explain.  You remember that, right?  You first hit me up on twitter, and I asked you what the fuck you were talking about, and you just gave me a cryptic “oh, you know.”  Thanks for making that crystal murky clear.  So now, try typing it all out, type slow, so I can read it, and tell me exactly what the fuck your beef is with me.

According to this article, Miss Alesi is HIV positive do to Jake Idema. That could explain much of the obsession.

Update II If what i’ve read is true, you have my sympathy, Penny.  But I’m not who you think I am.

Update III Penny, the things I’ve learned tonight, I truly sympathize.  But I’m no friend of Jack, no friend of yours, and no friend of anyone you may know.  Please leave me alone.


91 thoughts on “Who is @pptoas and why is she obsessed with Lynn Thomas?

  1. Oh, boy. Others, like Black Betty, know a lot more, but I know a bit.

    The woman tweeting you is Penny Alessi. I think she is suffering from a serious illness, and has a long past history with Lynn Thomas, from what I can gather. I do not know all the details. Aaron Walker believes that she is a highly disturbed individual who is being manipulated by Team Kimberlin member, Neal Rauhauser. Kimberlin believes that Lynn Thomas is Breitbart Unmasked. Thomas tweets under the handle caoilfhionn1.

    • As I’ve never written on depth about Kimberlin, and know I’ve never written a blog post prior to this one about either Penny or Lynn, I’m totally confused about why she thinks I’m Lynn. Or anyone other than who I claim to be. In a hundred ways.

      • Well, “highly disturbed individual” and “easily manipulated.”. You started questioning Schmalfeldt, and boom. She pulls this on Walker, too, accusing him of knowing “stuff.”. Search his time line.

    • Typo correction: You meant, “Kimberlin believes Lynn Thomas is Kimberlin Unmasked.”

      But does Kimberlin actually believe that? Perhaps not. He could easily have put it in there knowing that it’s not really KU. Remember the purpose of the lawsuit is just to get back at people he’s mad at, and manifestly he did not make much effort to make his pleadings truthful.

      It occurs to me there are variations on this possibility – I mean, we do not know exactly Kimberlin’s motivation so a lot of things are possible and “BK thinks KU is LT” is not, it seems to me, an overwhelmingly likely possibility. Consider this:

      Brett: “Hey Neal, can you help me with my lawsuit? I have some ideas but they don’t seem frivolous and vexatious enough.”
      Neal: “Sure thing, buddy, but would you do me a favor and name L.T. as one of the defendants?”
      Brett: “Good, done.” [later…] “Hey a new problem – this lawsuit doesn’t have enough Team THEMIS in it.”..

      Anyway as I have said elsewhere, I concur with Aaron that P. Alessi is not at all well. I hope he will add his opinion if he can say anything else. For my part, as I’m about to say several times in my posts below, since P. Alessi is ill, it is not helpful to argue with her, shame her, etc. And unfortunately resorting to facts and logic is not likely to help the situation.

  2. Schmalfeldt has doxed Lynn Thomas and her father in the past, trying to coerce Thomas into admitting that she is Breitbart Unmasked. He published home addresses, bankruptcy records, etc. Hoge probably has screencaps of that doxing. So, Schmalfeldt’s interest in Lynn Thomas was in finding her for Kimberlin’s law suit.

      • Someone by that name is named as a defendant, but Kimberlin is well known for his issues with performing service. He sometimes accidentally on purpose commits a fraud upon the court by doctoring the evidence that service was done according to the law. Btw, Michael, do you know something I don’t? Because I’m not sure this post is going to be very fruitful. It has some risk of being sort of the reverse of fruitful.

    • Printing my status on your blog is stalking, harassment & defamation of character. You have pissed me off not a good thing at all. Lynn Thomas was married when she slept with my husband & decided she wanted to run off with mine. She stalked me constantly even in Mexico when Jack & I were living together. Then she stole a building from a Church & conned many others all in the name of Idema. Print the real story assholes, not her version.

      • Penny, posting that you’re harassing me on my blog, that you’re harassing me on twitter, that you’ve repeatedly accused me of being someone I’m not and then finding out things about you, since you know you’re harassing me, is not defamation of character. It’s the truth. I’ve not published anything that is a lie, and I didn’t go hunting for you, you started hunting me. But by all means, go for it. Charge me with Harassment. Go read back a few posts when I went over the Alabama Harassment statute, and if you think you’ve a better chance than Bill of charging me, then by all means. Charge. You’ll even find the phone number for the local police. Give them a call. I’d wait a week or so, since they are currently investigating my swatting and suddenly getting a call from someone claiming I’m harassing them might get you involved in a nasty squabble you don’t want to be in. If the link I provided is wrong, tell me and I’ll retract it. If it’s right, then shut up.

