Record Breaking Day…

Thanks to all my readers and linkers, Running Wolf Blog had a record breaking day yesterday.  I should be mad for all the extra paperwork the last few months have given me, but hey, I’ll laugh to the bank.  Thanks again for the epic night.

People I should thank,
Thinking Man Zombie
Penny Alesi

That’s my top three.  Love you guys! Well, except for Penny.  Stop contacting me!

As for Bill, I can’t delink his questionable blog fast enough.  I see the traffic I drive his way, and frankly I’m upset.  Not once has Bill acknowledged that my continued patience drives traffic to his blog, nor has he retracted the numerous inaccuracies he’s published.  Frankly, if one of those two things isn’t corrected, I may have to follow suit with my fellow bloggers.


8 thoughts on “Record Breaking Day…

  1. Bill, just remember that somewhere, Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, and the rest of the gang are off laughing and shaking their heads about what a terrible mess you are making of all this. Neal sometimes publicly complains about the burden of trying to herd losers into doing dirtywork for/with him and I’m sure this type of complaint applies to what it’s been like for Team Kimberlin to work with you.

    Long may you be remembered as the guy who wrote revolting filth to defend the bomber… and did such an inept job at it that the bomber and his other allies all hated having to work with you.

  2. Again, you mention my name AFTER you tell me to leave you alone. Now we must get together. I have a good idea where you are so I may just pop in with a friend of mine so say I’m sorry. I’ll give the police the heads-up that I’m just trying to apologize & maybe one will come with me. I’m actually quite close to where you are now so hey, put on some coffee, dude.

    • #1 talking about you is not talking to you.
      #2 Stop contacting me
      #3 Connecticut is not in the same neighborhood as Alabama, learn Geography.

    • Hmm… As crazy as Bill, or crazier?

      Sounds very threat-like, so I’d say crazier.

      Mentioning someone on a blog is not the same as interacting with that person. Too bad you’re too stupid or crazy (or both) to know the difference.

      Michael, you are drawing out the nut jobs.

    • Big freaking deal. Your name was mentioned. Get over yourself. If you hadn’t decided to start stalking and harassing, I’d wager the host of this blog would have never mentioned your name, nor even been aware your sociopathic, creepy ass exists.

      And, I won’t speak for Michael, but if you had interacted with me in the same manner you have with him using threats and harassment — and, then claiming you know where I live — “popping in” on me, with or without a friend, would be one of the stupidest things you would ever do.

      You may want to rethink your approach, and your use of threats.

      BTW — Aren’t you terminally ill? Don’t you think your time would be better spent taking care of your sick ass as opposed to harassing good and decent people?

      Seek help, ya freak.

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