UPDATE: The latest information can be found here.

First, I shouldn’t have posted my comment on Hogewash! I was angry and frustrated and tired.

Second, yes someone tried to swat me last night. It failed. Back when Bill was threatening to call the cops for harassment and Ghost was sending his mysterious missive, I got nervous and called a riding buddy who is a cop. He understood my fears and put a flag on my address and phone number that he was to be called by dispatch 24/7 if an emergency came in on my address.

When the call came in last night, the flag came up and while the dispatcher talked to the teletype operator, her supervisor talked to my friend. He called me, and I told him I was out of state and no one was home. He asked if he could verify it, and I gave him permission to track my phone for the night.

They dutifully took the 911 callers info, and a patrol car drove by, I’m told. They drove by often in case the swatter was local and watching. Within minutes of me getting home, a cop came by and checked on me. He’s a third shift regular that all the local bar employees know. He’s the one we call when someone suspicious is in the parking lot as we close.

Turns out the dispatcher had doubts from the get go. I had an issue a while back where I was jumped in the parking lot of the bar I worked at. The dispatcher had that report, and there was nothing in the report about me being deaf, so the dispatcher doubted the caller using the deaf translation system was really me. There were a lot of red flags even without my prior warning.

The timing seems odd, the night after I called someone out for harassing me on twitter, but really as a security guy for several bars, it could have been unrelated to my blogging. And yes, I’m being vague. The investigation continues.


15 thoughts on “Swatting…

  1. Most importantly, glad you’re okay. Truly serendipitous that you’d alerted your riding buddy in advance.

    Secondly, and if you’ll indulge me in a moment of indelicate language, here’s hoping they get the rat fucking bastard behind this.

    • I’m told it is unlikely. By law, the deaf translation service can’t keep records of the numbers that call them. The phone company provided a number that was spoofed to the service. So, while I hope so too, it seems unlikely.

      • Sorry to hear about this incident but I am glad you and your family are doing. I do agree with Dianna and Nil, I hope they catch the a$$ho1e! (Sorry for my french!)

  2. Michael: I posted this earlier at hogewash.

    First, I am sorry that you were SWATed. That is beyond creepy; that is dangerously life threatening.

    Second, you may now have a greater understanding of, and so sympathy for, some of the vociferous push back you got from folks at Hogewash before you were aware of the full situation.

    Third, I would be cautious about BK Watch, who has spent a fair amount of time recently in defending Team Kimberlin. He (or she) may just be a very charitable soul; it may also be a sock puppet.

  3. Crazy people who try to get people killed do not have my sympathies. (This is a general statement about a class; I am not accusing any specific person of being crazy or having tried to get anyone killed.) But someone tried to put you in a situation where you, your wife, or your children had a reasonable chance of being killed. Whether the person who did that is crazy or not is irrelevant: that person should be locked up and denied access to a phone and a computer.

    As for BK Watch, I certainly don’t trust her judgment and am not persuaded that she is not a sock puppet for Team Kimberlin.

    • In February I created the BKWatch twitter account, and began posting in various places the devastating true facts of Brett Kimberlin’s crimes. So, I am in fact cagey about my real ID. But not TOO cagey: I’m a guy.

      Now if you can just stretch your trust a liiitle bit more, and accept that I’m not a Kimberlin mole even though I doubt there was a government conspiracy to protect Kimberlin…

      Heaven forbid that Kimberlin detractors disagreed about something REALLY momentous, like which brand of politicians is the freshest and crunchiest. If we had diverse opinions on THAT, we’d all turn on each other like cannibals!

  4. Glad that you and yours are safe. Funny how when people start looking into the whole Team Kimberlin thing swattings seem to occur. Cause and effect or just an astronomically infinitesimal chance it’s a coincidence? I hope they catch whoever did it, but I’m not hopeful. There are a lot of swattings and so far no arrests.

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