Swatting Update

Turns out, I wasn’t the target.  At least according to the detective who came to see me tonight at work.  It looks like it was my 11 year old gamer son, who humiliated some poor sucker in Tennessee on MineCraft.  I don’t even know what MineCraft is, but it seems that people, or at least kids, take it seriously enough that this kid who is 17 decided revenge on an 11 year old was a good idea.

Detective was clear that charges are iffy at best.  They talked with his folks, and with him, and while the detective thinks they got their guy, and I have to admit that the screen capture he showed me it looks like they do, with the juvi nature and a out of state suspect, they aren’t sure they have enough to charge him.  However, I understand that he got quite the scare, and will be cleaning bathrooms for quite a while.  Later, his dad called me and apologized.  Again, I’m just glad no one got hurt.

So earlier it was all “we may never know.”  Now it’s “we know, but may not be able to do anything.”  That’s okay, his dad is pissed.  I don’t wanna be in the kids shoes anyway.


UPDATE: The latest information can be found here.

First, I shouldn’t have posted my comment on Hogewash! I was angry and frustrated and tired.

Second, yes someone tried to swat me last night. It failed. Back when Bill was threatening to call the cops for harassment and Ghost was sending his mysterious missive, I got nervous and called a riding buddy who is a cop. He understood my fears and put a flag on my address and phone number that he was to be called by dispatch 24/7 if an emergency came in on my address.

When the call came in last night, the flag came up and while the dispatcher talked to the teletype operator, her supervisor talked to my friend. He called me, and I told him I was out of state and no one was home. He asked if he could verify it, and I gave him permission to track my phone for the night.

They dutifully took the 911 callers info, and a patrol car drove by, I’m told. They drove by often in case the swatter was local and watching. Within minutes of me getting home, a cop came by and checked on me. He’s a third shift regular that all the local bar employees know. He’s the one we call when someone suspicious is in the parking lot as we close.

Turns out the dispatcher had doubts from the get go. I had an issue a while back where I was jumped in the parking lot of the bar I worked at. The dispatcher had that report, and there was nothing in the report about me being deaf, so the dispatcher doubted the caller using the deaf translation system was really me. There were a lot of red flags even without my prior warning.

The timing seems odd, the night after I called someone out for harassing me on twitter, but really as a security guy for several bars, it could have been unrelated to my blogging. And yes, I’m being vague. The investigation continues.