      • Pure delusion. I do not speak to you, just about you. The only way there is any communication is on other peoples blogs when YOU address me. I have you blocked in every other way possible yet you persist to addressing me. Go away you poor wretched person. This blog isn’t Lynn’s, she is become only a figment of your fever-swamp of a mind. You are being manipulated and tortured by those closest to you and you need help. I feel nothing but pity for you and your diseased mind, spirit and body. I’ll pray for you. Now, go away.

      • Wow! Does that sound familiar or what!? “Printing my status on your blog is stalking, harassment & defamation of character. You have pissed me off not a good thing at all.”

        BS is pptoas!

    • You, Paul Lemmon, are a POS that thinks you’re above everyone. I think you’re still the con you went to jail for. Go to hell with your friends & stop commenting on me.

  3. Google Penny Alesi’s name and “Jack Idema” and you will uncover a whole mess of crazy.

    • If you look into the life of someone mentally ill, it’s true, you often find a mess. I gently suggest that, in the case of a psychotic person, it would be fruitless and unhelpful for total outsiders to criticize the psychotic person for this. Such issues are notoriously tricky to handle.

    • You’re right about the crazy I was involved in——————-I escaped though. Only to have Lynn harass me here. Google Lynn’s name with Jack & see the results.

      • Prove Michael Malone is Lynn Thomas.

        Oh. And, while you’re at it, maybe you can answer:

        Why did you follow me on Twitter?

        Why does that vile parody @jeanette_again retweet damn near every one of your tweets?

        Do you know who is behind that account, and why they appear to be such a big fan of your tweets?

        Why have you so very recently opted to crawl out of the woodwork and start harassing good people?

  4. She also just followed me on Twitter but so far has not @mentioned me. Long story short, Lynn Thomas is who Kimberlin is convinced that Kimberlin Unmasked is who he is suing in the RICO suit. Of course Schmalfeldt had to throw his usual WE found her, WE followed her trail, and such just to ingratiate himself to his Master Kimberlin. It seemed to be a joint effort between Neal Rauhauser, Kimberlin, and Schmalfeldt. Currently Kimberlin has decided that KU is both Lynn Thomas AND her father. Go figure. As to the bad blood between the two ladies, it seems to go back quite a few years. See here
    (Jack Idema is the dead con man mentioned below)

    Who is Penny Alesi? Good question. Near as I can tell she is the former girlfriend and/or wife (depending on what day of the week she is writing on) to some con man. Said con man has died and I’m not sure what the hell her issue is now. That she runs in the same circles as Schmalfeldt should tell you all you need to know about her. She is pretty much seems as insane as him but not as vile….yet.

    See what rabbit hole you disappear down when you start writing about Schmalfeldt? Doesn’t he run with a GREAT crowd?

    • P. Alesi is manifestly not well at all, so that’s her issue.

      I think it’s a gross mischaracterization of cause and effect to say “she runs in the same circles as Schmalfeldt should tell you all you need to know about her.” Let me explain partway by analogy. The dishonorable con man was apparently a crook and swindler, right? So it wouldn’t be to her credit to adhere to him, right? But then remember, psychosis may stop her from having a normal person’s insight into the nature of the cons. It get worse, though. Conmen are not usually the charming rogues of stories. They are more often stone cold blooded people who want things from others and don’t care who they have to hurt to get it. In fact I think there is a common pattern – have you ever known a con man? What is his spouse like? I observe it’s normal for conmen to find partners who have weaknesses that the conman can use to his advantage to manipulate her. He also behaves sort of the opposite of a good hearted partner in that he has no interest in helping alleviate the sickness, since he’s learned to exploit it.

      Now think on this some more and I believe you’ll have a lot different understanding of her interactions with Team Kimberlin people.

      • I understand that she is not well, but that isn’t exactly Micheal’s problem is it? Yes, it would be great if we could be kind to every person out there with issues but we see how that turns out when dealing with Schmalfeldt, Rauhauser, Kimberlin, etc.
        So unfortunately sometimes you need to take a hard line to prevent yourself from being manipulated, threatened, or worse. Plus with that crew behind her, who knows what lies they are filling her with? Remember how Osbourne and Wee Willy push Bill to do really stupid things? No difference. End result is that if you are on the receiving end of it you need to do what you think is best to keep you and your family safe.

      • I understand that she is not well, but that isn’t exactly Micheal’s problem is it?

        True, my only point is that you can’t speak to a delusional person and hope for the same result as speaking to a sane person. I know of no good fix for this. Anyone who expends a lot of energy arguing with the delusional doesn’t know the right fix either.

        If it could be deduced that someone is passing around misinfo to instigate these flareups, that is the one way this whole discussion is most likely to be fruitful.

