Swatting Update

Turns out, I wasn’t the target.  At least according to the detective who came to see me tonight at work.  It looks like it was my 11 year old gamer son, who humiliated some poor sucker in Tennessee on MineCraft.  I don’t even know what MineCraft is, but it seems that people, or at least kids, take it seriously enough that this kid who is 17 decided revenge on an 11 year old was a good idea.

Detective was clear that charges are iffy at best.  They talked with his folks, and with him, and while the detective thinks they got their guy, and I have to admit that the screen capture he showed me it looks like they do, with the juvi nature and a out of state suspect, they aren’t sure they have enough to charge him.  However, I understand that he got quite the scare, and will be cleaning bathrooms for quite a while.  Later, his dad called me and apologized.  Again, I’m just glad no one got hurt.

So earlier it was all “we may never know.”  Now it’s “we know, but may not be able to do anything.”  That’s okay, his dad is pissed.  I don’t wanna be in the kids shoes anyway.


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  1. At least you know what happened and why. Which is always good for peace of mind.

    And even if they can’t do anything legal about it, as you say the kid would seem to have learned something and it sounds like his father may make the legal system seem preferable to him for at least a while.

    • Exactly. The peace-of-mind aspect is the valuable part in all of this.

      Thanks for the update, Michael.

      Here’s to hoping a very hard lesson will be taught and received.

      • The detective asked for an image of my hard drive to see if they could connect anything to the swatter. I declined, until they got a court order guaranteeing anything they found on the drive could only be used for the swatting case. (In other words, I was given immunity to anything they found incriminating) Since I use a solid state drive, that is not that big, and most of my stuff is in the cloud, I complied. That’s where they found a chat log between my son and the gamer. The police, other than my friend, went straight for the gamer angle from the outset. I understand why, Huntsville has had 4 or 5 swattings. They have all been gamer related.

  2. Gosh I am so glad that got resolved. Now I really need to meet you in person & apologize for the nonsensical nonsense I gave you. I really thought you were a he/she with 16 personalities, I was wrong about those 16 personalities. So tell me when is good for us to meet. I would like to ask in advance if you would video tape our meeting so you can put it on your blog for your readers. That way they will know I am sincere in my apology.

    • As I’ve already said, let me know the next time you’re in Alabama. I’ll gladly have one of my cop friends videotape the meeting. You might even get some brand new bracelets for the trouble. Now, stop contacting me.

    • Good grief. You are creepy.

      You can’t simply admit you were wrong, wrong, wrong, and offer a simple, sincere apology for harassing an innocent man?

      Instead you just up the creep factor, and ask when you can meet the host of this blog IN PERSON?

      Sounds like it’s time to crank up that lithium drip of yours… CREEP.

      • I’ll gladly meet her in person, in the company of the police, in my home state. And since I posted that, and I admit to not checking twitter yet, she’s contacted me three times here on this blog. So…

  3. Somewhere off in the distance you can hear the cry echoing, “Leroy Jenkins”!!!

    Sorry couldn’t resist the gamer meme. Seems fitting. Glad you and yours are safe and you have at least some closure to this episode.

  4. Good to know that it is not related the all the other stuff and that you are ok.

    May I suggest that you put an update on the first swatting post to link to this one. It would be helpful for new readers.

  5. “Think of the police as your very best friends, because until they finish with you, I can’t start.”

    It seems to me that this is a decent resolution. I’m very glad you are safe, and have some idea what happened.

    Though where the kid got the notion that was a good way to avenge a gaming loss….

    • I wouldn’t call it common, but it actually the most common reason behind a swatting outside of celebrity. Gamers even have a point system, allegedly, based on how many units get called, if there was a helicopter, if there was a tank and so on. Actual shooting gets even more points.

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  7. I am of course relieved that no one crazy is so annoyed with you that you and your family are likely to be put in some dangerous situation another time. Probably everyone made some really asshead moves at 17 (my wife claims I still am prone to them at 69), so the probabilities are that the kid who made the call is inane rather than insane. On the other hand, what the kid in Tennessee did was no joke, and if this is a common practice among gamers, then examples need to be made so as to render it uncommon.

    Frankly, I do not see what your boy did that was wrong (except maybe give out personal information on the net). The so-called kid who made the call on the other hand is a year away from being able to vote and created a real risk of someone being killed. I am not advocating jailing him, but 500 hours of community service might get him out of the basement and force him to realize that.the results of a game are trivial by definition.

    • That’s exactly what he did that was wrong. He gave out his address, because the guy promised to send him something. We’ve had the talk.

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