Who’s obsessed with what?

Bill Schmalfeldt decided to accuse your host of something rather vile and disgusting on this blog earlier this morning.  So I thought I’d take the time to run the numbers and just see who was obsessed with what.  Here’s what Schmalfeldt had to say.

I don’t understand your obsession with anal rape.

– Bill Schmalfeldt in an approved comment on this blog

Since, outside of this blog post, anal rape has been brought up three times, once about Schmalfeldt, once by Schmalfeldt and once by the anonymous target of What they really meant to say.. I don’t think obsession is really the correct word here.  So I thought I’d broaden the search a bit, and figure out exactly how many times the word “rape” was used on this blog, and who used it.  I limited the search to actual blog posts and approved comments.

Here are the results by who used the word “rape” and how many times it was used.

Me:  8 times, or 28.6%
Bill:   5 times, or 17.9%
Quotes:   9 times, or 32.1%
Commenters:  6 times, or 21.4%

So, by far, the most frequent single user of the word “rape” on this blog is me.  But am I obsessed?  I wrote an article about date rape on college campuses, and how it has gotten out of hand how easy it is for women to accuse men of rape, regardless of the situation (at least to the college administration if not to the police).  So including a post, much like this one, that is actually about rape doesn’t seem exactly accurate.  I’ll note that I not once described a rape in that article, I just referred to a specific case of a rape accusation.

If we remove that post from consideration, the numbers change to this.

Me: 3 times, or 17.6%
Bill: 5 times, or 29.4%
Quotes: 5 times, or 29.4%
Commenters: 4 times, or 23.5%

I’ll note that in both cases, Quotes and Commenters represent multiple people.

Now personally, I don’t find any evidence of obsession with anyone.  To date, I’ve written over 320 posts, and outside of the one (now two) posts specifically about rape, I’ve used the word 3 times.  (once about TSA “pat down rape”, once about rape shaming, and once about Schmalfeldt’s own writings)  Even Schmalfeldt, who’s anus/ass/butt references are legendary, only mentioned anal rape once, and that was when he was accusing me of being obsessed with it.  (Which is humorous on it’s own)

Using the logic of Bill Schmalfeldt, if it is defamatory and untrue then it is libel.  Since the data doesn’t support the accusation, and since I don’t resort to meaningless threats of litigation, I respectfully ask Schmalfeldt to retract the statement for the reasons of his own logic.  I will stipulate that the hypothetical reasonable person who is mildly familiar with the situation would not think Schmalfeldt statement could reasonably be true, so I don’t think it is libel and is, instead, a typical example of Schmalfeldt unsuccessful attempt at humor, which falls short of humorous statements about the intended target and instead puts him squarely in the center as the object of ridicule.

5 thoughts on “Who’s obsessed with what?

  1. He’s having quite the #feldtdown, isn’t he?

    When he gets this way, EVERYBODY get accused of EVERYTHING.

    Just think of a monkey throwing it’s own crap hoping it will stick to something.

  2. He is pathetic. A lifetime of reasonable intelligence has been frittered away on puerile insults, failed doxes, demonstrable foolishness, and reprehensible behavior. If he were in fact retarded, I would ignore him. As he clearly is not, he deserves to be mocked and publicly humiliated, over and over again.

  3. About “unsuccessful attempt at humor.” Past behavior suggests that Bill Schmalfeldt thinks that hurting people is funny. He sure seems to take pleasure in that kind of topic. I believe this could be the reason for what people have taken to calling “the butt stuff,” including his infamous anal rape “fantasy.”

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