        “Hard line” against a persistent but mentally ill harasser can consist in things like using legal remedies to block contact, but I would not recommend wasting a lot of breath trying to argue with the harasser.

    • And I say again… not worth arguing. Do you known @caoilfhionn1 ? Maybe we could have a fruitful discussion about how to talk to and about P. Alesi, because that discussion above has about a 0% chance of being fruitful.

      Disclaimer: I acknowledge that it can be really, really tough for those receiving misguided attacks from psychotic people. But, certain reactions will make things worse for all involved.

      • No one is arguing, BKWatch. If you read Mike’s post, he is asking for any information since he doesn’t know this person or what is going on, and she is creeping him out. He probably wasn’t even sure it was really a “she.” He now has information to do further research and take any steps he feels necessary to ensure his security, that of his family, and protect his online reputation from disturbed individuals and/or smear merchants.

  5. First, before I get into the story of 7 years of harassment, I must ask for my own safety and the safety of my family; is it true that the author of this blog was SWATted?

  6. Lynn Thomas isn’t that uncommon a name. I’m pretty sure that website is even attached to the Lynn Thomas they think is KU. Different town, different family arrangements, different job.

    • That should read “isn’t even attached”. I should know not to post before my morning coffee…..

    • According to howmanyofme.com: “There are 726 people in the U.S. named Lynn Thomas.”

      All of them are Kimberlin Unmasked but only 6 of them are also Michael Malone. One of them is Shaquille O’Neal. She’s 7’1″.

  7. BTW, many of the people she’s pegged as me on the internet are not me. But in her world, there is only one, and they all HAVE TO BE ME!

  8. We live in a time where mental illness is not recognized. 60 years ago this insane person who be at happy acres medicated and not terrorizing sane folks

  9. Lynn Thomas is Kimberlin Unmasked, is that simple enough for you. You’re also a phony and don’t act like this is the first time you heard of this. If I were you, I’d be more concerned with trying to hide your real identity & getting those books sold. You’ve hit rock bottom & rightfully so. Read my twitter profile with all the proof. And stop pretending with this blog. Checkmate.

    • Penny, don’t be a fool. Go back and read my blog since 2008. Go further, and read my blog I link to in my blog roll that goes back to 2004. I’m not who you think I am.

    • Why should Michael be concerned about hiding his real identity? Well, aside from the unsuccessful SWATting attempt, and protecting himself and his family, that is.

      If you would bother to do what Michael has suggested — go back through his blog ALL THE WAY TO 2008, and then proceed to read the linked blog that goes back ALL THE WAY TO 2004 — you may be able to educate yourself a bit.

      Funny how Michael had no need to be warned “If I were you, I’d be more concerned with trying to hide your real identity… ” until he started broaching topics concerning Bill Schmalfeldt and Team Kimberlin. *hmm*

  10. I think you’re all crying wolf and are nothing but scum. Why would any of you disagree with your woman in charge and not stand up to her. You’re all a bunch of ball less wonders. Good for Lynn getting over on you, but she is a liability and will eventually stab all of you in the back when she’s thru. Trust me this will happen. She has already gotten too careless and thinks she’s untouchable. So stick with her & suffer the full consequences.

  11. Penny is not a rational person you can’t talk someone of of their delusions you have to medicate them

      • That, dear, is defamation of character and outright libel. Either prove I’ve been incarcerated or retract that statement. And then, stop contracting me.

      • That reply wasn’t for you; it was for Paul Lemmon (or whatever the spelling) who made a nasty remark about me in this blog. After you put me in your top 3 reasons for all the hits on your blog, I can’t be nasty to you!

      • Why must you inject yourself in comments that are not directed at you nor are concerning you? THAT is stalking behavior. Go away idiot.

      • I’m injecting myself in comments because the blog is using my name moron. So yeah, I have a right to say something. Why are you making comments that you know nothing about. From what I see you are a bitter nasty man. A real man wouldn’t beat up on a woman verbally but I guess that’s okay for you.

      • You do know every comment you make on my blog is sent directly to me and is contact. Why do I have to keep asking you to stop contacting me?

  12. Sorry Mike…should have warned you that there is a lot more stuff out in the weeds that occasionally pops it’s head up.

    Farthest back I have traced is to Weinergate. A lot of the same characters were involved.

  13. This I have learned from arguing with diehard moonbats, but it applies equally to interactions with the questionably same (but I repeat myself – apologies to Mark Twain):

    You cannot employ reason to persuade a person to change a position that they did not arrive at by reason in the first place.

    • One of my all-time favorite quotes for all time!

      Damn true, too.

      Here’s another one: Diehard barking moonbats are diehard batshit crazy.

      Okay. I made that one up. It’s still damn true.

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