Public Service Announcment

Since Mr. Schmalfeldt seems incapable of polite, honest communication and since Mr. Schmalfeldt continues to insult your host, and since Mr. Schmalfeldt has refused multiple request for retractions of errors, despite his professed belief in journalistic ethics, Mr. Schmalfeldt is no longer welcome to publish is filth on this blog until Mr. Schmalfeldt issues honest and sincere retraction to the inaccuracies he’s posted about this blog’s host.  After such retractions are posted, this host will consider a limited, probationary, return to the comments of this blog with certain specific guidelines.

Thanks for your time,
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38 thoughts on “Public Service Announcment

  1. Again, I must remind you of the Schmaldfeltian protocols.

    Any refusal to publish or the imposition of specific criteria on publication of his comments on YOUR WEBSITE, constitutes an abridgement of his Constitutionally Protected Rights, and harassment, defamation and libel, as well as mopery with intent to lurk and intentional infliction of butthurt in the second degree.

    I’m sure he’ll be calling a clerk somewhere.

  2. “…Mr. Schmalfeldt is no longer welcome to publish is filth on this blog until Mr. Schmalfeldt issues honest and sincere retraction to the inaccuracies he’s posted about this blog’s host.”

    Well, that will never happen.

  3. Watching his manic tweeting right now I can honestly say I’ve never seen this kind of behavior from a person not under strict mental health treatment.

    He gets so fired up, you could talk him into believing he can fly and have him jump off a bridge.

      • Eugene Volokh mentioned his case on his Washington Post blog. He admitted he only skimmed the case but thought is was as good decision. Bill is over the moon, despite not having the slightest idea who Eugene Volokh is. (I like his writing although I don’t always agree with him).

        It was pointed out to Bill on Hoge’s blog that Volokh is a First Amendment specialist, and now being on his radar probably isn’t the best career move for Bill and his legal future.

      • Unfortunately some of the commenters over at Hogewash have taken umbrage over Volokh’s thoughts on the matter and are pummeling him for thoughtcrimes. That’s a shame.

      • Yes, I’m quite disappointed with it. Hoge seems to have totally screwed up his copyright case. He may be able to salvage something, but it looks doubtful. Volokh’s brief opinion on the matter is beside the point.

        That’s not to say Bill’s counterclaim looks like it will survive anything either.

      • Notwithstanding the shifted avatars, I think you have a very reasonable perspective on the Hoge v Schmalfeldt case, The Truth; there are definite deficiencies and Volokh points out the obvious ones. Those of course being the ones our host has also seen and alluded to some while back.

        Bills defense however relies on Bill to a considerable degree in addition to the Law. Not a good omen for Bill.

        If asked; I think Hoge’s endgame is an affirmation of the abuse of Fair Use and a confirmation of his Intellectual Property. From what I understand; he needs to defend his IP rights in this arena to preserve them where he actually cares. i.e. his patents, other engineering works etc.

      • Michael, sorry if this double posts, feel free to editorially delete one or the other as you see fit.

        I have to say, The Truth, your’s seems to be a reasonable evaluation of the Volokh commentary, notwithstanding split hairs of lawyerly conduct. Prof. V. points out the upshot of the denial and caveats reasonably well that he’s not done much research. He also points out that there are general deficiencies in Mr. Hoge’s case. Of course our host here beat him to the punch by several weeks. Mr. Hoge definitely has an uphill climb to outright win the case.

        However, Bill’s defense will, in arbitration (or whatever) depend a good bit on Bill himself, as well as the Law. That is not a good omen for TBformerBBBS.

        If asked, and no I wasn’t, I’d have to say that Mr. Hoge’s endgame is affirmation of his Intellectual Property. As I pointed out before, Heronner left that core issue very much on the table in her decision on the injunction. Granted she tipped her hand deeply, but I think that Mr. Hoge senses an obligation to defend his IP in this arena to safeguard the integrity of his protections where it matters; with his patents and other engineering works.

  4. Hey, Michael, if you are interested in libeling the lying, unethical former BFOTB (Best Friend Of This Blog), let me know.

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